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Obama’s Albatross, the Second Presidential Debate Predictions and Nostradamus: The War with Iran


I am about to celebrate my 44th year making presidential predictions. Since 1968 I have forecast by tuning into the popular vote in 11 US presidential elections. Here comes number 12 in 2012. With all the hoopla about the Mayan Calendar being a more accurate accountant as to when doomsday or millennial “bloomsday” should be correctly marked, the pressure for my 11 and 0 batting streak to strike out is not only put upon by the law of averages but pressed by Chicken Little too. Will 6 November’s election prove to be a day worthy of many worked up Chicken Littles out there running around with their heads cut off yelling “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!!” on my head and politically prescient accuracy?

I have settled on a prediction for the next “at bat” with presidential destiny sometimes several years before the reckoning election. For instance, before Barack Obama officially took office on 20 January 2009, early that same month I forecast that he would be a two-term president. In an article posted in early March 2007 entitled Hillary Clinton’s Albatross (click on presidential prediction) I foresaw Barack Obama becoming president in 2012 at the earliest. I also warned the following, and mind you, this warning was delivered nearly a year before the official Democratic Party primary season began:

If my premonitions about Obama are correct, he is intelligent enough to see in time why 2008 is not his year to become president. He will make hard choices—yet tempering, maturing ones—that will bring him the presidency later. Unlike the last good old boy-man running in 2000 for the Oval Office job, Obama “has” the potential to be a great president. Now one must ask if he yet grasps an understanding of Real Politic. Can he step outside of himself, assess, and correct his Obama-nations? Can he “third-person” a “what would Richard Nixon do” political calculation to success?

Good timing will help. So far, his timing is not so good. The finely feathered ego-stroked inexperience is showing right now. Obama has launched his political celebrity too soon. It is riding him to the sunset, not the other way around…

I sense that Barack Obama is still a man who can learn from his mistakes, reclaim his destiny… Inside today’s Jesus Obama super political rock star is a man who “can” be president. Perhaps even a great one… Obama’s destiny to be a president depends on making a very hard but right choice between now and 2008.

… His destiny hangs on a comprehension of historic timing. If he can wait and pay his dues being the second fiddle of an unstoppable Democratic ticket (Clinton/Obama 08), he will bring life, youth and inspired charisma into the veins of the Clinton camp… Obama will earn both political capital and training to become a future president sometime in the next decade.

Obama Nation
(10 March 2007)

In January 2008, I elaborated on this concern in Predictions for 2008 just before the first primary in New Hampshire took place:

My oracle sees two future presidents running in 2008. This vision has never happened before… One of these people will be president in 2008. The other will be a president later, but who and when?

With that asked, if Obama should win the Democratic nomination and be elected president of the United States in 2008, his unripened entry into the White House will be too soon, and soon tragic. If you thought the Bush years were a disaster…you do not want to initiate this Obama Nation timeline with your vote.

His time is not now.

He will be a great president, later.

A close Democratic primary fight looms between Clinton and Obama, dividing their base between those who want change (Obama) and those who want experience and stability with change (Clinton). Obama will have to strike early and decisively to defeat Clinton…

My darkest concern is that one of these future presidents will come to office at the wrong time. The Black Kennedy who may be president in 2008 reminds me of the inexperienced White Kennedy (JFK) who in 1956, tried and failed in a bid to become Adlai Stevenson’s Vice Presidential nominee at the Democratic Convention. A much more confident and experienced JFK successfully ran for president four years later in 1960 and launched his New Frontier.

I fear that destiny could have Senator Obama peak too soon. Even JFK’s first term suffered a number of crises related to his youth and lack of political seasoning. He had natural leadership qualities though. Leadership qualities tested by command of a PT boat in the Pacific Theater of the Second World War. Kennedy distinguished himself heroically as a natural born leader.

What seasoning does the new Black Kennedy bring to the oval office in 2008? Personally, I like this man. Prophetically speaking, I fear for his future. National disasters and death in office will mark his presidency if he is elected in 2008. Yet, greatness awaits his presidency in 2012 or 2016.

Predictions for 2008: Chapter 12
The Mother of All Presidencies or an Obama Nation?
(7 January 2008)

I am glad to report that destiny has modified the dangers to Obama personally and I can say the danger of death in office has passed.

Now, no matter how certain my oracle can be, these forecasts are not one-dimensional. If one studies the future deeply one eventually comes across many multiple destinies waiting out there. The forecaster becomes a “shopper” in a Cosmic Costco. Along many crowded shelves are alternative futures waiting for humanity to pull down and “buy” into with their present actions. As a futurist and predictor, my job is to sample equally how the objective evidence and trends play with more subjective, psychic insights. In short, I try to predict what an individual, a body of people identifying themselves as “Americans” might pull down from the shelf and buy as their political future from Cosmic Costco, America’s number one choice for Akashic Record store shopping.

In every destiny there is the engine of robotic, collective behavior that often pushes that destiny to its fulfillment. Lurking a little farther underneath the psychic surface are factors of risk that might even sabotage a powerful trend to fulfillment, such as was the case with US Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton. Twenty months and two days ahead of the 2008 Presidential Election that seemed to be a shoe-in for New York’s US Senator Clinton, I discovered her weak link. On 2 March 2007 I wrote and published the following:

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