Thursday, 21 April 2011

Real Maya Prediction of 2012 !!!


Vatic Note: This is amazing. A MUST VIEW....... It fills so many gaps that we had from all that is going on around us. We played the first video for a very important reason. Listen carefully to what he says is going to happen on that date. Remember though, there is a disconnect between the maya calendar and our gregorian calendar. Its speculated that these changes will begin to occur in late 2010 and finish in late 2011 instead of 2012. Back to his predictions, listen and remember them carefully as I believe he has told us there will be aliens returning at that time. Then watch the three videos after that one which gives the more scientific aspect of the calendar. Earth changes, etc.... but the bottom line will be what the old Maya man said. "A return of the wise men and ancestors" and most of all "DO NOT BE AFRAID" there is no reason for fear. If anything else occurs outside of the first video......IT WILL BE MAN MADE. Notice the last three videos are hosted by a BRITISH PERSON, WHICH TELLS YOU VOLUMES ABOUT WHO IS GOING TO MAKE ANYTHING BAD HAPPEN THAT WAS NOT PART OF THE MAYAN PREDICTIONS. THEY ARE MAKING IT UP TO KEEP US IN FEAR. Rothschild controls Britain and has for a long time, so keep that in mind as you listen. The Mayan Calendar DOES NOT SAY THE EARTH WILL END ON 2012. It says the calendar will end and a new era and paradigm will begin with a new calendar.
Real Maya Prediction of 2012 !!!
May 06, 2009
A Mayan Elder gives the inside prediction of the ending wheels of the
Mayan calendar on dec 2012
Vatic Note: Keep the Mayan Shamans prediction of the coming of the Wisemen and the Ancestors, it will become apparent in subsequent blogs following this one. Now what is the result of all this plasma energy and galactic alignment to us, our bodies and our DNA???? Watch and listen to this next video, Then remember it when we get into the power of our mind, water and DNA...... this is actually predictive of how we are evolving, but the elements of that event will be in subsequent blogs today. THIS IS MARVELOUS STUFF WE ARE DISCOVERING. Let go.......of this paradigm..... Its a great message.
2010 - 2012 Important Message : Bashar
December 29, 2009
Now watch this next video that gives a deeper detailed description of what the maya prediction entails which is wholely different than what we have been led to believe by the "evil ones". It is the end of the world for them, not us. Further this is more along the lines of both mythology and science finally meeting at a point of truth. Worth the watch all the way through. I WANT TO REITERATE, DO NOT BE AFRAID, SINCE WE HAVE SURVIVED THESE THINGS BEFORE. But take from it the seed of why and who will or could survive besides those that go underground.
Everything 2012 Earth Changes Part 1 of 3
zerosum2012, November 07, 2007
Part I -
Part II - This is critical to watch and understand now about the gulf, why they did it and europe and weather changes, this explains it all.
Part III

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