Monday, 25 April 2011

Vaccine Damage is No Joke! Is ‘The Spoof’ a Big Pharma Propaganda Tool to Discredit the Facts?


Foreword by Neil Foster – The Sovereign Independent

The following article comes from an online publication called which states on its site that it’s ‘Always there with the best spoof headlines’.

Having read through the article a few times I find it hard to see any example of ‘spoof’ or ‘satire’ as the whole thing seems to read true from my own knowledge of the subject. The question must be asked then as to whether ‘The Spoof’ is trying to pass fact off as fiction to further confuse the public and hence is simply a misinfo/disinfo tool of those that seek to deliberately muddy the waters of truth still further by pretending that such a thing as vaccine damage is non existent. The Spoof would have you believe, that their own headline: ‘Vaccine Industry’s Propaganda Campaign Shoots Itself In The Foot’ is simply a funny story without any basis in reality when in fact it is entirely true.

I’ll leave you to make up your mind after reading the article but I would urge ‘The Spoof’ to explain if this article is actually what they deem as worthy of the tag of ‘spoof’ or is it a genuine attempt to get information out that will make people think seriously about vaccine damage? My own opinion is that it is the former and that ‘The Spoof’ are guilty of serious bad taste in terms of the real life trauma caused by vaccines. I would go further and say that Big Pharma will be delighted to see such an article online clearly labelled as ‘spoof’ when they know full well that it is entirely factual. Read for yourself and come to your own conclusions.


Vaccine Industry’s Propaganda Campaign Shoots Itself In The Foot

By Pariah

As the number of cases of autism, seizures, and even death as a direct or perceived result of vaccines has grown exponentially around the globe, battle lines are being drawn. On one side are the families that have suffered losses and injuries. On the other side are the drug companies (that manufacture the vaccines), the national medical associations (that prescribe and administer the vaccines), and the media (that earns billions in annual advertising revenues from the drug companies.


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