Friday, 18 May 2012

Putin, Euro Zone Crisis, the Prophecy of Edgar Cayce


Vladimir Putin.

The opening of today’s article will turn the oracle’s eye on the political earthquake in Europe the Super Moon of last weekend did perhaps influence.

As predicted in the last article (click on François Hollande), French President Nicholas Sarkozy fell in runoff elections to Hollande. One of my French readers reflected on this saying the new socialist president reminded her of a duller version of another “François”, the last socialist in office, Francois Mitterrand (1981-1995), pointing his Gallic “nose in the air” even higher than the last. That is a French way of saying Hollande is a duller snob than “Dieu” (God), the name given Mitterrand’s Kermit the French frog character in a popular French television puppet show satirizing French life and politics from the early 1990s. President “Dieu” was not pleased. So, it seems France has traded one pragmatically stuffy socialist for another stuffy pragmatist, after a round in the Elysee (French White House) of two right-of-center wing presidents: Chirac and Sarkozy.

Mitterrand (left), Hollande, who is also "left" but we see him here (right).

Last weekend the Greeks voted for a big super “moon” at the European leaders promoting crippling austerity measures to shore up its deep economic Depression by filling their parliament with extremely strange bedfellows twice trying and failing to form a coalition government between the new fascist New Dawn and extreme leftist parliamentarians. If no government is formed soon, the Greeks go back to the polls next month for another round of musical parliamentary chairs in Athens. In either case all of this is building a bridge of events to a future Greek default my Oracle has long foreseen and slotted to happen this summer during the next astrological beating of Pluto-Uranus Squares.


This powerful aspect influences us collectively. It gives color and mood to the times in which we live. The times of summer into autumn 2012 will set many masses in the mood to have a fight in Europe against their oligarchic overlords.

Uranian urges for growth will collide with Pluto in Capricorn’s saturnine austerity. There will come a collective rebellion directing amassed Uranian ire to pour into the streets of Athens, Rome, Madrid, and rush to the polls to push back Plutonian Capricorn’s status quo leadership in power who hand over that power to a directorship of European affairs by unelected technocrats. The people most austerely and economically hobbled, the countries known as the PIIGGS, the southern, Mediterranean members of the euro monetary union, will chose growth over sackcloth and ashes of economic austerity. Already 11 European heads of state promoting austerity measures have gone down since the Great Recession began in 2008. More are coming. British Prime Minister David Cameron and German President Angela Merkel will be next, next year.

Will this improve Europe’s situation?

Not if Europeans continue following blindly the collective mind’s habit to do things in extreme. Appointing a new Mitterrand stuffier than the last will only frustrate the French once again with Socialism. Thus they will recoil once again from socialist left to run back to the right, perhaps the extreme right, this time, and in five years you will see Marine Le Pen’s National Front take over the Elysee and the Assemblée Nationale (French Parliament).

In Predictions for 2012, my oracle set out a detailed prophetic assessment of what will happen to the great European experiment with super-statehood in a segment posing a satirical and rhetorical question at the ribald expense of 18th-century British historian Edward Gibbon and his classic tome The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. I called into question the euro union’s future in, The Decline and Fall of the Euro-Man Empire.

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