Saturday, 23 April 2011

Coloured Cloud Material Seen Over North Canterbury On April 19, 2011


David W. of North Canterbury, which is in the South Island of New Zealand, kindly emailed on April the 19th, 2011 and wrote: “These pictures were taken today in North Canterbury……I believe they are chemtrail influenced!

Notice the pink and blue colours, and even yellows…”

Thanks very much David. Keep up the good work. To repeat what has been mentioned in previous posts on this website, it is believed that the cloud matter you have photographed bears this unearthly oily-looking appearance owing to the ionizable metallic salts being sprayed into the sky via chemtrails.

Scientist Clifford Carnicom has documented the gradual change of the planet’s atmosphere into a plasma. This plasma, which includes barium, can be used with HAARP technology. Official documents show that this type of technology, which is based on Nikola Tesla’s and Bernard Eastlund’s work, may be employed to cause earthquakes and drastically modify the weather, amongst a range of other potential functions.

Sadly, these kinds of coloured clouds are not at all unusual in New Zealand’s skies now. I encourage people to keep a close eye on their skies.

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