Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Lay Apostles of Jesus Christ The Returning King Prayer Meeting

Lay Apostles of Jesus Christ The Returning King Prayer Meeting

Next lay Apostle meeting 11.00am. Sat 10th November and then Sat 8th December. The Second Saturday of the month) At St John’s Church High Lane Chorlton M21 9EE (Mass 10.00 Confessions 10.30)

On the first of every month, Our Lord has given Anne a message about His call to service

October 1, 2005


"I have willed a time of great joy for My beloved apostles. Joy is something that the world wishes to take from God's children, but joy is available nonetheless. The world encourages souls to concentrate on comfort and earthly possessions. I ask you to concentrate on service. This is a marked contrast, is it not? Let me explain why concentrating on service brings you joy. If you rise each day and pledge allegiance to God, you will begin that day with more thought of serving than being served. In this way, you look at your day as an opportunity to work for heaven and to work for heaven's children, your brothers and sisters. This perspective sends you into the day as a servant. When the day presents you with the inevitable opportunities to assist or console, or simply to be tolerant of your brothers or sisters, you do not view this as a burden, or an interruption in your entertainment and comfort, but as a request made to you directly from the Throne of your God. And fulfilling a request made to you by your God brings you joy. You serve heaven and we fulfill our part of the agreement by sending you joy. If all of God's children were living this way, there would be great joy on earth and through this joy would come peace. But if even one of God's children makes the commitment to serve as a beloved apostle, there is an increase of joy and an increase in peace. This is because an apostle does not become angry when he or she is inconvenienced. That apostle responds in calm trust when the world presents them with difficulty or even pain. There is no striking out at others. There is no rebelliousness. There is peace. The world is changing and it is changing one soul at a time. Join Me now and make a commitment to peace in your world. I will send it through you, My beloved apostles."

Eucharistic Day of Renewal :Pantasaph North Wales,With Anne a lay apostle

Sat 27th October.

Pilgrimage: To Eucharistic Evening of Renewal in Co Cavan (With Anne a lay apostle)

Wednesday 7th to Friday 9th March 2013

For Details and Coach Information Contact : Maire on 0044 (0)785 672 7336 or

Email: mairemcg@hotmail.co.uk

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