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UK Prime Minister David Cameron is considering plans to create a “multi-faith” House of Lords where Muslim imams could sit alongside Anglican and Catholic bishops.


You can read the whole story from The Sunday Telegraph at the link below but I’ve posted what I find more interesting – the comments from readers. Sunday Telegraph The controversial...

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You can read the whole story from The Sunday Telegraph at the link below but I’ve posted what I find more interesting – the comments from readers.

Sunday Telegraph The controversial suggestion is revealed in a paper drawn up by Tory officials which calls for a wide range of different churches to be represented once reforms to the Upper House are carried out. That would mean a range of Christian denominations, including Roman Catholics and black Pentecostal leaders, sitting on a bench of “spiritual peers”, whose numbers might also include representatives of other religions such as Islam. The prospect of imams sitting alongside bishops is bound to prove highly controversial and raise fresh questions about the links between church and state.


“If his little Jihad against Gadaffi succeeds and Libya becomes an Islamic state there will be no doubting cameron is a closet muslim.”

“That’s a good idea, clear the sack-cloth for ritualistic beheading of infidels.”

“I WILL NOT accept Islam!”

“Muslims in the House of Lords. May as well scrap the constitution, the revolution settlement of 1688, and 2000 years of Christian heritage in these British Isles. Oh…my mistake..that has already been done.”

“Islam is already being forced on the British pubic – unknown to them most food is now halal meaning it has been ritually prayed over and in the case of meats ritually killed as well and we are deliberately not told about it or given a choice to buy or not to buy – no labels.”

“I gather that to make matters worse there is a tax paid on all halal killed meat that goes to…………..goodness knows where, it is an islamic tax, and could end up supporting terrorism, even buying weapons to use against our troops. It really is time for our useless government to wake up and smell the coffee!”

“Yes, the Muslims charge a fee for certifying that the meat is truly halal; and then use the money to finance the jihad. It is essentially a modern-day form of jizya, a tax paid by conquered infidels to their Muslim rulers.”

“Islam is incompatible with British values and considered by many of us not be a religion at all but a violent cult movement with a clear agenda to take over any country they are living in.”

“And these millionaires called tories who live in ivory towers wonder why more and more are voting BNP”

“The London bombings and 9/11 were not tabloid scares, we have seen photographs and I have visited Ground zero. WE DO NOT WANT ISLAM IN EUROPE – get out!”

“‘…idea of imams in the House of Lords may upset some people’. You can say that again! Probably the entire indigenous population of the UK, with one exception: Clegg.”

“David, When are you going to do what the people of this country want you to do ?, its obvious you lack balls. the people are sick and tired of you and the other two stooges changing their lives to accomodate a minority that cant stand Great Britain or its religions and way of life. Muslims cant run their own countries let alone a civilised one like ours so why on earth plan to plant a few in the lords”

“For anyone who wants to understand the true nature of Islam, I would recommend, instead, any of Robert Spencer’s books, especially The Truth About Muhammad”

“I agree that Islam gets a ‘bad press’ in the UK – but it seems to be entirely justified by our experience of it. When Muslims stop calling for Sharia Law; accept that women and men are entitled to complete equality under the law; when they denounce the persecution of homosexuals; when they take active steps to prevent such practices as ‘honour’ killings within their communities; when they accept that non-Muslims have every right to criticise their faith, make fun of Mohammed and draw pictures/cartoons of him etc etc and they don’t threaten to resort to violence against individuals (ie Rushdie) or whole communities – THEN they might be ready to take a place in the Lords.”

“What is the matter with Cameron? He is constantly attempting to foist his multicultural and politically correct ideas on the country.”

“Britain is British – a 21st Century country that has done more than most to ensure social and scientific progress. Its people are ill-suited to adapt to the 7th Century slavery demanded by Imams and their loathsome ilk. Islam is a crime masquerading as a religion.”

“The Muslims of Britain must be licking their chops with glee as they watch Clegg, Cameron, Brown, Blair, Cable and all the other fifth columnists pave the way for the Islamic Ascension.”

“The sole ambition of Islam is to convert where you live to Shariah law and an Islamic state. How stupid do politicians have to be to not get that fundamental truth. Why should people who arrive in a country to get the benefit of what it offers be handed the highest posts in the land on a plate.”

“I guess the decline of Britain wasn’t enough, now the British want to open the door to total enslavement by Muslims.”

“Why has he taken it upon himself to introduce muslim/islam belief’s into every corner of the BRITISH society to a degree where ‘foreign’ people have been given ‘right of way’ to trample our British way of life into the ground?”

“No! This cannot be allowed to happen. You may as well give our Country to the Islamics and save all the fighting. This is appeasement on a Grand Scale, even Chamberlain would turn in his grave. You let one in and the surround them selves with more and more of the same until you are suffocated.”

“Britain is a secular country. The involvement of a religion based on a Middle-Eastern cult imported in the Dark Ages into Britain and imposed upon the population, then used for centuries as a tool of oppression, in a modern democracy is ludicrous.”

“How much more does he think we can take? – Cameron is definitely NOT a Conservative. Symbolism, tokenism, appeasement, cultural destruction? And more!”

“Cameron and his unelected friend Baroness Warsi are determined to destroy everything British…. Do Muslims want British faith ministers to sit in judgement in their countries and become involved in their laws. No of course not. So why is Cameron and his sycophantic followers attempting to change everything that is British? They are taking the walls of the British way of life and tradition down brick by brick so we have no identity at all.”

“This is a Christian Country Cameron! You are the biggest traitor to date.”

“Wasn’t the stupid shiny faced twat saying just last month that multiculturalism was a disaster? So why is he making more concessions to the unwanted third worlder colonists?”

“Is there no traitorous step/act this charlaten won’t stoop to? God forgive the ‘useful idiots’ that voted for the anti-Christian scoundrels that infest Westminster. I know I never will.”


It isn't Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you.

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