Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Remove your chains, it's TAX FREEDOM DAY


It's finally here. Think back to the long winter nights and New Years Eve. Think of the dark cold mornings when you hauled yourself out of a warm bed and braved the elements to go to work, the crowded trains, the overtime, the bills, the demands from debtors.
Seems a long time ago, eh? Well, the good news is that whilst you are not free from your debts, today marks the day when you actually start to keep the money you earned instead of the government taking every penny to spend how it sees fit. Of course, in the background, the government is still borrowing money like crazy in your name (and that of your children) so it can bribe you with your own money at the next election and unlike a true slave, you will still have to house and feed yourself from what little the government allows you to keep. Just to clear the national debt, every single person would have to work for a year and a half and hand every penny over to the State, but don't worry, that won't happen. You only have to work half a year to tread water and the national debt will simply be handed on to the next generation to deal with whilst you demand a decent pension from the benevolent state.
There is only one way to increase your freedom and reduce the half annual slavery you are forced into. You have to stop paying taxes. Taxes are the life blood of big government, taxes are the treasure that the Political Elite feed upon, taxes are the chains that keep you in your place.
Stop consuming shite you don't need and you'll have more money, so you won't have to put those 60 hour weeks in to replace what the state steals from you. Learn to buy what you need, not what you think will impress your peers, who are just as in debt as you are, learn to understand wealth is not how much you have but how little you need. Whatever you acquire will be owned, eventually, by the State anyhow, so acquire less. Make do. Not feeding the State is the ultimate act of civil disobedience. Peaceful yet revolutionary, it is killing the EU and the corrupt politicians as they finally run out of other peoples money.
Try it. Simply buy less, and watch their world fall apart. Stop enslaving yourself and your children with the fake promises and debts of politicians who will only send you the bill (plus interest) anyway.
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