Thursday, 15 November 2012

Superstorm Sandy, Climate Change, a Global Warming Pearl Harbor and Nostradamus 2012


Mayor Bloomberg of New York City and Governor Cuomo of New York State, both became converts to Hurricane Sandy being a symptom of Global Warming, and declared as much to the nation in press conferences in the aftermath of what will go down as the most expensive natural disaster in US history.

In Chinese the word “catastrophe” is represented by two characters representing “disaster” and “possibility”. Superstorm Sandy is such a catastrophe. The Category One hurricane that grew 1,000 miles wide before it mated with a winter storm over the northern Atlantic seaboard states to become a perfect superstorm may be the first of many “Pearl Harbor” moments that shock the people of the United States in a positive way, to take the attack of Mother Nature and global warming seriously.

As I stated in the previous article (click on Hurricane Sandy) Mother Nature is at war with human stupidity, a kind of glacial lack of forward progress towards awakening to what we habitually have been doing to the climate and ecological balance of the planet. Before there were so many of us we did not need to worry too much about what our usurpation of ocean and stream or rape of the forests might do the our world. There was always another greener pasture to mow to desert sands by overgrazing. There was always another new river, lake or ocean to overfish and dump our poisons into. The glaciers we melt with our CO2 emissions from the onset of the Industrial Revolution to today’s highest increase of such fossil fuel farting (an average increase of 3.2 percent per annum since 2010) may have inundated our coastlines already with an extra foot of ocean in the last century. The gas will go on melting the ice caps and glaciers inundating three to seven feet more by this century’s end, but hey! Look at opportunity knocking.

Think of what glacier retreat and permafrosted plains thawing has exposed for our mining and minting of more trillions of dollars!

More oil, natural gas, methane and coal!

The great tundra supervolcano that is the melting arctic steppe lands of Russia, Canada and Alaska spews its invisible plume of methane, once strapped by the ice, to speed up all forecasts of rising oceans happening much sooner than later, but we will drill for more greenhouse gas products anyway. We will harvest it in record breaking CO2 belching annual levels to satisfy short-term greed, and thus shorten the time oceans will rise.

I predict that we are on course now, at this current fossil fuel boom to frack up and jack up global warmed ocean rise three to seven feet in the next 20 years, not 80 years. I am foreseeing the kind of inundations that by the next decade will flood the world’s harbors, shut down commerce and perhaps be responsible for the great global famine forecasted by Nostradamus visualizing humanity becoming baby eating cannibals with a die-off of two out of every three of us

There is shockingly good news to tell you.

I will present that news declaring something many of you haven’t heard anywhere else that is equally shocking.

I want to thank you, Superstorm Sandy!

Thank you for upending millions of people from leaders in our US capital with their heads otherwise high and dry in a place where the light of climate crisis never shines in Washington DC, all the way to the fossil fuel based economy’s capital of the world: New York City.

Thank you Sandy for destroying Jersey Shore!

Thank you for burning down neighborhoods in outer bank islands of Queens.

Bless you for placing empty fuel barges left high and dry on the beaches of Staten Island.

Thank you for drowning the New York Subway system.

Bless you for becoming what I predict will be the most costly US natural disaster in history!

Sandy! You are a blessing in disguise.

You are a “Pearl Harbor” moment for America and the world.

A splash of cold storm surge water in our faces, a grave of beach sand burying our dead, a hot breath of global warming awareness set to melt a human glacial stupidity about our part in stabilizing the Earth and its ecosystem and climate.

I long awaited you, Sandy. I welcome the other “Sandy’s”, the other “Pearl Harbor” shocks coming to America and the world that might awaken the sleeping giant of American creativity and industry just like the Japanese attack accidentally did on 7 December 1941.

Back then, Americans were stuck in an economic Depression. The surprise attack on the US Pacific Fleet docked at Pearl Harbor awoke Ameri-can’ts. In four short years, they became AmeriCANs, defeating the Axis Alliance, winning the Second World War, then going on from one ascendant decade to the next, rebuilding Europe with the Marshal Plan, waging economic war and defeating the Soviet hegemon in the Cold War. We reached for the stars. We reached to the Moon and created the longest period of prosperity in human history.

That is what Ameri-CANs can do when someone bombs the USS Arizona and it blows to bits.

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