Friday, 22 April 2011

Scotland Yard plans pre-emptive strike against royal wedding anarchists


By Mark HughesScotland Yard plans pre-emptive strike against royal wedding anarchists

Scotland Yard is planning a “pre-emptive strike” against anarchists who are planning to disrupt the royal wedding, senior officers have revealed.

Police officers contain a group of student protesters outside Buckingham Palace last November Photo: AP

Keen to prevent the scenes of disorder which accompanied the TUC march last month, the Metropolitan Police says it plans to identify and potentially arrest known trouble-makers in advance of the wedding on April 29.

Senior officers say that 60 anarchists arrested during the TUC march have bail conditions which prevent them entering central London two days before the wedding and two days after, as well as the actual day itself.

Police “spotters” – normally used to combat football hooligans – will be used throughout the country to watch those on bail, and other anarchists who have previously committed public order offences at demonstrations, to ensure they are not planning on disrupting the wedding.

If intelligence shows that groups or individuals are planning on causing trouble in London on the day they could be arrested before hand on conspiracy charges. Others will be warned to stay away from central London on the day of the wedding.

A police source said: “The same faces often re-appear at different protests and we will try and take a pre-emptive strike against them.”


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