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Drought 2012, Greenland Meltdown, Dark Knight Massacre, Mind Plague Prophecies and Cure


Once we cross the climate line, great agriculture industries will wither on stalk and vine. Oceans will rise inundating the rice fields and arable lands. It’s not surprising to me that many a prophecy of Nostradamus speaks of a great die-off of humanity from famine, rising oceans and biblically intense droughts from the Sun becoming a “fire in the sky” boiling fish in stream lake and sea.

2012 should be a wake up year to all of this. There’s still time to become a grown up civilization, preventing rather than curing this oncoming catastrophe.

Predictions for 2012
Chapter 6:
Nature’s War on Humanity
Year Three – Upheaval and Flood

While 61 percent of the United States is under scorching drought conditions, my cool little corner of the lower 48 states, the Pacific Northwest, experienced a rare and spectacular rash of lightning storms and rolling thunder last weekend for three days and nights. When nature had spent its fury there erupted to the northwest from a nearby naval air station the round-the-clock rolling thunder of Super Hornet US Navy Growler fighter jets, punctuated by the air-displacing drum beat of Navy helicopter blades. This human thundering is a precursor to a large reinforcement of Navy air units to potential war zones. Perhaps the Sixth Fleet is on station now in the Mediterranean off the coast of Syria and the squadrons of jets and helicopters are preparing for deployment there.

Twice this July we have experienced days of sustained and violent thunderstorms I have not seen in the Pacific Northwest since August 1999.

Last Thursday, Batman fans across the United States lined up for many hours early to secure a good seat at scheduled midnight showings of the third and final installment of the Dark Knight movie series early Friday morning. News came that day of a bomb taking out the heart of the Syrian regime’s defense team that included General Daoud Rajiha the defense minister and General Assef Shawkat, top security chief and brother-in-law to President Bashar al-Assad and a member of the dictator’s inner circle. The third fatality was General Hassan Turkomani the deputy defense minister. It was a huge blow to the dictatorship and there had been no sign of al-Assad on television for days. He would soon appear on Syrian state television appointing new ministers to replace the dead.

News also reached me on Thursday of fighting raging in the heart of the al-Assad regime’s power base, Damascus. The first major attacks on the capital were part of what the Free Syrian Army (FSA) calls Operation Volcano. So alarming was the rebel offensive that elite Syrian armored units were pulled off the Golan Heights where they stare down Israeli armed forces for decades along that disputed border. They now advance on Damascus.

Bus blast in Bulgaria killing Israelis on vacation.

If that was not enough terrorism for Thursday into Friday, a busload of Israeli tourists went up in a suicide blast in a resort town in Bulgaria. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu implicated Iran and their ally in Lebanon, the Hezbullah organization.

The US jets rumbled and thundered northwest of me on Thursday, while your emails flooded in asking if a war with Iran was imminent.

My Oracle continues to say, “no.” As of last week there finally is empirical evidence to support my Oracle’s bold prediction. The moderate Kadima Party left Netanyahu’s grand coalition on 17 July 2012. Elections may be coming in September because of this. Add an Occupy Israel movement of sorts where many thousands of Israelis for months now are demonstrating on the streets protesting the lack of housing and you will not see a Netanyahu government launching one jet or missile against Iran unilaterally any time soon in 2012. Nostradamus’ astrology in his predictions about war with Iran sees that possibility is still at least three years off. Click on Nostradamus Iran 2012.

Talking heads on TV try to out do each other with hyperbolic gushes that the al-Assad regime is about to fall. To this I say, soon but not yet. The Uranus (ruler of chaos) squared Pluto (ruler of government establishment) is only getting started. Its biggest and sudden regime-toppling surprises are going to peak in September-October 2012.

The Syrian Civil War.

If Bashir al-Assad should fall from a pyrotechnic takedown like Humpty Dumpty blown off his wall, you might want to gather what’s left of the Syrian dictator’s horsemen and all the Syrian dictator’s men and put Bashar al-Assad back together again. Otherwise, what will fill the void will be a mess of jihadists, Muslim brotherhoods, al-Qaeda operatives and Sunni on Shia nation-wide massacres that will follow when you cannot put Humpty Dumped-out-of power together again.

Thursday night into early Friday morning in the Northwest, the same cut-off low from last weekend came floating over us again for another round of exceedingly howitzer-loud blasts of sharp crashing thunder over my island in the Puget Sound. Around the same time in Rocky Mountain Time, excited fans of the caped crusader piled into every seat of a movie theater at the suburban Century Theater multiplex in Aurora, Colorado, to see the first showing of the The Dark Knight Rises. Thunder over my rooftop matched ear-splitting thunder just after Midnight in Colorado rolling out of movie speakers stirring fields of ear follicles that must be as stunted as Colorado corn in Super Drought 2012.

The people crammed in that Aurora cinema were ready to escape into air-conditioned fantasy from weeks of triple-digit heat waves in skies smoked by mega fires, the worst in Colorado’s history. Up came moody images on big screen and the opening salvoes of music, to which they bared their ever more insensitive ears and let infiltrate through eyes-to-subconscious ever more exaggerated, agitated and CGI mega-pixilated violent images of opening action in the Dark Knight Rises. The Batman series is famous for its highly intense action sequences that must keep ahead of the numb-down effect of an over decibel-shredded and photon flicker-flashed and growing insensate movie going public.

I was trying to sleep in the Pacific Northwest, my dreams filled with a deafening symphony of thunderclaps. Others sat in a Colorado theater, many with children curled beside them, well past their bedtime, prepared for a different deafening. I can imagine in the dark theater some of the young kids grabbed their ears because unlike their parents, their ear follicles were still fresh and felt the assault of the invisible fist of displaced air from cranked up movie sound systems.

Poster of the third and final installment of the Batman, Dark Knight, series.

The rising noise and lurid images set to entertain and bestir a failing sensitivity of American theatergoers is one of the reasons I do not often go to theaters. When I am not writing, I am a singer and composer. I have been careful to preserve my hearing in an ever more deaf, de-sensate and over-stimulated civilization. Moreover, I do not easily tolerate the mass-mob, psychic “white noise” of mind energy pouring out of theater crowds in stuffy spaces, while sitting stunned and fish-eyed by escapism, especially when it is stirred to dump junk psychic energy into the etheric watching gratuitous violence. If sugar, mixed with cream in coffee gives one a toxic buzz, many of the movies made today produce a mass-toxic psychic buzz in the auras of movie-going audiences.

Adults and kids in the Aurora theater might not have initially heard the first “pop-popping” of a new sound effect. It lingered, like the smoke effect, too many moments after the opening action sequence on screen had ended.

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