Monday, 6 June 2011

Protocol Deniers


Richard has coined a new term, for me anyway. I thought I would try and pitch in.

The Gentiles are Cattle

—Protocols of the Elders
of Zion (Protocol no.

Why are Gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat.

—Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

Do not look here, there is nothing to see;

We already looked and have verified this much:

There are no dead civilians,
And at any rate they weren’t free,
So no manifestation of children
Or angels here about, scavenging debris,
Not here you’ll see, not there, nothing dangerous in the air
For them to breathe, and so of course we must conclude
That there is no wheel and the wheel has no spokes—
It’s like another Jew telling us the Protocols were a hoax.

Truth and falsehood feud and contend
For primacy over the ruined vessel of cerebration;
No blind pig’s dance could look as awkward,
No sigh to mark a long day’s end,
In this kind of weather, where the tornado clouds,
Like Jack the Ripper’s knife, plunge down and send
Us flying half a mile through the air, but don’t worry,
The economy’s good and the Dow’s up! So turn on
The TV!
We’ll just wait here for Diebold to tally the votes;
It’s like another Jew telling us the Protocols were a hoax.

How does the ego become established in a body that has no soul?
The Elders of Zion—you know, the Herzl crowd
And the rest of those smart Bankers of Basel—after observing
Their own aureoles, consulted one another and devised a goal
Of constructing cattle grates for Gentiles. The grates
Would thwart the animals’ hooves; and thus of the rather droll
Sense of humor of their masters they would remain
Appreciatively forever mindful. But wait! No! It never happened!
The horror! The Shame! The anti-Semitism this stokes!
And so another Jew tells us the Protocols were a hoax.

An apothecary to the chief cohenim one day did aspire
To concoct a hoax quite grand—
A land without a people for a people without a land,
He called it, and despite its evil smell, the idea caught fire.
“That’s one of the best hoaxes I’ve ever come up with,” he thought,
“And we’ll ornament them with sludge and call them a liar
They who dare raise a voice in protest.” So stomach the
Chosen, ye Presidents, Parliaments, Bundestags, Diets—and
Obediently eyes averted as Gaza burned in strange smokes—
As another Jew affirmed confidently, “The Protocols were a hoax.”

We see that the earth on its axis spins
While in time, it is said, all things come to pass;
There are the hoaxters and the hoaxed, so let us differentiate,
Said the would-be messiah before he caught the trade winds
Back over the Volga River where he now spends eternity
Shoveling gefilte fish into bar Kochba’s open mouth. But
As every smart Jew knows, there’s money to be made off these
Stupid goyim, and so cheers! Chabad! Dabach! The debauchery
Of the sacred as the world flames in strange smokes—
While another Jew steps up, “The Protocols were a hoax!”

By Richard Edmondson


The protocols make no mistake are some gigantic plot

brought to you steadily and tirelessly by some gentile bot

We are daily traumatized and unquestionably victimized

It is a 24/7 job for all of us to keep this thing sanitized

Don’t furl your brow and worry your vaccine soaked heads

Just go shopping girls, watch lady Gaga and take your meds

Shunting the lies aside we ,have nothing to do with the fluoride

It is a mystery to us concerning the degradation and suicide

We refuse and do not accept any vaccinations or to be drafted

We most happily bank the gold our artisans have slyly crafted

It is amazing how cowardly you are, and what your dollar buys

Only a couple of our bad ones behind this, don’t believe your eyes

Happy families and smiling faces are not what we plan for you

We’ll take you down and bring in replacements stupider than you

Back in early America in the old west you were not such a coward

Your trust is blind and you keep turning your back on Mr. Howard

So keep rapping and banging, doce do and think you are free

We just laugh and deny, these protocols are made for you and me

By Dublinmick

Don’t worry about that new E-coli in Germany with the genes of every E-coli that ever existed plus a little plague DNA inside it. It is just an unfortunate coincidence.

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