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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Tuesday, May 8, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, some of you have been to see many of the places that St. Paul traveled as in Rhodes where he was shipwrecked, and in Greece and Turkey. St. Paul had Barnabas and other disciples helping him to preach to the Jews and the Gentiles. His travels had many hardships that threatened his life at sea and being stoned. The people did not always want to hear his words of the Gospel, and the Jewish leaders tried to get them out of town because the people were believing in his miracles. In your own mission you have traveled to evangelize souls, but you had cars and planes for faster travel. St. Paul wrote his epistles that are now available in the Bible. You have had the internet and your books and DVDs to spread My Word. Imagine if St. Paul had these helps. Being a missionary requires a commitment of time as you wait for planes, and stay in people’s homes. Carrying books and DVDs around is a chore, but you are also able to share rosaries, scapulars, and Confession preparation sheets. As St. Paul mentioned, it was a joy to share My love and evangelize souls for Me. All of My faithful are called to go out to all the nations to evangelize souls, so the faithful should be thankful that My chosen ones are doing their job.”

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