Saturday, 23 April 2011

Harry Beckhough- Age 97:- EU Impasse – Now Calling for Peaceful Mass Action


By The Ghost of Sir Edward Coke

Ninety seven eh, if he can make the effort then so can you.

The EU is an anti-democratic, authoritarian, unaccountable, inefficient, administrative district, a sub-plot in the globalist bankers plan.

It was formed by Nazis to exact tribute from the people of every EU occupied nation until they are bled dry and eating dirt in the gutter.

Ladies and Gentlemen it is our solemn duty to preserve the freedoms that our warrior forefathers suffered and died for in countless conflicts and struggles.

We must rid ourselves of this odious burden imposed on us by treacherous political pygmies on behalf of a corrupt financial oligarchy.

These corporate pirates have spent billions, our billions, to create this monstrosity, this sinister tower of Babel. With the pen they ruin our livelihoods, ignore our petitions, remove our rights and engulf us with petty regulations in pursuit of a twisted Marxist’s wet dream.


Bill Bard says:

Excellent rant against the EU

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