Sunday, 24 April 2011

Nick Griffin Leaves Climate Change Eurocrats Speechless


Nick Griffin MEP left climate change Eurocrats lost for words this week after a stinging attack on the global warming hoax during a speech in Brussels.

Speaking at a debate of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, of which he is a member, Mr Griffin called EU biofuel policy a disaster, anthropogenic global warming “non-existent” and wind farms “Mickey Mouse technology”.

His comments left the committee’s chairman Jo Leinen, an MEP for the German Social Democratic Party, and other members lost for words at hearing a dissenting voice in the chamber.

Mr Griffin criticised the EU’s biofuels policy, which has replaced food crops with an energy-negative ethanol industry.

“This has made a lot of money for big business, but it’s forced up world food prices and is starving hundreds of thousands of people in the third world to death,” he said.

Mr Griffin went on to blast the EU’s folly of blowing $100 billion on fighting the discredited pseudo science of global warming that voters regard as “a tax rip-off by the banks and political elite”.

“Just a few years ago, the global warming alarmists were telling us that we’d never see snow again in the UK … No wonder the public, who have more sense than most MEPs, reject this childish big lie,” he said.

Offering a solution to the world’s energy crisis, Mr Griffin proposed the use of thorium molten salt nuclear reactors, now set to be used in China.

“These are extraordinarily safe. The technology is well established. Thorium is as cheap as it is plentiful, but Europe’s thorium programmes have been destroyed by shortsighted government cuts in the UK and lobbying from the uranium lobby in France,” he said.

“I would to ask the Hungarian Presidency if they have considered the problem of the commission’s lack of awareness of peak oil and lack of interest in the potential of thorium to overcome this real energy crisis.”


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