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North Korea Threatens US: Korean War Armistice Ends, Kim Jong Un Targets America, Is War Next?



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North Korean boy-strongman Kim Jong Un has ordered his offensive missile batteries to target US bases in South Korea, Guam, Japan, and Hawaii in response to joint South Korean-US military maneuvers practicing a North Korean implosion scenario. The practice bomb runs yesterday of two nuclear-capable US B-2 Bomber flying over South Korean airspace prompted the North Korean leader to place his missile batteries at the highest level of alert. Rather than repelling an invasion into South Korea, US military thinking theorizes that North Korea has more rust and starving soldiers than a real offensive capability and that the regime’s level of crazy-talk and threats is a sign that the regime may be at last reaching a point of collapse requiring US and South Korean forces enter the North to feed its starving 24 millions and secure its nuclear and chemical weapons arsenals.

B2 Bomber.

Either way you shake No Dongs and aim these missiles at US and South Korean targets, it is war season under the stars. Since ancient times humans have been programmed to start their wars with the onset of spring and the Sun’s transit of Aries, ruled by Mars, God of War. I can predict with confidence that before the Sun transits out of Aries and later Taurus in May, a Korean military incident will take place that will mark the end of the Korean conflict and the Stalinist throw-back dictatorship of North Korea will likely implode, hopefully with a whimper and not a sudden, violent war that kills millions living in and around the Korean Peninsula.

Expect in the 13th year of the 21st century to wake up more than once in the morning to a world-changing event. Already a pope resigned, the first in nearly 600 years and changed the world for 1.3 billion Catholics. Then came a new Pope hailed by a name never granted a pope in a tradition that has not seen new names in the Papal list for 1,300 years: Pope Francis. (See also Prophecies of St. Malachy.)

Expect the world to change because of sudden surprises and upheavals coming to the northeastern corner of the Pacific Rim. Already, this week, the last hotline between North and South Korean governments has been severed. North Korean Kim Jong Un is the third Kim Stalinist dictator of the Marxist Leninist anachronism of a hermetically sealed, hermit commie kingdom. He is fresh on the job and like his grandfather Kim Il Sung and father Kim Jong Il before him, little Kim Jong Un, the 29 or 30-year-old boy baby-fat wonder of a dictator, the Young “Un” if you will, follows the tradition starting up his new regime with a bang. Moreover, unique to our unpredictable and dangerous times, he is doing the big bang bluff to a fault and perhaps might lead the United Nations, South Korea and North Korea, including its last friend in the world, China, back to the future that Un’s grandfather Kim Il Sung concocted when he was 38-years young and wished to sow his wild and apocalyptic oats.

Korea, a former colony of Imperial Japan was divided along the 38th parallel, the northern half occupied by Soviet forces, the southern half by US and allied forces when the Second World War ended in 1945. Five years and a new Cold War later the Korean people, though ethnically and culturally homogeneous, were divided by political and ideological lines into two separate nations at the onset of a growing East-West standoff: a communist “Democratic” People’s Republic of North Korea and a “democratic” Republic of South Korea. The North has never been “democratic”, and for much of the South’s history, it has been under the tyranny of Western-friendly dictators, the longest ruling of these being the late father of the current “democratically” elected leader of South Korea, the country’s first woman president, Park Geun-hye.

Kim Il Sung and his son and successor, Kim Jong Il.

Kim Il Sung became Soviet-style premier of North Korea and from Pyongyang planned and launched on 25 June 1950 a surprise invasion across the 38 parallel in hopes of rapidly overwhelming the ROK (Republic of Korea) rag-tag army with his own force loaded up to hunt for bear by the Russian Bear’s Second World War surplus cast offs. To make a long and bloody story short, Kim Il Sung nearly overwhelmed the ROK and later mostly US forces sent by the United Nations as a police action to stop the North Korean invasion. Then, UN forces under US General Douglas MacArthur cut Kim Il Sung’s Soviet new model army’s overstretched supply lines with a sea landing at Inchon precipitating a rout of North Korean forces sent reeling back into North Korea. The survivors were flung back to the Yalu River border with China as Christmas and the onset of a vicious Korean Peninsula winter approached.

The grandson, Kim Jong Un.

The new and Communist People’s Republic of China sent hordes or Chinese Red Army forces into North Korea by the hundreds of thousands to push the desperate and overextended Americans back over the 38th parallel. Thus the Korean war rumbled on in static warfare along the mountainous no-man’s land until an armistice was signed 27 July 1953 turned that area into DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), a no-man’s land cutting across the Korean Peninsula between two trench networks.

The Taepodong missile launched in a North Korean propaganda poster.

Kim Il Sung and his communist North Korea survived his great military adventure. He ruled on until death was near and a second Kim, as per tradition, Kim Jong Il, groomed to succeed his father, worked behind the scenes to show his military mettle and brinksmanship with the West starting with the world finding out in 1993 that North Korea, which had abandoned the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty was in fact producing radioactive materials with the intention of becoming a nuclear power. The price of this expensive adventure was a string of famines killing upwards of two million North Koreans. With the Soviet Union collapsing, the North lost its main socialistically failing patron. While the two Kims, father and son, played ballistic man’s bluff with America threatening to become a nuclear power, China, their last friend in the world was sending aid feeding 77 percent of a nation forced to field and feed the fourth largest army in the world.

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