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Chemical Weapons used in Syria, Alex Jones False Flag, Boston Marathon Bombing Links to Islamic terrorism, Waco Blast Investigation and Bush Mabus Nostradamus



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Bashir al-Assad poster in flames.

29 April 2013

Chemical Weapons
Used in Syria?
A Definite “Maybe

On a dirty paddock in Khan al-Assal outside of the rebel stronghold of Aleppo, Syria, lay the corpses of a herd of sheep with spring lambs. There are no signs of shrapnel tears or pools of blood from some conventional missile or artillery warhead. The sheep seem to have fallen over where they stood. They were playing dead like kids, keeling over all at once after singing that children’s song dating back to the Black Death years, making light whimsy of the 13th century wave of bubonic plague that rapidly killed off a third to half of Europe’s population in two to three years.

The still forms in the paddock looked like the Syrian sheep were playing dead after singing, “Ring around the rosy, pocket full of posies, ashes! ASHES! We all fall DOWN!”

George Ourfalian of Reuters news agency took the picture you see of the dead sheep on 23 March 2013 purportedly giving the first photo journalistic proof that a red line had been crossed in the Syrian Civil War waged by Free Syrian Army forces of a Sunni majority since early 2011 against its Shia minority in power. The regime consists of Alawite tribes in control of forces of Alawite dictator of Syria, Bashir al-Assad. All the signs are there that either by artillery shell or short range missile, a chemical warhead was detonated – mostly likely a lethal cloud of Sarin gas was released by aerial burst because of the swooning instant of the carnage in the paddock.

I do not know if any human had been there. There are no signs of someone being dragged away and the mute van in the corner, nor the poor stone brick hut to the left indicate any human dead.

I have seen videos of people rolled into Aleppo’s besieged hospital foaming at the mouth and blinded, temporarily I hope, by some chemical agent. These video clips come from around 23 March. Most of the victims were young men of fighting age, members of the Free Syrian Army, I suspect, divested of their bandoleers and AK-47 assault rifles.

Two more reports of chemical weapons attacks have happened around the blood reddening of the partial lunar Eclipse on 25 April 2013.

I documented some prophecies several weeks before this happened. They calculate when these and other chemical weapons attacks may at last have crossed the red line we have heard US President Barack Obama warn could bring the United States and its NATO allies into an open conflict with Syria.

These forecasts below will appear in my forthcoming eBook about how May 2013 to the end of 2014 is a last chance to choose a better path to the future in the space of 18 months – a time that represents a last call to reform, a last chance to begin treading a new path for humanity. It is a time of the last breath before a plunge into a future by mid-decade more guided by a momentum of human stupidity and unconsciousness that could threaten to undermine our civilization beginning in 2015 through 2025.

I have already written the rough draft for all my predictions about Syria – most of them in early April and the last just five days before the partially eclipsed April Full Moon and the last string of chemical weapons attacks reported. These predictions will appear in that new book, entitled Predictions for 2013 and Beyond. As usual, I document all of my predictions in ways that prove they were written on specific days, hermetically sealed and that seal dated. Today, I will share a few of these predictions about Syria. The rest will appear in this eBook (my 22nd book since 1987) still currently being written and designed.

2013 and Beyond will be out later in May. It will include a 13thchapter about Comet ISON coming into our skies at the end of this 13th year of the 21st century. ISON could burn brightly as a portent anticipated by the Hopi Prophecies of the Blue Kachina. The chapter will look into these Hopi visions as they might describe the death and rebirth of our world coming soon.

The general release of my book after Memorial Day will not have that chapter in it.

Only you, who have already advanced donated and patiently waited for its release will see it. Moreover, only you who donate now before Memorial Day weekend will be able to read that chapter. This gift goes to my readers who understand that Hogueprophecy needs your financial support to continue. Millions of you from all over this troubled planet with an uncertain future have been reading my prodigious output of articles about prophetic-trending current events for over a dozen years and have not contributed to this website’s further existence.

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