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April 17, 2011 - Palm Sunday

MARY: In this procession that is walking toward the CROSS,

the voice of "The Mother" screamed again:
"Do not let My Son die "
"Do not let Life die! "
Soon, the barbarians are to awaken who will annihilate him.
Don’t you think I will scream even so if My Children did not risk the same Death!
He gave them to Me to keep safe.
Remember that I have drawn you all to the Desert to care for you until you understand that The Mother is One who, under Her wings, will keep you until this horrible end when the Devil thinks he has done all this destructive work where man will die under the rubble of his Earth.
The Temple guards are asleep!
And they come to destroy the unguarded House of GOD.
Your only shelter is in My Motherly Heart now.

In your country all the flames of Love cannot be extinguished...

JESUS: I Am came to bring Peace ...
And you preferred war!
Don’t you see it covers all the Countries already?
Soon it will spread here, where only I can stop it. For many, by then, it will be too late!
I told you to choose, and you still reject Me ...

Expect, "All of you, the militants of disorder" to cover the World all of the plagues that will spread to every Country that has rejected Me, that destroyed My House and erased My Name!

Your Earth will be destroyed.

I will rebuild from your ruins "My House, My Kingdom"

And I, then I will erase your name from My Sacred Heart.
All those who will change their heart with Mine,
"In this very short time of Grace"
that I give to the World, will be forgiven and have the joy of that forgiveness in the last hour!
The FATHER of All Goodness, sends My Holy MOTHER
reminding you that LOVE,
and He alone will save the World.


Jesus Christ Light of the World

AMEN on Palm Sunday

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