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Comet Elenin Alignment September 26, 2011



I occasionally report or offer opinion slightly off-topic from this blog’s theme, as in the progress of Comet Elenin, of which I wrote a short ‘heads-up’ article or two awhile back. Given the enormous popularity of those articles by the curious ‘Elenin’ public (and the conspiracy minded and other folks), here is the latest short-n-sweet update for Comet Elenin.

First of all, it is widely reported that this comet has mostly broken up or evaporated as it rounded the Sun not long ago. It could be a ‘dud’ for those looking for a climatic experience…

However, the animated image above shows the apparent latest upcoming Elenin alignment. It looks like whatever still exists of Elenin will pass directly between the Earth and the Sun sometime during September 26, 2011 (Monday).

Also, since a comet’s ‘tail’ always points directly away from the Sun, whatever exists of Elenin’s tail will be pointed directly at the Earth during this alignment as well. Bear in mind that Elenin will be slightly above the Earth-Sun alignment during this alignment.

The gas tail of a comet will always point directly away from the Sun. The dust tail of a comet is typically slightly curved and trailing the comet’s orbit a bit… meaning that with regards to this particular alignment, Elenin’s dust tail will be pointed towards the Earth slightly afterwards. Having said that, for the Earth to be affected, the tail would have to reach from Elenin’s location all the way to the Earth (which will be quite a distance).

Of course, if the rumors are true that this thing is actually a pod of alien space ships or craft that was placed into a 26,000 year orbit during the last Mayan era when Earthlings had possibly reached very advanced technological capabilities – sent into the future then to warn us today or deliver some sort of message during this current go-around, then, all bets are off…

(Have you heard about all the disaster drills in Denver coming up soon, and that our President will be there during this approximate alignment? You know about the massive underground facilities under the Denver airport, right?)

I also enjoy Sci-Fi movies and novels, so don’t bust my chops for having fun with this, OK? :)

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