Monday, 26 September 2011

We Are Doomed!



Here’s the setup:

The ‘kid’ at the hardware store was not able to determine what 7 ¾ of an inch was (is)! This kid was attempting to cut a piece of glass for me, on a professional glass cutter apparatus which had a very nice and very clear measuring indicator – and he had no freakin clue about fractions of an inch! OMG, I could not believe it… but I had to, it was happening right in front of my eyes.

I went to our local ‘OSH’ Hardware store today to buy a piece of glass to repair a cracked pane in one of our windows. It’s one of those windows with triangle and diamond shape panes of glass. No big deal I said to myself… I made it easy for them at the hardware store and measured the length-by-width of a rectangular piece of glass that I would need in order to bring it home and then cut my own triangle with my hand-held glass cutter to fit the exact window pane.

Here’s the clue:

My first clue to the doom we are facing was that this kid looked like the stereotypical 20-something year old who had earphones inserted into his ears (one was out so that he could hear what the customer was saying), was wearing long shorts so low that his ass was hanging out as the shorts themselves were somehow barely hanging on while defying gravity and not falling to the floor…

My second clue was the ‘distant’ look in his eyes – the dull look (as in, not sharp or attentive).

My third clue was when he actually said to me that he wasn’t sure where to line up the ’3/4′ inches on the measuring device… He could figure out the ’7′ inches, but not the fraction. Right there, I turned around and looked at my wife in utter disbelief at the future of our world…

This ‘kid’ was clearly in his 20′s, was hired by a ‘hardware’ store, and had no freaking clue about how to read fractions of an inch. Well Ladies and Gentlemen…………. WE’RE DOOMED!

I knew how to read fractions of an inch before I was a teenager for goodness sakes! Are you kidding me? Given that a zillion people are out of work right now, are you telling me that the best that OSH Hardware can get is some 20-something year old that can’t read a tape measure?

I see this type of example more and more and more and more these days… I’m not that old (barely 50) and I just can’t believe what I’ve been seeing the past 10 years of our up and coming generation. I know I’m making a huge generalization and I apologize to those of you in that age group who have managed to get a proper ‘real world’ education and know how to read a tape measure…

End of Message

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