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Mayday 2012, Sarkozy vs. Hollande, Nostradamus Super Moon Prophecy


History begins to quicken with May Day demonstrations on the streets of 150 US cities and towns as well as massive demonstrations across Europe. Most of these were peaceful protests against the encroachment of government corruption aided by a creeping corporate hegemony that would slowly, inexorably take away individual freedoms, suppress the means for the dissemination of free speech across the world: the Internet. The demonstrators may or may not yet completely grasp it, but they are pitted against those in power and especially those in the shadows of power intent to bring about something that I have warned for 20 years would start happening now: the return of Fascism with a new face.

Since the mid-1980s, I have often written that the receding paternalistic influences of the Piscean Age in the early 21st century would not see a reprise of a new father-dictator-Führer, best represented by Adolf Hitler. Fascism will rise again in the dawning years of the new, Aquarian epoch with new face, a new motto. It will come in the guise of murky plutocrats and call itself “emergency rule”. A new corporate aristocracy pulls strings of politician puppets. Governments submit to oligarchs that make money talk. Plutocratic monopolists do the talking and the leaders of a political duopoly in America with “Democrat” and “Republican” labels and a big-business activist US Supreme Court do the taking away of your freedoms.

The Supreme Court with its Citizens United ruling in 2010 have already taken citizenship away from human beings and given a legally binding and false mask of humanity to multinational corporations. These citizens are far more equal then you or me possessing profoundly deep pockets to fund their bribery and do what they plan to try next. Corporations as citizens now buy this election cycle in the US making money synonymous with free speech in 2012. The new global threat of Fascism will not be born again in Germany, but in the United States.

Yet, the push from the top has generated a shove from the masses. Protest and demonstrations are having a significant escalation all around the world. Millions pour onto streets on foot and stream ideas and video on Facebook page stream their ire and concern. They document police abuse; they tell their story as the corporate media is paid to look elsewhere. The young are awakening to their future being threatened, their Internet communities besieged by SOPA, ACTA and the newest lightly veiled attempt to silence Internet commerce of ideas in the name of preventing piracy, CISPA. The US House of Representatives recently passed it. Now the Senate might do the same. President Obama threatens to veto the bill. Will he indeed?

The corporately neutered journalism of the mainstream media likes to fixate on 30 to 40 anarchists with pointed sticks crashing glass facades of banks and a Nike shoe store in downtown Seattle on May Day last Tuesday. The media’s will to report conflict rather than balanced presentations of both sides, of facts, continues to fuel the momentum of a cretaceous exodus of viewers away from television news to the Internet. There you will find real citizens of flesh and blood organize their demonstrations, gather real news about the world passed by the speed of light from one living citizen to the next. These cyber protesters and online news watchers must unite now, against the abstracts of Fascism, the human faceless corporation, the enabling establishment and save their affordable college tuition, their health care, their social nets, their future.

The May Day (mayday! mayday!) protests and demonstrations are the first step in what my Oracle predicted would be an “American Spring” then summer of protests and demonstrations dwarfing the Occupy Wall Street or 99 Percent verses 1 Percent demonstrations of 2011:

In 2012, the 99-percent movement becomes the 99-percent revolution where Americans might go back to the future experienced the previous year by Egyptians in their Arab Spring awakening. A new American Revolution, like the Egyptian, might stagnate only to have regime figureheads fall but the oligarchic machinery of the Demo-Republican regime continue. Whether what began in 2011 as peaceful street protests become violent to the point of open and chaotic conflict with a heavily armed populace a few years hence depends on American CEO’s and their leashed leaders listening to the led.

Predictions for 2012
Chapter 4: The American Spring

In the previous chapter the Oracle commented on the Euro banking crisis in a subsection entitled, “The Decline and Fall of the Euro-man Empire.” What I wrote six months ago bears some reflection as this coming weekend will see the French people go to the polls in a runoff election which will most likely unseat President Nicolas Sarkozy and send him into the political “low lands”. I am not sure if it is a good omen that the next president of France has a name that in Dutch means “low land” (François Hollande). The Socialist candidate will be France’s next president. That is my call for those French and European readers asking me to break out of the box of predicting only US presidents and call the winner of the most significant European election of 2012.

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