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Worlds In Collision As One Age Confronts Another


To me there is no doubt we are witnessing the clash between two different ages both in the physical realm and the realm of consciousness. It is just so obvious. There are so many things happening but let’s isolate one particular anomaly, the power plant problem.

Exelon’s nuclear plant in Limerick, Pennsylvania has strangely shut down on it’s own once again a day after they brought it back on line. There is a lot of speculation on this as might be expected. There is speculation radiation from Fukushima is affecting the sensors and causing them to react. In fact they are going to have a public community information session next monday.

It could also well be that the fusion process itself is changing due to (no we can’t seem to get away from that pesky new solar particle and the Mayan Elders) changing rates of carbon decay in the fuel cycle causing them to run hotter. If this is the case I would hate to speculate on just what this signals for the entire planet. See Mayan Elders. Mayan Elder

If you don’t believe this here is what NASA has to say. Solar flares act on the pineal gland. It is what the Mayans have been trying to tell us for centuries. Western man who thought the earth was flat 200 years ago was to arrogant to listen. It effects what is known as the circadian rythmn. Animals adjust fairly well, humans go into depression as basically their artificial construct collapses, probably something similar to ayahusca. Increased solar activity does indeed cause volcanic eruptions. There is simply no bigger story out there. This is the story. This is very good here! NASA Mei-Ching Fok

It is possible to watch the new solar flares, you do not have to take anyone’s word for this. NASA has a site for it and they are indeed picking up with particle expected to reach earth in a few days. soho

Of course there are other things that sound the alarm here. Germany closed down most of it’s power plants and I mean immediamente! It was almost like they saw the hand writing on the wall. It leads one to ask is something going on here we don’t know about? Now I see supposedly France has had a hacker attack on their plants and are asking Germany for assistance with it.

The U.S. government has also announced they will consider hacker attacks an act of war but China steadfastly says in effect the west started this and they will not sit by and suffer attacks without retaliating. So what is going on?

As far as Fukushima, Arnie Gunderson says it will be two years before Japan can even consider covering the plants in cement, they are too hot right now. They will continue to spew. Bob Nichols at VT suggests tactical nukes under the depths of the island to sink the plants into the Pacific to cool them off. That should give the average Japanese chill bumps of glory as they sit on 4 major tectonic plates. You know the place Cayce says will go into the sea.

We heard sometime ago that flooding wasn’t expected to recede in the midwest until June without any more rain. Well the rain is continuing with no let up in sight and the Lake Delhi dam has failed at Ames Iowa causing catastrophic flooding. Other towns see residents fleeing with their belongings with power and water cut off in many areas. Several levees have been breached due to more heavy rains and one 16 year old girl has drowned. The University of Iowa has been shut down. Lake Michigan Canal

The Puyehue volcano in Chile has just experienced a major eruption and hundreds of people are being evacuated. The ash is already falling on the town of San Carlos de Bariloche in neighboring Argentina. You know there is nothing to effect weather patterns and temperatures like erupting volcanos. There have been hundreds of tremors in the area so far. You can see more on this at volcanolive. volcanolive Photos Photos The Dieng Volcano, Indonesia is also erupting.

New addition I should have mentioned, 15 Nov 10 – “Undersea hot lava is baking ocean sediments and releasing greenhouse gases.” iceagenow

As I have said before it is the one called Pelee around Martinique you have to watch out for as the entire area around Soufriere is alive with under sea volcanos. Pelee

Things are still going strong in Greece with riot police sealing off the parliament and gas canisters and molotov cocktails flying about. syntagma-square

RT has a good video on this also. I will leave a cold link as I am trying to stay away from hotlinks to youtube. To hell with them as the politicos want use it as a club. I can’t simply leave a link to a tube here on wordpress like most people, it simply opens up on it’s own and I am a little skeptical of this.


I wouldn’t want foreign readers to think Greece has anything on American cities. I highly recommend this clip from Stewart Rixon’s thetruthseeker which shows various riots going on in American cities and the one in Miami (my state) is a thrillers as you can see videos of memorial day gangs at Miami’s south beach running wild, firing automatic weapons, running two and fro and various car wrecks taking place at intersections. Gangbangers going wild

Also Israel has killed at this count 14 Syrian protesters on the border on the anniversary of the 1967 war. Apparently you can’t get too near their borders without being capped. They know come next September the U.N. is going to have to concede a Palestinian state, not out of altruism but simply the whole thing is making them look to bad. The plane flying Shimon Peres out of Italy and back to Isreal was hit by lightning but made it back. I would take this as a sign from the heavens if I were him. Even a former mossad chief has warned him not to attack Iran. Israel Kills Protesters

Yes they do and when the former head of the spy service suggests you are nuttier than a yahoo you might want to listen. Yeah he is crazy. snippits-Yahoooooooo

Photo by wiki.commons

Apparently we are entering the age of Horus as Lady Gaga falls in love with Judas! I don’t watch this stuff but sometimes run into an analysis by Vigilant Citizen who really takes this stuff apart. Gaga it seems is playing Mary Magdalene and riding a motorcycle with Jesus but she dumps Jesus for Judas the age of the triumph of darkness. This one is pretty easy to follow if you want to torture yourself. Gaga Falls for Judas

Apparently San Francisco has a burgeoning alternative press. They have banned circumcision (correction attempting to) in the city and now with a new comic book dealing with the subject have the usual censors hot around the collar. Will the comic replace the other comic, the misinformation media? You can’t make this stuff up! I bring you Foreskinman

Anyway it is not the candy wrapper, it is the candy! LOL Noor decides to look more deeply into the matter! You are cracking me up!

Commotion in the streets of most European cities here from eurevo.org

If I run into anything more I will add it on.

Yep the Harper loonies in Canada are looking hard a new bill that will give two years for linking to a site that promotes hate. Yeah no need to explain this much. Hate will be decided by the haters. Only those who really hate understand what hate is. Hate will be anything that overweight pencil pusher on the take sitting at a desk eating his peanut butter sandwich says it is. This is pretty simple. So you won’t write much on the web because it is impossible to know what some psycho believes hate is. Hate will be saying you don’t think Palestinians should be killed on the streets, asking how much radiation is in the air, you know it scares people, you must be a hater.

Soon circus tour comes to Canada and this will be called hate much sooner than later.Amir Khadir, a left wing member of the National Assembly of Quebec had best watch his arse as he doesn’t think a modern nation needs a “bloodline.” Notice they will be rolling into Quebec, no west coast hot particles (10 a day for the people there) Fukushima for them. They are probably more popular in Canada than they are at home anyway. Here comes the big top! Here comes the circus! In fact with a Canadian general heading up the Libya fiasco, and Canada negotiating with seven countries around the world to establish military bases in Kuwait, Germany, Jamaica, Senegal, Kenya, Singapore, and South Korea, we have to wonder what is up? Could be Billy Windsor is coming along to announce they are going to kick some butt. Wasn’t Canada the place where the anti-war people used to end up?

We have ourselves a sexual problem in these great states. Not only was the rainbow flag flown with the U.S. flag at the Rothschild owned federal reserve in Richmond, Virginia causing a range of emotional ill variations from panic to out right hostility, it seems in Seattle there is a law suit going on. Several players from a homosexual softball league team is going to court because they were banned from the gay world series. It seems they were banned for not being homosexual enough as they are bisexual. Their team was over the two person limit of homosexuals. Give them an inch and they will take a mile! ( no pun intended) What is fair is fair, those sneaky bi-sexuals! Gay Quotas

More from George Ure’s HalfpastHuman boys. (older free report on the money) The expectation from our work here at hph is that the extremes of weather manifesting in Winter 2010/2011 will continue to break records daily. The impacts on the global food supply of this Winter should not be under estimated. If history is any guide at all, a general move from grains to root crops will take place in all the cold affected areas where both habitation and crop cultivation are able to persist.They also projects icy times in the city of seven hills. halfpasthuman When he says root crops, what is he talking about here, onions, leek beets, maybe yucca sometimes known as tapioca in Europe? I forget what they call it in Africa but I think it is referred to as the famine buster.

Like an energizer bunny the evil just keeps going and going and going. File this under the government is here to help you. Many children under the care of the government in Ireland who went missing ended up in brothels. Criminals in Irish Government Send Little Girls to Brothels

First case of Bioterrorism declared in Germany by prestigious Max Planck Institute and they say sue them if you want.

LifeGen.de – Institutes of the Max Planck Society of Germany are calling the E-coli attack in Germany. We were in the case Ehec clear that the “spread” could not be natural. Whether a terrorist organization, or only a single perpetrator acted, can not be said at this time. Our only assumption is purely theoretical – but unlike the fairy tale ‘by of massive spread of the disease, “the thesis is based on concrete facts of life, food technology and surveillance. EHEC is a superbug rhaltungselement a clumsy Ferran. Ehec would be as real biological weapon, however a dangerous tool.

The current spread is alarming because the disease is strikingly often be severe with renal failure (hemolytic-uremic syndrome = HUS) assume, today announced the Lower Saxony Ministry of Health, and:” It is striking that – in contrast to other HUS outbreaks in the past, most adults are affected.

he pathogen EHEC makes itself felt first by severe diarrhea, but is much more dangerous than a conventional intestinal infection, because it releases a toxin in the body, the hemolysis, the breakdown of red blood cells (RBC) results. As a result, then passes next to the anemia (anemia), renal failure, because the clog tiny blood vessels in the kidney of the degradation products.

As a result of HUS, other organs may suffer damage, so the patients often a dangerous swelling of the brain. Many of the cases observed had taken serious life-threatening trends.Institutes of Max Planck Society Germany

Germany may have to been sent a message to bomb Libya when told to or helicopters fall out of the air, disease breaks out and Britain bans your food products.


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