Sunday, 20 May 2012

New Video on Solar Activity Impacting Earth


The latest calculations confirm some and adjust other dates and events, yet it seems to be as researcher Patrick Geryl has found, as one of the only people alive being able to calculate and predict major solar events impacting our planet directly.

In his latest video, he makes distinct predictions on dates and events, all linked to planetary alignments which would cause solar eruptions, magnetic storms, CME’s and X Flares. Some of these events are very meaningful to life on our planet as it could seriously impact our resources and make clear our dependency on sources such as electricity which the entire world came to depend on as primary source for life. Cutting power in large parts of the world, for a significant amount of time, would lead to immediate disaster as for example water purification depends on it, but also it’s used to cool down atomic waste. Failing to cool down this waste would lead to a worldwide meltdown and sceneries many times worse than the biggest nuclear disasters this planet has experienced.

In his new video, Patrick unveils the latest calculations and prediction for this year, one by one:

Click here to view the embedded video.

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