Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Holy Church of Government


No, the temptation was just too great (sic). I couldn’t help myself, it was just so, so attractive, you know, to have all that power over something so weak and helpless, something I could manipulate, make do as I wished, you know, like, utterly control...

Not the words of Paedophile but a Politician, desperate to indulge their fetish of “making the public do as I say” and knee jerking after calls from vested interest groups to stop “ the sexualisation” of children.
Ban this, stop that, forbid this because it’s always worked in the past. Never mind the reason WHY children are becoming sexualized, never mind that it’s up to parents, you know the ones who actually created the child and will pay for it as it grows up, no, Ms Nanny State has to been seen to be in control, even though nothing could be further from the truth.
You see, we, as parents are not responsible enough to be trusted to raise children. Some parents, in their mad rush to watch X Factor, buy the Sun, consume more shite and appear on Big Brother, as is the new religion, have been neglecting the needs of their children to follow the path set by Politicians. You don’t have to do a thing, the State can do that all for you. If you encounter problems, the State can offer a myriad of “services” to doubleplusundo whatever damage you mistakenly feel has happened. You are not to blame. Society is not to blame, Gangsta rappers are not to blame. Government is not to blame. So Government needs to get involved and tell you how to dress your children. Well, not tell exactly, LEGISLATE.
Instead of trying to understand that the reason a bra exists for a seven year old is that society is so shallow, to stand out in a crowd, a child must look and act like an adult, ready for their first audition on “the only way to make big money these days is look and act dumb , get drunks and get your tits out” and deal with it, no, instead it is going to ban burqas whilst insisting your child wears one to protect them from the prying eyes of us "filthy adults."
Sars, Bird Flu, Paedophiles, Islam, Bean Sprouts, Aids, Global Warming, poverty, weather, speeding, smoking, drinking, TV, Cinema, travel, housing, diets…there is NO part of the future of you or your child that the Government does not seek to control in its entirety through simple fear. "The public are their own worst enemy, we must protect them from themselves"
Government is the new religion and according to them we’re all headed straight to hell. No wonder we’re fighting the “oppressive” Taliban. We’re two heads of the same coin.

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