Friday, 1 June 2012

Memorial Day for Jesus Christ


I write this on the eve of the long Memorial Day Weekend. It is a national holiday when Americans commemorate the fallen in all their wars. Many of these men fought and died killing other men who were fellow Christians and adversaries consumed in the meat grinder of battle often uttering prayers for victory to the same Jesus Christ before lips grew pale and cold and they were interred in fields marked by Christian gravestone crosses as a common fate.

Out of love and compassion for them, I turn my meditation upon a deeper loss. My Memorial Day weekend is dedicated to the burial of a true master under the tombstone wherein a false name is inscribed.

I anticipate this article will be a test for many a reader – after I have delivered the following response to a certain Christian evangelist named “Tom” – to see if they will ever return to the pages of

Tom wrote the following invitation. Please note that the correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization and inserts are mine to make his “offer” of salvation readable at least. I believe either reading articles or reading my book about Nostradamus’ unique take on the coming of the Antichrist in our times inspired it. You can read an overview of the book by clicking on: Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named MABUS.

Who is Mabus, the Third and Final Antichrist foreseen by Nostradamus?

John, the answers you seek are in the world of Christ. Why are you looking half way around the world? Release the preconceived ideas that have been placed in your mind your entire life. The answers are pieces of the great cosmic Christian jigsaw puzzle. Once one good piece of the puzzle is understood, many others will fall in to place as if by magic. If you cannot change your approach, you will be looking for Mabus [Nostradamus’ code name for his Third and Final Antichrist for] another 25 years.

Dear Tom,
Thank you for caring. Understand that the following from beginning to end is sent to you in love. Just remember while reading it that any other negative feeling you may experience from absorbing these words other than that compassionate love, is coming from your side, not mine. (That also goes for anyone else reading this letter to Tom):


I have never looked “half way around the world”. I ever look, this moment, right here and right “now” for truth. Where else can truth be if it is not an undiscovered country within me, waiting to be explored, renewed each moment and understood?

There is no “Christ” to find but a far better truth to free. Your “Christian jigsaw puzzle” is a Ouija board of canonized bunk burying your beloved master and redeemer with the borrowed dirt of mind.

A consumer of faith ends up seeing an authentic inquiry into the mystery of this great Creation and its Creator consumed by conversion to a body, a corporation of canon law. When you buy into Big Business religion your soul is sold, outsourced to a state of retardation of the human spiritual quest for true understanding.

Tom, that is what organized religion is: a dead end that you buy into. Yours is one of many corporate religions with its board of directors from Vatican to superchurches peddling a line of product prophets. You bought into the Corpus Corporate Christi Religion, yet all multinational fundamentalist religions corrupt and retard individual spiritual inquiry. They induce you to believe that your full stop in spiritual progress inside their religion “store” is a final arrival to salvation. This purchased belief closes a transaction that only an unconsciously motivated act of retail ignorance can buy. The high price you pay is that of converting just another ignorant customer wholesale to a belief system. You are now under contract not to question this belief otherwise you will be thrown out on your own, like the “heretic” – the name derived from an ancient Middle Eastern term for a black sheep that wanders astray from the herd of believers.

Believers are consumers of the qualified ignorance of such mafias of the soul, whatever name is plastered on their shop, be it an advertisement for Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, Jewish, Sikh, Pagan, New Age, Theist or Atheist brands for sale.

In your case, Tom, you walked through the door of a shop peddling a whole load of goods called “Christianity.” This early cult start-up in two millennia became the dominant religion of the Piscean Age.

A religious cult is nothing more than a new business competing in the religious marketplace. If it can convert enough of the market share to go mainstream, putting its stock for sale on the DOW-de-Ching Industrial Exchange of belief systems, it gains holy caché and political clout.

A cult becomes a religion when it attains mainstream political power. Christianity gained religion stock status when the fourth-century Emperor Constantine the Great required and received endorsement of Christian leaders in his civil war with other usurpers for the Imperial Roman throne. Ever the political animal, Constantine remembered his “friends” and legalized the Cult of Christianity as a legal “religion.”

Afterwards, ever the great Roman organizer and Romanizer, Constantine made a religious corporate merger. He melded upstart Christianity into the other monotheistic mainstream religion of Rome, his own pagan faith called Sol Invictus.

Much of what you presume as fundamentally “Christian” actually does not come from the Jew who preached the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Key elements in Christianity’s identity are derivatives coming from Emperor Constantine’s golden rule: “Those who have the gold, rule.”

While he was alive Constantine believed he fulfilled the Second Coming of Christ in “his” name. The Christian fathers did not complain nor resist his forming up a corporate Christian religion at a board meeting better known as his Council of Nicaea in 325 c.e. That is when he helped launch big business in Jesus worship with tithes and indulgences. In addition, this corporation attained to every greedy billionaire’s most cherished dream: a monopoly free of regulation and taxes. If today corporations can become people, Corpus Christi Corp long ago did one better: it became “God”.

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