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Ray Bradbury, Venus Transit 2012 and the Next Mega Crisis



Ray Bradbury had a passion for supporting libraries. It was in such a place that I first met him. The meeting changed my life.

Ray Bradbury
Science Fiction Prophet
Dies at Age 91
During the Venus Transit

(DATELINE 7 June 2012) Ray Bradbury died during the Venus Transit (5 June 2012) at age 91. I cannot think of a timelier day to pass away for a man born under the golden, sunny sign of Leo while a goddess patron planet of the arts transited across the solar shine. Not only was he a giant in the Science Fiction field, but also he was, in my estimation, a prophet. This was especially so when it comes to his dystopian classic Fahrenheit 451, which I would argue resembles our current times more that Orwell’s 1984.

We have become a technologically advanced society that is losing its heart, its literary intelligence. We let it drain our souls. We stare at flat screen, wall-sized televisions watching pabulum. Ray Bradbury had foreseen that and much more, way back in three evolutions of Fahrenheit 451: first in a short story called Bright Phoenix in 1947, then a longer novella called The Fireman in 1951. I loved hearing him tell the story about how he evolved the story’s last evolution as a novel about a fireman in a future society that burns books yet dares to read the forbidden, and fine, print.

A first edition of "Fahrenheit 451", a work of dystopian prophecy most resembling our times.

He brought it into the world in 1953 through the mechanical midwife of a typewriter for rent at ten cents per 30 minutes. Armed with change, he frenetically banged 47,000 words out of that cranky, key encrusted step exerciser for his thick fingers as fast as he could in a race against time and dwindling dimes, fed into that thoroughly pummeled machine, bolted to a table in the basement of UCLA’s Lowell Library.

Ray was much more to me than an inspiring author. I got to know him personally as my first literary mentor. I believe it was either the end of 1975 or early 1976 when I first met him. He had come to speak at my local Palos Verdes Library in California, when I happened to be there researching my first difficult attempts to write a novella. He went on to personally read and critique that story.

I will be gathering as soon as I can my recollections of Ray to be posted on the website. It will include a comic and non-fiction “horror” story: the day I almost scared him to death at his front door. Ray loved horror stories and he loved my telling of this incident ten years later when I sent him a copy of my first published book Nostradamus and the Millennium which had become an international best seller, thanks in no small part to his feedback, wisdom and positive support.

A scene from the 1960s movie version of "Fahrenheit 451" when the "book lady" chooses to die with her books as the firemen burned them. It was produced and directed by Francois Truffaut, starring Oscar Werner and Julie Christie. This movie also included Bernard Hermann's most haunting movie score. I wonder if Bradbury had put in a good word about Hermann, because he wrote the score to another favorite movie for both of us, the cinematic adaptation of Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead." Bradbury told me he thought Truffaut's ending to "451" was superior to his. I love both endings. The moment I read the ending of his novel when in my mid-teens, I was profoundly moved. I suddenly knew that I must become a writer. He helped me make that dream come true.

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Now to the Venus transit prophecies posted 5 June 2012:


Photo of the last Venus transit of the Sun in 2004 seen at sunset, with the silouhette of fishers and pelicans. Venus is the black dot on the right of the Sun.

A Lunar Eclipse
Venus Transit of the Sun
Celebration of Life
And windows for Earthquakes

(DATELINE: 5 June 2012) There was a lunar eclipse on 4 June when the Uranus-Pluto square tightens from 2 to 1 degree orb. The following day, today in fact, Venus will conjoin with the Sun in Gemini making a rare and portentous transit across the Sun’s surface, visible to Earth telescopes. It will not do it again until the 22nd century in the year 2117.

The conjunction of the Sun and Venus is a day to renew one’s harmonic connection to the music of life as invisibly pulsating from the music of Venusian-Solar sphere. The Sun is the ruler of the personal ego. Venus is ruler of relationships and love, music and arts. The two together conjoined most rarely and exactly on 5 June grant us a window on that day to enhance aesthetic self-expression and beauty. For me, I wrote this opening few paragraphs on the Venus transit listening the beautiful music of Dmitri Shostakovich’s first movement (Allegro) of his Piano Concerto No. 2 in F minor. I share it with you. The climactic harmonic release at minute 4:08 to 4:46 launches me blissfully away (to Venus :-) ).

Dmitri Shostakovich in 1949 with son Maxim (left) and daughter Galina (right).

Venusian joy of this day helped me sing out and tape the basic sketch to a second “cruising” movement to the Motorcycle Concerto I am composing in collaboration with Talia Toni Marcus. Celebrate today the blessing of life and carry it into the rest of what is going to be a very intense month where social harmony crashes into anti-social resistance in some dicey and challenging aspects in the intellectual sign of the Gemini Sun.

The lunar eclipse will probably have more to do with earthquakes in relationships in the parliaments and capitals of Europe than in quakes, though I do not rule out June through July’s exact 8 degree Uranus-Pluto square making for some of 2012’s worst volcanic and seismic upheavals. Watch also for August through September around the time of 3 July (Full Moon) and 19 July (New Moon); 2 August (Full) and 17 August (New) plus a rare double, or “blue,” August Full Moon (31 August). Then look out for September’s New Moon on 15 September and a bitter harvest Full Moon for 29 September.

My e-Almanac of prophecies for the year 2012 is the most astrologically based of any published so far because there are so many pertinent and history changing aspects, especially starting now and up to and through 21 December 2012 when people might think they should don their best Maya ascension robes like Millerites. If you are a reader of HogueProphecy and wish to understand and prepare for the second half of 2012, now is the time to get a copy of my Prophecies for 2012. It is affordable and your purchase is needed to keep flourishing, thanks.

(Another piece of music for this Venus eclipse of the Sun day – tender and lyrical – is the Andante from the same 2nd Piano Concerto. It expresses the deep love of a father for his son. When I write to all of you, I often play such pieces in the background. This is for all of you. To listen to it, click on Shostakovich.

Now back to the blog posted 3 June:


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