Friday, 3 June 2011

PETITION: Oppose the EU Bailouts


Sign the petition here

A couple of weeks ago, at the Rally Against Debt, we launched a petition to oppose EU bailouts. Lots of you signed up on paper and hundreds more have signed up online. If you haven’t added your signature yet, here’s why you should.

EU bailouts are storing up debt for the next generation. British taxpayers’ liability for propping up the collapsing euro has rocketed, largely due to a recent rescue package for Portugal. We thought the bailout for Ireland was a bad idea and we opposed that, the Portuguese case seems even more egregious as they couldn’t pass an austerity plan before stretching out the begging-bowl. Worse still it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Greece will need another handout as its debt woes continue.

At a time when we’re making very necessary spending cuts at home, why are we handing over more money to try to save the euro; a mistake we didn’t make?

The Government is disastrously letting down taxpayers by picking up the bill for bailouts to keep the rest of Europe happy. It’s time to say no and oppose the EU bailouts, sign here if you agree.

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