Thursday, 2 June 2011

2008 message of Our Lady of Emmitsburg to Gianna Sullivan - Two Suns,. Earth Changes


This is an excerpt from Gianna Sullivan's message of June 1, 2008 - The Two Suns and earth changes:

"Children, God did not create only the Earth. God is the Creator of the cosmos, with its many galaxies, many orbits, different stars and different planets. God is the Creator! There are other planets like earth, far beyond your understanding.

I can tell you this: Even your governments and the Church authorities already have knowledge of the stars aligning and its implications upon you. You must not fear but must be prepared, primarily spiritually.

After awhile, you will see a time when there is another body in orbit around your solar system, coming between Earth and the Sun and leading to tremendous devastation. Approximately 60-70% of the world’s population, as you know it, will cease. Of those who survive, 60% of them could die of disease and starvation. .."

After the 14 min point Dr. Sullivan repeats aloud the message given to the world.
Full message:

Messages of Our Lady of Emmistburg

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