Thursday, 18 October 2012

The First Presidential Debate, Romney versus Obama, the Skull and Bones Influence and Mabus


I have to catch a flight to Los Angeles later today and lead a workshop at the Conscious Life Expo at the LAX Hilton Hotel. Hope to see some of you there this weekend. Time constrains me to rush this blog out, pictured, conjectured, linked and loaded before I take my show to 35,000 feet and begin my final format proofing of my twentieth book, Nostradamus: The War with Iran – Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse.

Hogue at the Conscious Life Expo about 2012 and prophecy: 6-7 October 2012. Click on the picture for more information.

Today we are just one day shy of a month before the biggest story in forecasting, second only to 2012 Maya madness: who will be the President of the United States? As many of you know, 6 November 2012 will mark my 40-year anniversary of making presidential predictions by tuning into the popular vote. Since Nixon went after Humphrey in 1968, we have had 11 elections with the 12th before us. So far I am documented at 11 wins and 0 losses – including Al Gore winning in 2000 “by 500,000 popular votes”. Like I said, my oracle picks the winner by tuning into people’s choices – not their stupid 17th-century laws, such as the Electoral College, their trickster “Liars” (that’s what my meditation teacher, Osho used to call “Lawyers”) or their Supreme Court of fools in black drag who pick G.W. Bush over the man a majority of Americans chose as their president.

Anyway, I will save that rant for another article closer to Election Day when I explain how none of you who vote have ever voted for a president. You vote for people who elect presidents in a “college” unless the people you don’t vote for, nine Supreme Court justices, choose who the electors can pick for you as your president.

My choice for the 12th run at this crystal bollocking was made several weeks before Barack Obama was inaugurated for his first term. At the Conscious Life Expo on Saturday, George Noory, Coast to Coast AM’s host who is the host of the celebrity banquet, will no doubt ask me if my view has changed, or better, if another alternative destiny is in play. Back in January 2009, I told his North American audience of 20 million that Obama, if he survived his immaturity as a man not ready to be president in his first term, would win a second term in 2012 by 8.5 percent of the popular vote. That is .5 percent more people voting for him than the last time.

Boy did that fill my inbox with a lot of angry birds and tweets. Political predictions make you friends with neither side and too often the complaints of readers say more about what the reader wants to hear, wants to happen. Since the last presidential cycle mostly the Dumbopublican readers are incensed by my forecasts. After 2004 it was the Donkeycratic readers messing with the messenger for predicting and second term for G.W. Bush.

Today the Democrats are writing me full of anguish that their Blue State Messiah, their great Obamagogue was soundly defeated in Wednesday night’s presidential debate. President Obama, once again, revealed himself to be a man of destiny come to his destiny too soon, as I predicted in an article published in March 2007, nearly a year before he ran for office. Click on Obama. After all this time and all this corporate campaign money spent on his side as well as lavished on his opponent standing at the opposite podium, did Obama’s handlers not anticipate Governor Mitt Romney, the mutable Piscean fish, would unexpectedly change mental course, and with one shake of his pompadour noggin, erasing his right wing stance faster than you can say “etch-a-sketch” to morph into a purple conservative-eating, moderate Republican?

During the first debate, Romney had his eraser headed game face on. Obama, eyes black with smoldering anger, tried maintaining his fixed Leo Sun attitude looking down at his notes, looking peeved, looking tired, It appeared he would rather be sitting with the girls on ABC’s The View than mucking around with the Mitt flipping conservative-now-flopping-moderate Mormon. He missed one opportunity to slam-dunk the man red Republican cool-aid drinking factual myths that Mitt tossed out before 60 million Americans on TV. I mean, where was the retort to Romney’s quip about Big Bird and PBS losing their funding and jobs? Where was that missed zinger, like: “The Governor likes to fire people. Big Bird, you’re next.”

Where was the moment when Romney’s math, or his avoidance to actually detail his economic plans beyond sweeping bromides, demanded more than a shuffled grumble from Obama, face down, like a chastened child, about “arithmetic” issues? When was the President going to look up, point to Romney, look into the camera at 60 million Americans and say, “Enough’s enough! The American people need to know specifics. Why don’t you bring out the details, share them with the people, and explain why your plan is not adding 5 trillion dollars of debt over 10 years? I’m not sure you even have a plan. You keep talkin’ about plans, you keep saying ‘trust me, folks’ but at this late hour and in these difficult times, it is easy to be the one tearing down the incumbent president. People have heard enough of that. What they want to hear from you now are not more generalities. They want to know details. Their future might be in your hands. They want to see a consistency of values and beliefs, not this incontinent, flavor of the day, stuff. They want to know that you stand for something always and not just for the moment. Put down the etch-a-sketch Governor. They want to know which Romney is the real Romney!”

Ah… but you will not hear that from a passive aggressive personality and Romney’s handlers know it. They hit Obama right in his psychological blind spot, the same thing I psychologically profiled in articles in early 2007 and 2008 (click on Obama Nation) that indicated a passive-aggressive personality usually does not, a successful president, make.

Yet I foresee he will be president, if indeed he spends this last month before the election, wasting his first term in office learning how to be a president. One of his secret weapons against Romney is that we have had a moderate Republican president in office now for nearly four years. Obama, by political policy and persuasion in these right-leaning times is often as conservative and even more right wing than the Messiah of Dumbo, Hollywood’s Ronald Reagan.

Obama has been rightfully described as “the Democrat Reagan.”

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