Sunday, 24 April 2011

But what if the spirit of rebellion spread to Iran?


By Robert Fisk

Tahrir Square: home of revolutionary tweets

Tahrir Square: home of revolutionary tweets

A new paperback thumped out of my mail package from London this week.

Tweets from Tahrir, it is called, and I sighed with distaste. As a hater of Twitters and tweeters and Facebooks – in fact, the whole bloody internet culture that is unlearning the world and teaching everyone to misspell the simplest words – it was a natural reaction. But I was wrong. A selection of the thousands of tweets sent from Cairo’s Tahrir Square, it is deeply moving, a record of great courage, mostly by young people, facing Mubarak’s legion of goons and regime thugs. Let me give you a taste of it, misspellings and all.

“Now that’s a really big pro-Mubarak protest almost reaching Tahrir. From Galaa Street. Worrying” (from Amr Garbeia). “Real panic in tahrir. Square overrun by Mubarak demonstration” (Mo-ha-med). “I’ve seen spontaneous demos. The pro-demo isn’t one” (Mo-ha-med). “Pro-change demo has regrouped and is pushing back the pro-Mub demo… Fuck reporting. I’m going in” (Moha-med). “Is this mubaraks answer to us?? Sending thugs to throw stones at us!” (Nora Shalaby). On and on they go, shouting that Mubarak should be prosecuted. Indeed, he is now being prosecuted!


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