Thursday, 2 June 2011

News Flash: Worst Numbers in Years Manufacturing index has biggest decline since 9/09! Home sales decline is 11x worse than expected! Economists’ job forecasts miss by a country mile!


Mike Larson

The phony-baloney economic recovery, bought and paid for with trillions of dollars of borrowed and printed money, is hitting a wall.

That’s the inescapable conclusion from the terrible numbers that just hit the wires this morning.

The latest:

The Institute for Supply Management’s index imploded, plunging to 53.5 last month from 60.4 in April. That was the lowest reading since September 2009, far worse than the “experts” were looking for!

Plus …

  • Also this morning, ADP Employer Services dropped a bombshell — the economy created a meager 38,000 jobs in May. That was down a shocking 78% from April … missing what Wall Street expected (175,000 jobs) by a country mile!
  • U.S. home prices have just suffered their worst decline in 16 months, plunging BELOW the LOWEST level of the entire 2007-2009 housing debacle! This means that the entire housing market recovery since that time is now gone, wiped out. It also means home owners now have a bigger incentive to walk away, sticking their bankers with the bill.
  • Pending home sales are even worse, declining a whopping 12% or TWELVE times more than the 1% economists were expecting.

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