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The British Bull Dog on ice in a historic, record breaking UK heat wave.

DATELINE 06 August

Thunderstorms in Alaska
Britain Basting Heat Waves

I welcome my readers sending me reports from all over the world about the weird, extreme and warming global weather.

As the song goes, “I love Paris in summer, when it sizzles…” So reports my friend Satgyan in Paris where they were sweltering under 90-degree weather for much of July. Cool and misty Britain became hot and steamy in the latter days of July as well, breaking temperatures held for over a half-century. Then there was Shanghai, China, logging in the hottest summer temperatures in 140 years!

Way up in the high northern climes sits Grant next to his laptop sending me this Facebook message a week ago last Monday:

I’ve read your blog about Alaska’s 90-degree hot weather. [Click on Alaska heat wave] Up here is very hot recently. Also down in South Central AK where I’m at had our first ever thunder and lighting storm. [It] lasted for nearly 4 hours… Now from the old folks who lived down here longer, have never seen such an impact.

Grant went on to say that “old folks”, long-time residents of the 49th US state “have never seen such [a climate changing] impact.” I would add that the changes in climate being most dramatic in the Arctic and Antarctic, Northern and Southern Hemispheres follows what climate scientists have consistently forecast and documented. There is no wiggle room here, unless you are one of those nearly extinct specimens of climate science that take fossil fuel corporate money to peep contrarian propaganda that Climate Change is not real.

Heat wave in Paris: "I love Paris in the globally warmed summer when it sizziles?"

That also goes for the rare and dwindling breed I call “Sun Huggers”. They cry loudest that the Sun made the Earth’s climate heat up only during increased cycles of solar activity, such as right now, but not a “Carrington Event” of solar storming alarm is rung when violent and globally warming weather rages equally hard during quiet “solar minimum” years. That is what happened when Hurricane Katrina flattened the Mississippi coast and flooded New Orleans in one of the most active hurricane seasons in history in 2005.

Where there’s thunderstorms in Alaska there are fires.

Grant passed along some news published at the end of July by the Anchorage Daily News (click on boreal forest fires for the full article). These are the largest forests on Planet Earth that circle the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions of great and sprawling landmasses of Alaska, Canada and stretch across 11 time zones of European and Siberian Russia. In short, a new scientific study of the Yukon Flats region indicate that these forests are more beleaguered and set on fire than the Amazon Rain forests of South America. The article reports that they are “burning at a rate considered historically unprecedented.”

Your network Lame-stream-brained news outlets won’t tell you about such stories because the fossil fuel interests that control your network “nut-Worked” news do not want to frighten you little froggies sitting in the slowly warming pot of water that has become your climate. They want you to obsess about when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will have their baby, what sex will it be, what’s its name, etc., just when large tracts of boreal forests are burning and altering your climate. Don’t upset the frogs in their “fog”. Otherwise the corporately approved propaganda that climate change is only a “new normal” might actually alarm you pollywoggish brained, boob-tube, royal baby watching folk that this world is suffering through a worsening “New Abnormal” human induced climate shift. The water’s getting hotter and if you keep adapting to it, like that frog, you will one day expire and become frog-legged food for the Moon.

G.I. Gurdjieff (1866-1949), a prophet of remembering the "self" in the harmonious development of man without quotation marks.

“Food for the Moon” is a term used by the 20th-century mystic George Gurdjieff to describe a kind of “psychic” food chain that sees a lower evolved world feast on the unconscious acts of a slightly more advanced world. Thus the Moon, which is dead, eats the unconsciousness of humanity on Earth in its planetary, food-chained evolution. Let us look beyond what I grant all disciples of Gurdjieff reading this will rightly tell is a way-too simplistic definition. What you, my fellow frogs in the pot of slowly boiling climate change, need to know is that your collective and individual unconscious acts “act” as part of a food chain of psychic evolution. Moreover, your current civilization if it does not wake up will become a meal devoured by the forces of the collective unconsciousness.

(For further reading, check out Chapter 12 in my book of prophecies for 2013 and 2014, entitled, It’s Global Warming, Stupid!)

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