Friday, 28 September 2012

This Is About CONTROL!



Guest Post: by ‘NightOwl’

I just saw a segment on ABC’s Nightline about school lunch. The jist of the story was since new government mandated food “choices” have been added to the menus “plate waste” has increased by 90-97% in most schools! Kids, especially high school age kids just will NOT be told what they have to eat.

The do-goodies over at the USDA now force schools to limit the amount of calories a child can be served (no second helpings!) by grade level. They also force the schools to cut way back on salt, sugar, ketchup, etc. which makes the food bland and tasteless. And kids must be served vegetables whether they want them or not- so the kids throw 90-97% of it away.

This article is not about nutrition.

Mayor Bloomberg of NYC has recently outlawed soft drink sizes above 16 ounces. He has banned products from Lauer Custom Weaponry because Mayor Doomberg thinks their paint schemes make real guns look like toys. Hizzonner has banned smoking, trans-fat French fries, baby formula and now there is talk of banning large size popcorn and milkshakes!

This is NOT about nutrition.

I lived in Chicago for 10 years; Mayor Daley dedicated his life to denying Second Amendment rights to the citizens of his city. For 30 years people were not able to even OWN a handgun in the city limits, unless you were a criminal or politically connected- (any difference?).

The same right I exercise everyday here in Indiana would have bought me an instant felony in Chicago!

This is NOT about public safety.

I am 49 years old, and in my lifetime I have seen many freedoms taken from Americans: You HAVE to wear a seat belt; You CAN”T burn leaves anymore; You must SUBMIT (I HATE that word!) to a drug test if you want to work; You CANNOT buy 100 watt light bulbs for your home; You can be charged with a CRIME if you utter certain words that offend SOMEONE (that list of words grows everyday); You CANNOT punish your child; You MUST buy health insurance (Thanks, Obama); If you transact more than $600 a form MUST be filled out and SUBMITTED (there’s that word again!) to the Federal government; You CANNOT breed or posses certain livestock that the USDA deems harmful and the ones allowed must now be registered with the government; You MUST have your children inoculated with whatever the government requires; You CANNOT farm, improve or otherwise make use of YOUR LAND if the EPA says you will be harming the spotted-snail-darter or whatever; You and your children MUST SUBMIT (again!) to what is, in effect, a strip search if you need to fly somewhere in an airplane. And we walk around under the constant eye of pervasive surveillance in the name of security. I could go on for the rest of the month about lost freedoms and mandatory requirements to be an American citizen, but you get the idea.

This article IS about control!

The personality type that wants to be a politician, craves power- control is power. The personality type that craves power is usually paranoid- knowing that others like him are waiting to take the power away for themselves. These people imagine trouble where there is none. They justify tighter control for the “greater good”. Individualism is viewed with suspicion and even fear. The Left loves to throw around the term “lone wolf”. Anyone who denies the collectivist mindset is a kook or even a threat!

Telling us what we can and cannot eat and drink is just the start.

Do you doubt that if it were possible some fascist on The Left would make certain thoughts a crime!!! Or better yet actually control our thoughts for the “good of society”!!! The ONLY reason this is not being done is because the technology does not exist- yet.

30 years ago the things written above would NOT have been tolerated by Americans. Now they are common place.
What common place injustices will we tolerate 30 years from now?


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