Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Last Pope to Usher in Great Tribulation as The False Prophet?


Video and text excerpt below talking about the next Pope… although many believe the last Pope will be/or is the Antichrist, it is well known by bible prophecy understanding that the religious leader (aka the Pope) in the last days takes on the role of the False Prophet, during the Great Tribulation; whereas the governmental leader of the world is the Antichrist, which both work together as seen the Book of Revelation.

(I haven’t reviewed the information below, so I do not know of the biblical accuracy. The video talks about a 7 year tribulation, which is FALSE and a PRE-TRIB rapture which is FALSE)

The below is from Apocalypse Now? The Final Pope

According to Saint Malachy’s Prophecy of the Popes, the next pontiff will be the final pope and his anointment will usher in the end times. If you think the Mayan 2012 hysteria was crazy, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Saint Malachy predicted that the final pope would be called ‘Peter the Roman’. Guess what the name is of one of the favorites to become the next pope?

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