Friday, 3 June 2011

Dance Disobediance


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Matthew Medina
We Are Change San Antonio
Truth Exposed Radio
June 2, 2011

“Dance is one of man’s oldest and most basic means of expression. Through the body, man senses and perceives the tensions and the rhythms of the universe around him, and then using the body as an instrument, he expresses his feeling responses to the universe. From the fabric of his perceptions and feelings he creates his dance. Through his dance he relates to his fellow man and to his world. ”
-Alma Hawkins

The year 2011 has proven itself as the year of global revolutions.
An easy info-hipster scan of current global news and events paints a bright light of oppression.
From the expansion of big brother legislation, to internet censorship, or to just straight up martial law in answer to critical dissent from the majority, this year has been a big year for the oppressive class of the world.
Crackdown of dissent is the latest trend of oppressive nations and the United States of America has show the world it is now playing the anti-dance card, rewarding dance expression with excessive brutality.

Dance has always been an outlet for the oppressed.

Join in the party.

Thomas Jefferson Dance Party 2011

National Monument(al) Dance Party in Support of the DANCE PARTY @ TJ’S!!!
event on Facebook:!/event.php?eid=206043549437747

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