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Hogue on Coast to Coast Am, the Grand Cross Crisis Coming, Ukraine, Crimea, Nostradamus and New Cold War Predictions, plus, Malaysian Airliner Flight 370, the Syrian Civil War, Year Three

DATELINE 23 March 2014: John Hogue on Coast to Coast AM
26 March 2014 at 10pm Pacific
Sounds a Prophetic Alarm! Before the last Cold War ended, I began warning my readers about a “Second” Cold War. The second could very rapidly end in a full-scale nuclear war between Russia and America. These are two of several prophecies of Nostradamus, who alerted me over 450 years ago and for 27 years and counting, I have been trying to warn you in time about these dangers in TV and radio interviews and in books like Nostradamus and the Antichrist.  The four main candidates for Nostradamus’ Third and Final Antichrist. Click on the picture and read more. The following extract is from my first published book. On page 146 of Nostradamus and the Millennium: *** 2 Q89
One day the great powers will become friends,
Their great power will be seen to increase.
The new land (America) will be at the height of its power.
To the man of blood (the anti-christ) the number is reported. 5 Q78
The two will not remain allied for long,
Within thirteen years they surrender to barbare and Iranian leaders.
There will be such a loss on both sides,
That one will bless Petrus Romanus (the end of millennium Pope.) There are already indications that both the US and USSR see a future when alliance between their countries would be beneficial in the light of Middle Eastern disturbances. According to Nostradamus this may happen close to the end of this decade and the way matters are progressing, the new and seemingly intelligent leader of the Soviets, Mikhail Gorbachev, may lead the way to this alliance—something certainly that could not have been predicted by this generation of Communist haters in the United States, let along by a man over four centuries before. But the alliance does not last long.  *** I wrote that in 1986 when few could even imagine an end of the Cold War, which had dragged on since 1948, would come soon to an end. Four years later, the war officially ended in 1989. Gorbachev would bring the Soviet Union out of the arms race. Note the indexing of the prophecy, (Century) 2 (Quatrain) 89. In the “second” month of (19)89, Gorbachev pulled Soviet forces out of Afghanistan. Later that same year, in December, he and US president George H. W. Bush officially declared the Cold War over. The US “was” the sole superpower, then. America “was” at the height of its power! The man of blood is Gorbachev, who had a bloody birthmark on his forehead. The numbers reported are the nuclear missiles both the US and USSR began dismantling. An attempt of friendship between America and the new Russian Federation that arose out of the ruin of the Soviet Union, but it has so far failed and a new Cold War is upon us, at the exact time that the final pope of St. Malachy’s prophecies, Petrus Romanus, is sitting in Rome, last of the line foreseen before Armageddon!  Click on the cover to read more. Barbare is a code name for either the Barbary Coast (either a direct allusion to modern Libya, or “Barbary pirates”, a 16th-century metaphor for Islamic terrorists Nostradamus used to describe future Islamist terrorists). Barbare can also be a double entendre, an anagram for the French d’Arabe (from the Arab). This might indicate the Syrian Civil war spreading sectarian violence across the Middle East. The Syrian conflict is drawing in Russia and America in a Sunni (Arab and Saudi Arabian) conflict with minority Shia Muslims who dominate Iran and the Syrian regime. Russia is allied to Syria and Iran. On the other side American leaders under the growing influence of neoconservative thinking—a philosophy that’s been trying to restart the Cold War for 20 years—uses its proxies, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Sunni Arab Gulf States to contain and destroy the Iranian regime and kick Russia out of the Middle East entirely. The Saudis would like to pipe their oil directly to Europe. Syrian-Iranian forces are in the way. This too was foreseen with surprising clarity by Nostradamus and the war is dated for 2015-2016! (Click on Nostradamus Iranian predictions.) When the producers at Coast to Coast AM asked me to write a few sentences about what my interview was about, I noticed that what was posted at the page linked above was quite understandably cut down in size and toned down. I completely respect that. The alarm I am ringing is very scary and the harsh tocsin of my original sentences is more appropriately “rung” loud as the first entry of this article stream. This is what I originally wrote and what I will be speaking about with George Noory on Wednesday night:  Hogue on Coast to Coast AM, 26 March 2014. Click on the logo and learn more. Why is John Hogue back so soon? Because he’s sounding a rare prophecy alarm about Ukraine. The prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger, Edgar Cayce and many other great seers describe the current Ukraine crisis possibly launching a “second” Cold War, quickly becoming a thermonuclear war, that no one anticipated, happening perhaps as soon as three years and seven months from now! Again, I want to thank the Coast to Coast AM staff for allowing me two hours to discourse on this extremely important and dangerous turn of destiny, that, if not awakening an alarmed awareness, could lead to the end of civilization in only a few year’s time. You can read me expand on this subject and give links to the source prophecies by scrolling down to Hogue on Coast to Coast AM Sounds the Prophetic Alarm. Look for the “devilish” atomic bomb blast.  The picture you won’t see the US or EU media show. Ukrainian nationalists proudly displaying pictures of the “George Washington” of Ukrainian National Socialists, Stephan Bandera. This Ukrainian fascist leader fought side-by-side with SS forces of Adolf Hitler during World War II.

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