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Thursday, July 21, 2011: (St. Lawrence of Brindisi)
Jesus said: “My people, you remember when the people in the desert complained about the manna that they received without any meat. (Numbers 21:4-9) They were sent seraph serpents as a punishment for grumbling against God’s gift of bread. They then asked Moses to take away the serpents. He was instructed to make a pole with a bronze serpent and he held it up in front of the people. All those, who were bitten by the serpents, had to look on the bronze serpent, and they were healed. This is another prefigure of Me in the Exodus because I am the greatest Healer, better than all of your modern science. When I was on the earth, I healed the sick, cured the blind, and even raised some people from the dead as Lazarus. This putting a bronze serpent up on a pole is symbolic of how I was held up on a cross as a sacrifice for all of your sins. This healing of souls is even more important than just healing the body. My healing of people reached out to heal the whole person, both body and soul. I also have been preparing My people to come to My refuges of protection during the tribulation. I will place My luminous cross in the sky over all of My refuges, and when My faithful look upon My cross, they will be healed of all of their health problems. This will be a much better treatment than any of your doctors could perform. Give praise and glory to Me for taking care of you at all times.”

Prayer Group:
Jesus said: “My people, this vision of men walking as soldiers and carrying candles represents My faithful who are My ‘Soldiers of Christ’. When you received the Holy Spirit in your Confirmation, you were graced with His gifts to inspire you to be evangelists of My Word. My faithful can live holy lives and give example to others how to live a good Christian life. There are many distractions and evils in this world, and you need My help and the power of the Spirit to overcome them. Keep faithful to loving Me and loving your neighbor as yourself.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen wars in the Middle East before, but these current uprisings of the Muslim Brotherhood seem directed at removing all the heads of state in the Muslim countries. This uprising has been funded by the one world people who are secretly conducting these war plans with the intention of disrupting world oil supplies. If this plan is carried out in Saudi Arabia, there could be a created world oil shortage that could raise the price of oil to twice today’s price. Pray that these hostilities could be brought to an end so there could be peace in this area.”

Jesus said: “My people, many of the one world people worship the devil and they take their orders from him for all the evil being brought on this world. Much of the occult influence is led by the devil and people worship Satan in their black masses and even various gods are worshiped at Bohemian Grove. Money to sponsor the culture of death helps support abortion, euthanasia, viruses, and even wars. I am more powerful than all of these evil ones and their plans. Call on My help to support those who struggle to protect life.”

Jesus said: “My people, your Congress and your President have had many months to come to a compromise agreement on cutting your deficits and raising your debt limit to pay for your bills. All that you have seen is nothing but grandstanding each side’s positions, but with no substance of an agreement in sight. Even with various deadlines of risking defaults or a downgrading of your Treasury Bonds are not changing Congress’ actions. Many in Congress are playing with a dangerous destruction of your economy. Pray that the necessary decisions are made to keep your country from falling into default.”

Jesus said: “My people, this new national health plan will cost billions of dollars to implement and it could take away care from some elderly that some committees could even ration who could live and who should die. Implementing chips in the body was in the initial bill, and I have warned My people not to take any chips in the body where people could control your mind. Once these authorities try to implement mandatory chips in the body, it will be time to call on Me to have your angels lead you to the protection of My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, your novena prayers to St. Anne are being heard as you pray for your petitions. Your trip to the Shrine of St. Anne is very fitting to the end of your novena. Many graces will be poured out on all those who are making this pilgrimage. Pray for a safe trip as I will send My angels to protect you from any harm.”

Jesus said: “My son, today is the 18th anniversary of the beginning of your messages. I have enabled you to receive My messages in your locutions after Communion and at Adoration of My Eucharist. I have also helped you in distributing My messages in your books, on the internet, and at your speaking engagements. You have been faithful to Me over these years, and you have traveled many places to preach My message and bring souls to conversion. Remember to guard your peace and keep faithful to your prayer life.”

"A Trillion Here, a Trillion There..." Redux


For a truly frightening look at the mess the Washington spending machine has created, have a look at these:

From the Washington Post:

"New Estimate of U.S. War Costs: $4 Trillion"

Amid a growing debate over how to bring down the government’s debt, a new study has concluded that U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan has cost up to $4 trillion over the past decade.
The study, by the nonpartisan Eisenhower Research Project based at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies, also estimates that at least 225,000 people, including civilians, troops and insurgents, have died as a result of the conflicts. Of that number, an estimated 6,000 were uniformed U.S. military personnel.
Pentagon spending accounts for only half of the budgetary costs incurred and represents a fraction of the full economic cost of the wars, according to the study. Among other line items, the study’s contributors — more than 20 economists, political scientists and other experts — estimate federal obligations to care for past and future veterans will eventually total $600 billion to $950 billion.
The estimates are based on reports from the Congressional Budget Office, the Congressional Research Service and myriad other sources.
The $4 trillion estimate could be fodder for lawmakers increasingly concerned that the United States can ill-afford to maintain a large military presence in Afghanistan.
The study’s authors say that’s a debate worth having.

And from [red highlights mine]:


To paraphrase the words generally attributed to the late Senator Everett Dirksen: "A trillion here, a trillion there, and pretty soon you're talking real money."

Why drag your feet on efficiency investments?


Invest in the safest investment!

This post is short and sweet, but is an intro into something I’ve explored in the past and I am continuing to explore: Why do people drag their feet when it comes to investments in energy efficiency? My day job revolves around selling energy efficiency projects to commercial and industrial users, and many times the projects are delayed for no good reason..even when they are cash flow positive if financed! Can you name many investments that are almost zero risk that are cash flow positive from day one that investors drag their feet on?

To make it easy for you, I wrote a quick calculator to compare home energy efficiency investments vs. investing in the stock market.

I love this quote from a paper written for a publication of NEMA and featured on Energy Star, “Energy Efficiency is a Good Business Decision, Especially Now!”:

In the end, a decision not to install more efficient energy equipment and implement related energy-saving measures is a decision to continue paying higher utility bills

So why do you think many people drag their feet on energy efficient investments? I know the main reason is just pure ignorance and how complicated some energy systems are, but what are others?

Comet Elenin – Is it Time to Head for the Hills?


Comet Elenin - Is it Time to Head for the Hills?Tuesday, July 5, 2011
Chat Room + Call In

PANEL: Ed Douglas, Richard Goodwin and Aaron Sanning of the, Comet Elenin Research Team

Comet Elenin will soon enter a phase where it can only be observed by spaceborn solar observatories such as Stereo B. Does this mean “out of sight, out of mind” as the old axiom goes? Not likely, as this is an ongoing story that continues to worry many.

To address these concerns, the Planet X Town Hall Comet Elenin Research team returns with an update on current developments and trends. The following will be discussed:

The hot question for the team is will NASA release Stereo B images of Comet Elenin? So be sure to tune in for what will certainly be a fast-paced, information rich program. GO

Mass Premonitions for July 2011 and Comet Elenin


If you read my nearly 2,000 comments from readers logged mostly in the last year alone, you will find a theme of collective concern on record. As the disaster-ridden month of June draws down and prescience draws its breath before gazing into the augur’s bowl of water to divine through hydromancy, what trembling images will project upon the surface for July. I wish to address this concern.

Michelle had this to share in the comments page of my last blog, click on Afghanistan.

Something doesn’t feel right, at all, for July… I do not know what will be brewing in that particular month, but it really terrifies me. I am having trouble sleeping again, in just thinking on it. On some days I almost feel like I am in a race with a giant event of some kind, looming over the horizon, or stark panic, hidden just beyond those self-encouraging thoughts. But mere thoughts cannot hold back what seems intent on manifesting…

Many readers report this collective feeling. I think these feelings are unique for our times because humanity itself is undergoing a global existential crisis. Our civilization is under threat from perpetuating our own fossilized traditions and stupid habits. The point of collapse for human and ecological sustainability is on the horizon. It is coming no later than the 2020s, but I think it is coming sooner. Already I have identified the year 2011 as one where alarms of unsustainable behavior begin ringing in food, weather and population sustainability. Humanity must now grow up. The world cannot long endure our immaturity much longer and is beginning to heat us, rain us, wind us, flood us and ultimately shake us off her back if we don’t change our collectively unconscious ways.

In the last blog I opened a channel to my readers to leave comments defining what they think is Disaster Number Six for what I have begun to call the Year of 12 Disasters — one major catastrophe each month.

A quick review:

The Year of 12 Disasters: Keeping Score for June

Up to the mid-point of 2011, we had cleanly clocked one major national or politically regional changing disaster per month. With May it started to become more difficult to choose only one a month. June is crowded with candidates. Let us review each month:

January: Australian flood inundating Queensland.

February: Arab Spring Revolutions in Egypt lead to Libyan Civil War.

March: Japanese superquake and tsunami.

April: Killer tornado outbreaks in the US South.

May: Historic river floods on the Mississippi then the Missouri Rivers.

June: It is hard to pick one, there are so many. There was the eruption of one of the worst fire seasons in the US Southwest and Southeast in June that includes the Wallow Fire, the greatest in Arizona’s recorded history. My pick is a fire and smoke maker of another kind, the Chilean volcanic eruption sending an ash cloud twice around the Southern Hemisphere, disrupting air flights in and out of Australia and New Zealand for weeks.

Certainly, June had other alarms to ring awake humanity to a world it is tampering with that no longer will tolerate it. We have the lingering nuclear disaster brewing in Fukushima Japan. A huge, wind whipped fire threatens the nuclear laboratory at Los Alamos, New Mexico where a lot of nuclear materials are stacked in drums in the open air. Floods along the Missouri threaten the Fort Calhoun nuclear reactor near Wichita, Nebraska. This same reactor had its water coolant pumps shut down for 90 minutes on 7 June, (click on Anthony Wiener). A no fly zone was initiated by the government with the lame excuse that it protected people from flying high over the flood waters, despite the fact that Fort Calhoun’s nuclear installation was cited as the problem, not the whole Missouri flood plain.

Yesterday (Sunday, 26 June 2011), one of the inflatable dikes around the plant collapsed letting in flood waters. The government spokesmen said there was no problem. The next day (27 June 2011), they admit the reactor’s water coolant system is once again on backup generators. Anyway, Gary on 25 June, two days before the dike deflated, called the Missouri flood June’s number one disaster with a little Ice Age chaser:

John my pick is the extreme flooding of the [Missouri] River. This is largely being caused by the melting of the record setting snow pack. I don’t believe it is global warming. The needed sun blocking and but the beginning of a new ice age.

[HOGUE: and but????! Well that sentence made no sense, Gary. I will have to fix it in my full reply, now the rest of your comment:]

The extreme volcanism is supposed to be the part that brings the needed sun blocking and moisture from unferwater [underwater?] volcanoes.

Belief has nothing to do with facts, Gary. I will go into why climate change denial is a symptom of another sign of the end of a civilization as we have known it when I get to Kercelia’s comment below. What I will explain here is that record-braking snowfall is EXACTLY evidence of global warming. A generally heating up world atmosphere retains more moisture. Moisture is the gas that drives more violent energy in weather. Scientists have often forecast, based on extrapolating their evidence, that the first stages of a warming climate change would visit record breaking snowfall in winter with record breaking fires and floods in the spring and summer. So, it looks like we are well on our way to a warming climate change cascade.

Now, to volcanic eruptions blocking the Sun’s rays causing warming to cease (I guess that is what you were trying to write.) They have to be big. Really big, like the eruption of a magnitude seen in prehistoric times at the end of the Cretaceous Era, such as the Deccan Traps. These were a series of volcanic eruptions near present day Mumbai, India, spanning a period of 30,000 years creating a 123,000-cubic mile pool of lava the size of half the Indian Subcontinent.

Other than that, eruptions at best can only press upon us ash cloud induced ice ages only a few months or a few years in duration. Even a super volcanic eruption like that expected someday in the Yellowstone region might cause a Nuclear Winter style ice age, with dust and ash clouds blocking out the sun for 6 months to a few years. Catastrophic as that would be, it would not cause a return of a lingering 100,000-year long Ice Age. Indeed, once the heaviest elements of ash filter out of the skies the sulfuric compounds and other green house gases left behind, as aerosols will stay far longer aloft trapping the suns rays inside the atmosphere even more efficiently, causing a spike in global warming.

The Mount Pinatubo’s eruption in 1991 is a prime example of this. Because of the volcanic plume, we had a general cooling of the climate for several years during the 1990s. However, as I accurately predicted back then, once the sun’s rays were no longer blocked by thin ash clouds, the lighter invisible compounds floating in the high atmosphere did generate a climate changing, global warming spike in 1998 and word temperatures have been spiking on ever since.

Here was that prediction published in 1994:

Although the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo (June 1991) has cooled off the world temperatures for the mid-90s the heat is on with a vengeance by 1998. With this interpretation in mind we can expect a wave of global droughts by July 1998. From that time onward global warming steadily kicks in disrupting weather patterns and the movement of climate conditions needed to grow grain.

Nostradamus: The New Revelations,
Chapter 14, The Apocalypse of Gaya, p. 215

Kercelia contributed another angle of collective foreboding about something wicked this way soon coming only this time coming from a collective socially degenerative source:

I think that people are so out of tune with what is really happening due to a constant need to be entertained. Everything these days seems to be in competition as to what is the most outrageous. With the advent of round-the-clock entertainment via the TV and other media, people just don’t care what’s happening as long as they are being entertained.

This is a symptom of civilization’s just before they collapse. They idle away the last momentum they have left in distractions and entertainment. Look at Rome and its insatiable lust for blood letting of people and animals in the Coliseum.

The 18th-century Ancien Regime of France (the French kings and aristocratic class) sought distractions rather than sorted out looming problems. The movie Dangerous Liaisons presents that quite accurately. Even Louis XV predicted that his successor would see the Deluge that he neither could prevent nor cared to prevent, degenerating, as was his moribund culture of entitlement. Thus he dead-handed over the crown to his grandson, Louis XVI, who along with his family and many a French aristocrat went to the guillotine during the French Revolution.

A predilection to disconnect from realities and pressing challenges is a symptom of the end of cultures coming to their full entropy. Denial of realities, white washing them with a darling, politically correct euphemism climate change is just another Maria Antoinette moment.

"Let them eat cake..." A still from the movie "Marie Anoinette".

When Louis XVI’s Austrian born and publicly unpopular queen was told of famine and bread riots spreading across France with the inherent danger to the monarchy’s stability overlooked, she shrugged her powdered bejeweled shoulders and said, “Let them eat cake!”

Our global civilization in a state of entropy has its “let them eat cake” term for global warming. It is “climate change”.

The euphemism puts us at ease with some sweet but factually white washing frosting spread to decorate and make palatable what is soon to cascade in increasing mean temperature rises around the world because of the unbridled increase of human manufactured pollution.

Now we turn to a comment left by Becky. She is watching the mounting seismic activity in the Pacific Rim (AKA the Ring of Fire). She is tying that into potential food sustainability problems that for me echo the bread lines of 18th-century Paris and a doomed-in-denial queen who eventually had to eat her “let them eat cake” words a few years later with a blood chaser foaming out of her own severed head falling in a basket.

There seems to be a build up for another massive quake in the northern part of the ring of fire. There was a 6.7 in Japan a few days ago followed by a 7.2 in the Aleutian chain. The ring [of fire] is having a doozey of a conversation. How are our food stores going to hold up?

I would say the time has long appeared to store food and water for many reasons, not only breakdowns that might happen because of earthquakes. This is a good time to review and add to some of my predictions concerning violent earth and climate changes logged shortly after the great quake and tsunami in Japan last March.

My oracle gave me the message that the Philippines would be among the next hit. An eruption did take place on the island of Luzon but nothing yet to match the scale my oracle intended; however, it was correct about a powerful aftershock hitting Christchurch. Here is the quote:

My oracle predicts the danger would be moving south of Honshu Island into the equatorial or southern hemispheric areas. Be prepared in Kyushu Island (Japan), Okinawa (Japan), the Philippines, Indonesia, all the way south to Christchurch for more strong aftershocks in New Zealand after that devastating quake several weeks ago. (Click on Japanese Tsunami for the full article.)

Christchurch suffered a 5.5 and a powerful 6.0 temblor on 13 June knocking out power to 50,000 homes. As for the Philippines, I might have misread the message and would like for the record to amend my prediction. The quake off the Honshu coast of Japan may have pressed added pressure to the collision point between the Philippine and Japanese tectonic plates where they meet just south of the mouth of Tokyo Harbor. The recent 6.7 aftershock is just another pressurizing nudge. Most tectonic scientists are far more concerned that a second quake my unhinge the mouth of Tokyo Bay, sending a catastrophic quake and tsunami rolling into the world’s most populous city. Such quakes have been responsible in the past for shaking Mt Fuji wide black-ash-cloud-eyed awake. This could happen in July but is more likely to happen later in September or November. I will explain below.

Il messaggio alle nazioni è: non dividete la terra!


Il capitolo 3 di Gioele è un messaggio rivolto a Israele e la Chiesa a risvegliarsi in attesa del ritorno del Signore, ma contiene anche un avvertimento per le nazioni della terra a considerare le conseguenze derivanti dalle scelte sulla spartizione della terra di Israele. Alla fine dei tempi, infatti, l’Onnipotente giudicherà qualunque nazione che sarà coinvolta in questo tentativo.

In Gioele 3:2 il Signore dice:

“Io adunerò tutte le nazioni,
e le farò scendere nella valle di Giosafat.
Là le chiamerò in giudizio
a proposito della mia eredità, il popolo d’Israele,
che esse hanno disperso tra le nazioni,
e del mio paese, che hanno spartito fra di loro”.

La pressione internazionale esercitata su Israele per la spartizione della terra continua a crescere dopo il discorso di Obama del maggio scorso, durante il quale il presidente americano ha lanciato la proposta di ritiro unilaterale di Israele entro i confini del 1967. Fin dalla guerra dei sei giorni, quasi tutti gli esponenti internazionali di spicco (tra cui i vari presidenti Usa) hanno fatto pressione su Israele per costringerlo a rinunciare a porzioni significative della sua preziosa terra in Giudea, in Samaria e nelle alture del Golan, allo scopo di creare uno stato sovrano palestinese e per ingraziarsi la Siria.

A questo punto, il piano di Obama forzerebbe Israele a concessioni totali, alla divisione di Gerusalemme e al ritorno entro confini indifendibili. Ciò sarebbe un grave errore, perché metterebbe a rischio la sicurezza nazionale dello stato ebraico. Ma soprattutto, sarebbe una diretta violazione delle Sacre Scritture. Cosa, questa, che attirerebbe il giudizio di Dio sugli Stati Uniti e su tutte le nazioni coinvolte in questo processo.

Storicamente, sappiamo che le nazioni hanno ripetutamente diviso la terra di Israele. Profeticamente, sappiamo che lo continueranno a fare fino al giorno in cui il Signore ritornerà. Non potremmo mai impedire che le nazioni non commettano simili errori di proporzioni bibliche, tuttavia, possiamo metterle in guardia, perchè il giudizio è decretato.

La Bibbia dice che negli ultimi tempi Israele avrebbe affrontato minacce militari di grosse proporzioni e che lo stato ebraico sarebbe stato isolato a livello internazionale a motivo della sua particolare elezione.

Nei prossimi mesi le Nazioni Unite prenderanno in considerazione la proposta unilaterale della nascita dello stato palestinese entro i confini sovrani di Israele. Per molti questa è una mossa giusta, per noi, invece, si tratta di disubbidienza al volere di Dio. Scelta questa, che se dovesse passare, non proseguirebbe senza conseguenze.

Tutto ha inizio dal rifiuto di accettare che il ritorno in massa del popolo ebraico nella terra promessa abbia luogo per espressa volontà di Dio.

“Infatti ecco, in quei giorni, in quel tempo,
quando ricondurrò dall’esilio quelli di Giuda e di Gerusalemme”.

(Gioele 3:1).

Sì, è vero, il popolo ebraico sta ritornato alla propria patria ancora nelle sue infedeltà, perchè è la che il Signore ha promesso di purificarlo e di stabilire il suo patto con loro (Ezechiele 36). Ciononostante, il ristabilimento di Eretz Israel (terra d’Israele), annunciato dai profeti dell’antico testamento, è un segno per le nazioni in questi ultimi tempi.

Ora Dio invita le nazioni della terra a considerare attentamente il suo piano riguardo Israele.

Accostatevi, nazioni, per ascoltare!
Voi, popoli, state attenti!
Ascolti la terra con ciò che la riempie,
il mondo con tutto ciò che produce!
Poiché il Signore è indignato contro tutte le nazioni… Poiché è il giorno della vendetta del Signore,
l’anno della retribuzione per la causa di Sion. (Isaia 34:1,2,8)

Questo è il piano deciso contro tutta la terra;
questa è la mano stesa contro tutte le nazioni.
Il Signore degli eserciti ha fatto questo piano; chi potrà frustrarlo?
La sua mano è stesa; chi gliela farà ritirare?

«Che il Signore ha fondato Sion
e che in essa gli afflitti del suo popolo trovano rifugio». (Isaia 14:26,27,32)

Ancora non vediamo Sion esser un luogo di pace e rifugio, eppure questo accadrà. E’ promesso. Questo piano divino non potrà essere ostacolato nemmeno dalle nazioni più ribelli, perchè il Signore ha promesso di stabilire Sion e di riportare il popolo ebraico nella sua terra. Di fronte a questa prospettiva, le nazioni sono chiamate a prendere posizione.

Nel libro, Lo tsunami di Dio – capire Israele e la profezia sugli ultimi tempi, lo scrittore Peter Tsukahira dichiara:

Dio sta servendosi del piccolo Israele per tracciare una linea sulla sabbia e attirare tutti i popoli nella valle delle decisioni. Egli richiede dal mondo una risposta e una presa di posizione riguardo alla Sua persona e a ciò che egli afferma nella sua parola, la Bibbia. Come ai giorni antici, Israele è ancora uno strumento di Dio, la leva che muove le nazioni, la moderna evidenza della fedeltà di Dio al suo patto“.

Gesù ama gli Arabi, gli Iraniani, i Drudi, i Beduini e tutti coloro che vivono in questo epicentro. Però, colui che è morto per tutti, che è risuscitato per tutti e che ritornerà per tutti ha anche detto, riguardo Israele, “Benedirò quelli che ti benediranno e maledirò chi ti maledirà” (Genesi 12:1-3). Chi ha maledetto Israele ha sempre subito le conseguenze di questa decisione e anche coloro che vogliono dividere la sua terra non potranno sottrarsi dallo sperimentare la verità di questa profezia.

Il giorno del Signore è alle porte, giorno di giudizio, di angoscia e di dolore per coloro che avranno disobbedito alla Sua parola.

Per concludere, alle nazioni ancora indecise, il libro di Gioele offre grazia e speranza, dichiarando,


Blind Acceptance



Guest Post: by ‘Be Informed’

I see this time and time again, where people that go through disasters, the vast majority of them are not prepared and totally caught off guard. Much of this is because most people see ONLY what they want to see and see ONLY what others in control want them to see and THINK. This level of blind acceptance of the way things are, lead to not doing anything to improve their lives, or being prepared for much of anything that comes their way that is out of the stagnant NORMAL that they are use to experiencing.

I say to those that do want to prepare and get ready, look at sites like Modern Survival Blog.
(Ken adds: gratitude… there are also many other great sites out there too – each with their own focus, interests, and something to learn)

For those that want to accept everything as just the way it is, take the following advice:

1. Accept that politicians lie and don’t keep most of their campaign promises, this is human nature.

2. Accept the two party system of the United States and vote one party in one election cycle, and vote the other in the next election cycle.

3. Accept any price of gas at the pump, just complain a lot about the price since it will make you feel better and give you something to talk about.

4. Accept higher and higher food prices and less food in the packages, just buy more of what you want and accept the higher prices as inflation as part of life.

5. Accept skewed unemployment rates of 8-15%, never mind that true unemployemnt is 25-40% or higher as just part of life.

6. Accept everything that the news media tells you as absolute fact, especially accept only the brightest optimistic outlooks no matter how unrealistic they make it sound.

7. Accept that the gossip news is way more important to talk and think about with everyone around you than any other national or world events happening.

8. Accept that the world governments have killed almost all the terrorists and any remaining terrorists are permanently stuck in some backwater country with a funny name.

9. Accept that disasters ONLY happen in far away places with funny names.

10. Accept that there will never be another world war, that people learned after World War 2 never to fight another war like this, that World War 2 was the war to end all future world wars.

11. Accept that the everyday life will continue as routine as usual throughout your life and throughout your family’s life for the next billion years.

12. Accept that the oil and natural resources of the planet will last indefinitely and they will always find new and renewable energy and food resources no matter what.

13. Accept that your electricity, any water faucets, your toilets will flush, your cell phone, your computer, and everything else will work, even after any interruption of these services.

14. Accept that your credit card will always buy what you need and there will always be some merchant that will gladly accept your credit card, and that being prepared means ONLY not being at, or over, your credit card’s credit limit.

15. Accept that if a disaster ever strikes your area that your neighbors, your community will always come together and be as unselfish as you plan to be and that “no one” will steal or resort to any violence during this desperate time.

16. Accept that your country will never default and your fiat money (dollars) will always buy what you need.

17. Accept that the government, FEMA, or other government agency is going to warn you before a disaster, protect you during a disaster, and completely take care of all of you and your family’s needs after a disaster. That is what you pay taxes for after all.

18. Accept that you paid out enough for car, health, life, home insurance, that most people seldom have to actually use, and accept that the city, state, and federal institutions will be the only insurance or preparedness you will ever need if disaster ever strikes.

19. Accept that even at a fraction of the cost off all other insurances, survival insurance such as storing food, water, supplies will never be needed, the stores will quickly reopen or the government will be right there handing out absolutely everything you need.

20. Accept that the ONLY self reliance you will ever need is that you will always be able to pay someone else to do whatever you need done for you.

This feeling of blind acceptance is far easier to deal with and it is far easier to have someone else do your thinking for you. For those of you that enjoy burying your head in the sand, have fun doing it, and see ONLY what you want to with those rose colored glasses. Self reliance and being prepared after disaster strikes is only for those that want to waste their money and time on something that your government is sure to provide you with, NO MATTER WHAT!

Ken adds: A good sarcastic post once in a while is good for the soul :)

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No sense of humour


Egyptian tycoon and politician Naguib Sawiris has come under fire for posting a picture of Mickey and Minnie Mouse in Islamic dress, sparking a torrent of condemnation on social networking sites.
Several lawyers have filed complaints to the public prosecutor accusing Mr. Sawiris of “insulting Islam”, a judicial source said, with calls on Facebook and Twitter to boycott his Mobinil telephone operator.



Just in the interest of press freedom. So you know what they’re talking about.

anger? oh yeah…


Good morning my brothers and sisters in Greece. Your government screwed you. Oh yes they did. You had to know that was coming. Welcome to slavery.

People are angry. Regular people that don’t receive the ‘special perks’ of being connected politically, socially, economically. Regular people that pay all the taxes that kings, princes, prime ministers, presidents, and corporate hangers-on like to indulge in to the max. You see, the global elite don’t pay taxes. Hell no. They gits to indulge that “living la vida loca” on your dime. Run countries into financial ruin and then serve the tab to…YOU!

It is perfectly acceptable that you be angry. You should be angry. You should be seething with rage.

All around the globe, the elite have screwed you and me and well, just about everybody. Oh hell yes be angry, get angry, get jiggy-with-shit and take to the streets. The time is right…

And so, I offer up one graphic salute to all my brothers and sisters in the struggle to find some justice. Somewhere, any goddamn where. Seems that the reality is, all we get are PoliceState goons and so if it’s a fight the elite want well…

Prepare: From Choas Will Come Order


Check out Greece this morning. The locals are protesting the government's austerity plans for government spending. The situation is near riot level in some locations, but peaceful in many others.
How did this happen? Some bullet points:
- Greece has a limited economy dominated by tourism as its largest industry.
- One out of three workers in Greece is employed in the public sector. Most of the country is on some form of government assistance or stipend for daily survival. The government has been financing this with deficit spending.
- Unemployment is over 20% and higher for younger people. The private sector does not create enough jobs for sustainable employment to meet the demands of the available labor pool.
- Greece was "bailed out" by the European Union last year under the conditions that they reduce their government spending (fewer public workers, less government spending programs) and raise taxes to offset their deficits.
- The general population is protesting as so many work in the public sector (and austerity means layoffs, reduction in benefits, pay) or depend upon government assistance to get by (welfare programs, school assistance, unemployment).
- The EU has stated there will be no more money unless the austerity program continues.
There are no quick fixes to this problem. The same problem is also facing Ireland and Portugal.
In the USA, the federal government's ability to borrow (deficit spend) money to meet its obligations is about to hit a "debt ceiling" the amount of which is approved by Congress.
One side says to cut spending equal to the requested amount of raising the debt ceiling. The other side says the requested amount should be met with spending cuts as well as tax increases.
Again, in the USA, many are employed in the public sector or dependent upon government assistance for their daily living expenses or to meet financial obligations like university tuition.
The USA has a much more diverse and larger economy than Greece and will probably weather this crisis through some sort of compromise at the federal level. This time.
Eventually, there is no amount of money which can be borrowed, here, in Greece or the rest of the world, which can satisfy the demands of government obligations.
At that point, some societies will adjust. They will either raise taxes on their populace, reduce services or simply redo their government and force it to live within the actual revenues collected from current taxes.
My opinion is most other societies will take the alternate route. They will allow their government to continue to borrow and spend, make obligations they cannot meet and then protest any changes or cuts to government spending which affects them.
Eventualy, the system will break. No more money will come from the government and those that attempt to rule by fiat (allow people to purchase food, energy and housing with paper money based upon nothing) and force vendors and businesses to reduce their prices (price controls) to meet the new economic reality with crash, Zimbabwe style.
In the end, there will still be people. There will still be resources to feed, house and clothe people, but they will not be available due to the laws of supply (you have something) and demand (someone wants it and thus, has to come to terms with you to get it).
In some of these societies, a new system will arise. Order out of chaos. It has happened before. The result historically has been Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin/Stalin, Mao and others.
The thing to watch is whether this spreads or is isolated. If the economic conditions improve world wide soon, then Greece can be advised and restructured with the help of other more fortunate nations.
If not, well, pick up a history book and read how that turned out.
Personally, I hope a third path emerges. Responsible, yet limited government which governs from the middle and helps those truly in need yet shares the responsibility among all citizens, not just a few.
Cross your fingers.

Prepare: Shelf Life


Scenario: A global pandemic has finally ended but not before taking 99.9% of the world's population. For some reason, you were immune and with preparations in place, were able to avoid the fate of most of the human race. Now, you have the entire world as your personal grocery store and supply depot what with all the abandoned goods waiting for your to come get them.
Scenario: A nuclear war started and quickly ended. You and your family had a stocked shelter and emerge a few weeks later to learn that most of the people around you succumbed to fallout sickness and perished soon afterward. Now you must get busy preparing for a world without other people, however, you have all of the food and other supplies left in stores and in homes for your use.

While neither of these events (fortunately) have taken place, we run across these scenarios in survival fiction all the time. In Stephen King's book, "The Stand", one of the central characters remarks that with the reduced population, there is enough food in the grocery stores for 200 or more years. Another character suggests that there is plenty of gasoline in the ground to run cars for decades.
The truth of the matter is everything has a shelf life. That is, how long it is useful, edible, in working condition, safe to use or run before it is no longer viable.
Take food. Canned food, in ideal conditions (cool, dark, non-damp storage), can remain edible for two to five years. While some foods may last longer, after that time the vitamin content drops to nothing, the contents are nothing more than inert material, the taste might be negligible and the danger of food poisoning is higher.
What about dried foods? Same thing and some foods, like packaged dry cereal, may actually become inedible after less than a year. Sugar and salt, properly stored can last decades. But the key is proper storage.
Most grocery stores have all of the food out on the shelves. Bags containing flour, sugar and salt will quickly be compromised by insects or vermin. As the temperatures fluctuate in a grocery store with non-functioning climate controls, canned and glass bottled goods may actually crack or explode on the shelves.
In the end, after four or five years, only a few cans of spices in metal containers or coffee might still be usable. That is, if water does not get in through the roof and spoil even those things.
What about non food items? Batteries, depending upon the type, may only have a shelf life of 5-10 years with lithium batteries holding out the longest. Tires for the car and motorcycle, if kept wrapped and in a dry location, may only last five years at the longest. Many drugs, such as "cyllin" based anti-biotics and tetracyclin could kill you if used after their expiration date. Even aspirin after five years may lose its efficacy.
The problem is the storage of a product, the weather conditions and if anything else, such as vermin, insects or animals have access to the product and may cause it harm.
The solution?
First off, fiction aside, it is unlikely any of us will be in a situation where we are the "last man on earth" and have the world as our proverbial oyster. However, if you find yourself in a post-survival instance, here are some steps to take.
- Have climate controlled storage ready. That means a generator (more than one preferably) running on different fuel supplies, (gas, solar, wind) and lots of space (a big house or single story building) with plenty of insulation and several store rooms.
- Start collecting stuff. That means a big truck or trailer and access to grocery stores, drug stores, warehouse clubs, hardware and auto parts stores. Have a plan and a list and an amount needed to collect. There is no reason to collect and store five hundred sets of tires as you will never be able to use them all in a lifetime.
- Organize and start using the stuff. Digging around the warehouse looking for a bottle of aspirin means that something else has probably already gone bad.
- Start planning on doing without stuff. In the first month, fresh bananas and lemons will probably become a distant memory. Soon afterwards, chocolate and coffee will disappear forever. Best be able to getting used to a world without either.
- Start finding alternatives. Gasoline and diesel, even with preservatives, will go bad or be used up. Better find a good horse as even the bicycle will be worthless after the tires can no longer be replaced. Plant a huge garden and fields of wheat, corn and potatoes. That is where food is going to come from after the canned stuff goes rancid. Investigate and plant herbal alternatives to modern medicines.
In the end, even people have a shelf life. With the world described above, our seventy five to eighty year lifespan will drop dramatically in the following generations. Enjoy the shopping while it lasts!

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Non-job of the week


Many thanks to supporters for sending in their non-job suggestions. As ever, there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of them, and although I cannot top last week’s non-contract of the week, there are still some revealing posts being advertised.

The London Borough of Sutton is advertising for a Customer Insight and Performance Manager, paying between £40,716-£43,368 per annum. This is part of the job description:

Working in a vibrant and highly performing new Policy and Customer Services Division in the Chief Executive’s Group, this post is key to shaping change. As the Council’s professional lead for research, customer insight and performance management you will ensure delivery of the Council’s priorities through customer-focused, evidence-based policy and service delivery.

Non-Job of the WeekIt all sounds rather vague, but that’s not the only offering from Sutton today. For the same salary, the council is also looking for a Community Involvement and Innovation Manager. One of the requirements for this post is ’experience of engaging residents in innovative ways’. How about simply asking them?

Moving on to Reading, the council there is seeking to recruit a Tenant Participation Officer as part of its ‘strong commitment to working with tenants and to make sure that tenants have a say in the services delivered to their homes and local communities’. The successful candidate will also ensure ‘tenant expectations are met and where possible exceeded and the resident experience is continuously improved’.

In other words, if the roof’s leaking, it gets fixed. If the fuse box blows, it gets repaired. Isn’t that a legal obligation for landlords? What else are they talking about? More public sector doublespeak!

To find the winner this week I have been on a journey. No, I haven’t been racking-up expenses on the TPA corporate credit card. Instead I have been on a virtual tour from Medway to Brussels, via Dunkirk and Ostend.

Has anyone heard of the AIMER project? AIMER is an acronym for Achieving the Integration of Migrant Communities. Here are the opening lines on its website:

This Website has been designed to help you if you are new to the UK (Specifically new to the regions of Medway, East of England and Essex), to Dunkirk (in the Nord-Pas-de Calais Region in France) or in Oostende (in the Flanders region of Belgium).

Its purpose is to help you learn about life in the UK, France and Belgium in general, and the area where you live in particular.

Medway Council is searching for a Community Inclusion Coordinator as part of this project, which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the INTERREG IV A 2 Seas Programme.

None of us want racial tensions in Britain, but does it really need the EU’s involvement to solve any problems that may exist in Medway? Does Medway really need a Community Inclusion Officer to deal with any problems it has? Community groups, working with councillors, are more than capable of dealing with issues when they arise.

Wednesday 29 June 2011

The New Dark Age.


The lunacy is accelerating to light speed.
Food is the new tobacco, with Ronald McDonald as Joe Camel. Advertising controls are proposed and the 9pm watershed won't be good enough because as Tam Fryup says:
'If children are eating the right food at least we know if they are up in their rooms snacking in front of TV then they are not eating junk.'
Because the children operate entirely independently of their parents. Children buy their own food and fit their own TV in their rooms. Oh, Tam is going to clash with the 'poor children' gang over this. He doesn't want them to have money to supply their own food. Surely he's not going to suggest that the parents should have a say in their childrens' behaviour? Come now, Tam, that's not very Marxist, is it? Get with the program.
Of course, if you're worried about your weight, you could always...
Soon there will be pictures of Bernard Manning on bags of potatoes and of a jar of liposuction residue on pizza boxes. Then all the food will be under the counter in grey packs so you won't know whether you're buying steak, bananas, whisky or tobacco until you get home. Every week you'll visit the Pot Luck Shop, hand over your cash and go home to make a Marlboro casserole with a radish and Malibu sauce. Then you'll have to endure lectures on your eating habits.
The UK border agency, better described as bunch of useless wasters only interested in stealing from UK citizens, are to go on strike tomorrow. Best watch out for all those criminals and banned extremists who have had so much trouble getting into the country, eh? I wouldn't assume that you can get your legal tobacco and booze into the country while the UKBA are on strike. Some aspects of their job are just too lucrative to give up for a day. Other aspects, well they weren't bothering with those in the first place anyway. So nothing will really change.
Jug-ears is developing into as much of a King Charles as his predecessors and seems less intelligent than his namesake spaniel. While everyone else cuts back, he's spending more. Apparently he has an official harpist. I could be wholly pist for half the cost. Oh, and the future Green King has no problem with travelling 34000 miles a year while telling the rest of us we shouldn't be driving to the shops. Really, Jug-ears, read some history, man. Axes aren't banned yet so don't push it, okay? This time you won't be able to hide in Scotland either.
Not that Charlie matters much. The throne he hopes to inherit is a papier mache fake and he'll have less authority than a PCSO. Mrs Queen already has to defer to the EU. Jug-ears isn't worth the extra money, he's not worth anything at all and he's the only one who doesn't know.
The Netherlands, possibly the most tolerant country on the planet, has decided to ban Halal and Kosher killing. Jews and Muslims are calling it 'racism' but it's starting to look as if the Dutch have had enough.
Unrest is spreading. Mr. Fan and Mr. Shit are soon to become firm friends. The Greeks are rioting because they don't want to believe they have no money and the proud boast of the Cameroid that we aren't giving them any has turned out to be another lie. Surprise! Even the MSM has noticed.
The EU is building pretty buildings and charging us for them while saying we have to stop spending because they want us to give all our mony to them. The Coagulation insist we are better off giving billions to the EU and more money to the nuclear powers of India and Pakistan while our pensioners starve because it's the right thing to do for hard-working families. Again, even the MSM has noticed.
Bad days are coming fast now. We have an increasing number of foreign criminals who we can't deport because they are wanted for crimes in countries that would actually treat them like criminals. We have an awful lot of chavs whose Stella allowance is about to dry up. Anyone can just walk through border control as long as they aren't carrying tobacco because border control isn't looking for anything else any more. All these people will still be here when the money dries up, as it must. We worry about the collapse of foreign governments and their replacement with religious radical groups. Don't worry about that happening in foreign countries.
Worry about something similar happening here.

Population in the UK will hit 70m even earlier than feared


Overload: The latest calculations suggests the UK population could hit 70.4 million in 2026, three years earlier than forecast.

Runaway migration will drive the UK population above 70 million in 15 years – three years earlier than previously predicted.

In 2009 official estimates predicted it would take 20 years to reach this landmark level, a figure the Prime Minister has said the nation must not reach.

But the latest calculation suggests it could hit 70.4 million in 2026, placing huge pressure on public services and housing.

The projection was compiled by the House of Commons library after questions by Tory MP James Clappison.

It assumes net migration – the difference between numbers arriving and leaving – remained around its current record level of 240,000 a year.

Ministers pledged to cut it to the ‘tens of thousands’ by 2015.

Two-thirds of the population rise is due to immigration, including an ‘immigrant baby boom’ caused by higher-than-average birth rates among migrant mothers.

Commentators said the analysis shows the ‘absolute necessity’ of cutting the number of migrants coming here.

It shows the population, now thought to be around 62.8million, will rise to 65million in 2016, 67 million in 2020 and 69million in 2024.

The vast majority of the population increase would be in England.

Today’s figures show that even if net migration fell to an average of 180,000 a year, the population will hit 70 million in 2029.

Immigration Minister Damian Green insisted net migration would fall to below 100,000 a year.

‘We are fixing the broken immigration system.

‘Our reforms will bring net migration down to the tens of thousands.’


Orwell Would Be Turning In His GraveHari Should Be Stripped of His Prize


Guido has just got off the phone with the Media Standards Trust, sponsors of the Orwell Prize, who are a charity “that fosters high standards in news on behalf of the public”. They awarded Johann Hari the prize in 2008. Orwell is the giant of British political writing, the inventor of the Ministry of Truth and Winston Smith who had the job of “rectifying” the past. Johann Hari has done far to much “rectifying” of quotes and facts to have the honour of holding a prize named after Orwell.

Guido has spoken with the Media Standards Trust, they tell him that procedure has to be followed, that the governance process for the Orwell Prize council involves worthies and due process has to be seen to be done. To say that it would be farcical for a charity that aims to foster the highest standards of political journalism in the name of Orwell to have a journalist who fakes interviews as a recipient of their highest award is an understatement. George Orwell once wrote “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Johann has been caught deceiving, it is time for them to act…

TaxPayers’ Alliance reveals Trade Union Rich List


As trade unions threaten disruptive strikes, the TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) this morning reveals 37 trade union leaders took home pay packets of £100,000 or more.

Click here to read the full report

Click here for the complete press release

The findings are part of the TPA’s Trade Union Rich List, which details all Trade Union General Secretaries and Chief Executives whose total remuneration exceeded £100,000 in the financial year 2009-10.

Key Findings

  • 37 trade union leaders took home pay packets of £100,000 or more
  • Total pay of the union leaders earning over £100,000 was over £4.6 million in 2009-10 (up 5.4 per cent from under £4.4 million in 2008-09 for the leaders of the same unions)
  • Remuneration (09-10) for leaders of big public sector unions that are launching strikes or have threatened to do so recently:

Click here to read the full report

Click here for the complete press release

Matthew Sinclair, Director, The TaxPayers’ Alliance, said:

“Trade unions leaders are fighting necessary spending cuts and plan disruptive strikes that are against the public interest. These union fat cats claim to speak for workers but it looks hypocritical when they take home whopping salaries at the same time as they criticise high pay elsewhere. Worse still, the union coffers that their pay comes from are boosted by millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money, which makes it easier for them to offer these generous pay packets.”

Scientific Confirmation About 2012 Polar Shift


New scientific observations now foresee the reversal of the Southern Pole on the Sun anywhere between July 2012 and December 2012, which earlier was estimated to be early 2013 by NASA. This new report, published by The Wilcox Solar Observatory, is a remarkable confirmation for predictions done by researchers such as Patrick Geryl (see earlier posts) who for many years has been announcing a world cataclysm of catastrophic proportions.

As we explained in our previous post, the development of the Sun’s solar polar field strength throughout a solar sunspot cycle can be used to predict the magnitude of the next cycle and the peak of the current cycle. Within a year of the sunspot maximum, polar fields typically reverse and with cycle 24, this remarkable observation was done as the anticipated southern pole reversal will take place in the second half of 2012. As it is not unusual, also during this cycle the northern and southern poles of the Sun have shown significant differences in field strength and develop asynchronously over time, which is shown in the graph of the previous post.

The Wilcox Solar Observatory has been collecting solar polar field data since 1975 and is one of the most trustworthy observatory centers on earth. For a while now, and certainly also with predictions of a cataclysmic event announced for the end of 2012, there is some extra interest in when solar cycle 24 will peak. At this moment, expectations are that the northern polar field could reverse its polarity in June or July 2011, while the southern polar field reversal is many months into the future. More specifically, current projections are that both fields will have reversed between February 2012 and December 2012, with the latter date being most probable.

In relation to this observation, bunker building companies never have been this busy with the odds of a world catastrophe increasing. More people start to realize that climate changes and dramatic increases in natural disasters worldwide are no coincidence and realize the relationship with the changes on the Sun. We get many inquiries about how to build a bunker and we recommend this resource >>. For more information about Patrick Geryl‘s predictions and how to survive 2012, go here >>

Economic Recovery?


If this is supposed to be an "economic recovery" it sure is pathetic. In fact, as you will read below, the numbers tell us that this is the worst economic recovery that the American economy has ever seen. If what we had experienced was a "normal" recession and a "normal" recovery, then jobs, economic growth and home values would have come roaring back by now. But they haven't. The Federal Reserve injected unprecedented amounts of new money into the system and the federal government went into unprecedented amounts of new debt, but all of that effort has not accomplished much. It did buy us a little bit of time and a period of relative economic stability, but now there are all kinds of signs that we are about to go into another recession (or something even worse). So is it really honest for Ben Bernanke and Barack Obama to be using the term "economic recovery" to describe what is happening?

The truth is that what is really taking place is that the long-term economic decline of the United States is beginning to accelerate.

But most Americans simply don't understand what is going on.

The mainstream media teaches us to blame our politicians for the economy. One recent survey found that 44 percent of the American people believe that the U.S. economy is "worse than when Obama was inaugurated".

Yes, Barack Obama is a horrible president. But the economic downfall of this nation is not all his fault. George W. Bush was a horrible president too. So was Bill Clinton. Congress has been corrupt and incompetent for decades.

Of course the institution that is most responsible for our economic problems is the Federal Reserve. Thankfully, more Americans than ever are starting to realize this.

But if you listen to Ben Bernanke and Barack Obama, you would think that a great "economic recovery" has begun. They would have us believe that they know exactly what our problems are and that they know exactly how to get us out of this mess.

Unfortunately, what we have experienced is not much of an "economic recovery" at all. According to the Wall Street Journal, this is the worst "recovery" from a recession that the U.S. economy has ever seen....

On economic growth, real GDP has risen 0.8% over the 13 quarters since the recession began, compared to an average increase of 9.9% in past recoveries. From the beginning of the recession to April 2011, real personal income has grown just .9% compared to 9.4% for the same period in previous post 1960 recessions.

So what is really going on?

Sadly, what we are experiencing right now is a brief period of stability in the middle of a downward spiral toward economic oblivion.

The CEO of Pimco, Mohamed El-Erian, says that it should now be obvious to everyone that all of the efforts of the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve to stimulate the economy simply have not been enough to solve the structural economic challenges that we are facing....

"It's clear that the stimulus-induced recovery hasn't overcome the structural challenges to large-scale job creation."

The U.S. economy is not producing enough jobs. Today, there are 25 million Americans that are either unemployed or underemployed.

But the inability to create jobs is not a new phenomenon for the U.S. economy. The truth is that between 2000 and 2007, the U.S. economy had its poorest stretch of job creation since the Great Depression.

However, since 2007 the employment situation in this country has gotten a lot worse. Take a minute and watch the stunning video posted below. It shows how rampant unemployment swept across this country between 2007 and 2011....

Our politicians promised us that globalization would be great for the U.S. economy.

Well, it was great for the big corporations to be able to pay slave labor wages to workers on the other side of the globe, but things have not worked out so well for workers in this country.

Millions of our jobs have been lost. Millions more jobs are being lost. Yet our politicians do nothing to stop the bleeding.

Things have gotten so bad that even the top of the food chain is shipping jobs overseas.

Just consider this recent headline which appeared in Business Insider: "Goldman Sachs Is Firing Employees In The US So It Can Hire 1,000 In Singapore"

If even jobs at Goldman Sachs are being sent out of the country, are any of our jobs safe?

Many Americans would love to start a business instead of having to work for someone else, but the economic environment has become incredibly toxic for small businesses in the United States.

The rate of new business creation in the United States has been declining steadily since the 1980s. Our politicians are literally choking the entrepreneurial spirit to death in this country.

Today, more Americans than ever are dependent on the government. In fact, it has gotten to the point where the U.S. economy itself is highly dependent on the government.

So what is going to happen when the government is not handing out so many goodies?

The era of rampant spending in Washington D.C. seems to be coming to an end, at least for now. The U.S. national debt has become so outrageous that many members of Congress are finally determined to start making some cuts.

While it is true that cutting government spending is long overdue, most Americans don't realize that cutting government spending will also mean that "the economic sugar high" that we have been experiencing will start to wear off.

If we try to live within our means, that is going to cause a lot of economic pain, and the American people are not too good about making sacrifices these days.

Look, whoever is elected in 2012 is going to be in for a rough ride. Some very difficult economic times are ahead, and whoever is elected in 2012 is going to get blamed. By 2016, the president is probably going to be the most hated person in America.

But the truth is that these economic problems have been building for decades.

We didn't get here by accident, and our economic problems are not going to be solved overnight.

In fact, many financial analysts are warning that they are about to get a lot worse.

For example, David Rosenberg of Gluskin Sheff says that there is a 99 percent chance that the U.S. will fall into another recession by the end of 2012.

As the economy continues to crumble, U.S. cities will become increasingly hostile places in which to live.

According to a recent Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey, 41 percent of Americans say that crime has increased where they live over the past year and only 6 percent of Americans say that crime has decreased where they live over the past year.

But just wait until the economy really collapses - that is when all hell will break loose.

In a recent article entitled "Is The Economy Improving?", I quoted statistic after statistic that showed that the U.S. economy is actually continuing to decline.

The American people are starting to lose patience. In fact, people all over the country are starting to get more than a little crazy. For example, there is a now a national "epidemic" of people robbing pharmacies in order to get a hold of painkillers.

Pharmacists all over the country are being robbed at gunpoint. Some prescription painkillers will reportedly sell for as much as 80 dollars a pill on the street. As a recent article in the Washington Post noted, things are getting really dangerous out there for pharmacists....

“It’s an epidemic,” said Michael Fox, a pharmacist on New York’s Staten Island who has been stuck up twice in the last year. “These people are depraved. They’ll kill you.”

Armed robberies at pharmacies rose 81 percent between 2006 and 2010, from 380 to 686, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration says. The number of pills stolen went from 706,000 to 1.3 million. Thieves are overwhelmingly taking oxycodone painkillers like OxyContin or Roxicodone, or hydrocodone-based painkillers like Vicodin and Norco. Both narcotics are highly addictive.

But this is what our country is turning into.

We are a nation of addicts.

Our national addiction to debt and our national addiction to greed have brought us to the brink of economic disaster.

If you are waiting for an "economic recovery", you should stop waiting.

This is about as good as things are going to get.

From here on out, things are just going to keep going downhill.

Most Americans are going to be absolutely blindsided by the economic collapse that is coming.

But that doesn't have to be you.

You still have some time to get prepared.

Genetic Modification Gone Wild: 10 Signs That Our World May Be Destined To Resemble A Really Bad Science Fiction Movie


Did you know that today scientists are actually producing mice that tweet like birds, cats that glow in the dark, "monster salmon", "spider goats", cow/human hybrids, pig/human hybrids and even mouse/human hybrids? The very definition of life on earth is changing right before our eyes. Many scientists believe that genetic modification holds the key to feeding the entire planet and healing all of our diseases, but others are warning that genetic modification could literally transform our environment into a desolate wasteland and cause our world to resemble a really bad science fiction movie. For decades, scientists around the globe have been fooling around with DNA and have been transplanting genes from one species to another. But now technology has advanced so dramatically that just about the only thing limiting scientists are their imaginations.

The things you are about to read about below are truly bizarre. In recent years, science has really "pushed the envelope" and scientists all over the planet are quite eager to push it even farther.

But is genetic modification really safe? Just because we have discovered that we can do something does that mean that we should rush forward and do it?

Recent films such as "Splice" have highlighted some of the potential dangers of genetic modification, but most scientists don't see any reason to be concerned.

In fact, in most countries scientists seem very eager to push regulators to allow them to go farther and farther. In quite a few countries there are very few boundaries left.

This is a point that I made in an article I authored for another blog called The Future....

At this point there are very few restrictions remaining on fields such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, synthetic biology, cloning and genetic modification. All over the world, scientists are feverishly combining different kinds of animals together, adding plant genes to certain animals, and even putting human DNA into plants and animals. Life as we know it is literally changing, and it is very hard to tell what the future is going to look like if all of this continues.

Sadly, most people have no idea what is going on out there. Most people believe that scientists only have our best interests at heart and that they would never do anything "weird" or "dangerous".

Well, read the following examples of genetic modification below and decide for yourself whether or not things have gotten out of control.

The following are 10 signs that our world may be destined to resemble a really bad science fiction movie....

#1 In China, scientists have inserted human genes into the DNA of dairy cow embryos. At this point, approximately 200 hybrid cows have been successfully produced. These cows can produce milk that is virtually identical to human breast milk. The scientists hope to have huge herds of these cows producing an alternative to human breast milk soon, and they hope to have this "milk" sold in global supermarkets within 3 years.

#2 In Canada, scientists at the University of Guelph in the province of Ontario have produced what they are calling "enviropigs". These "enviropigs" have had genes from mice spliced into them, and according to the scientists they produce less phosphorous in their poop so they are being touted as environmentally friendly. Authorities in both the U.S. and Canada are evaluating whether or not to allow these "enviropigs" into the food supply.

#3 Scientists in Japan have created a genetically modified mouse that tweets like a bird.

#4 One U.S. corporation can now produce a very muscular "monster salmon" which can grow up to three times as fast as normal salmon do.

#5 Science can now produce cats that glow in the dark. A genetically modified cat created by scientists named Mr. Green Genes was the very first fluorescent cat in the United States. But Mr. Green Genes was not the first "glow in the dark cat" in the world. That honor went to a cat created by a team of scientists in South Korea.

#6 In Japan, scientists have discovered that they can grow rat organs inside of mice. The researchers hope to use the same technology to grow human organs inside of pigs.

#7 But Japan is not the only one doing this kind of research. In Missouri, entities that are part pig and part human are being grown with the goal of providing organs for human transplants.

#8 Scientists at Rockefeller University have injected human genes into mice. These "humanized mice" are being used to study the spread of the hepatitis C virus.

#9 U.S. scientists have discovered that they can actually "grow" new human organs from scratch. The following is a quote from a recent Newsweek article....

It might sound like science fiction, but growing new organs from scratch has already become reality. In addition to bladders, scientists have engineered new skin, bone, cartilage, corneas, windpipes, arteries, and urethras.

#10 Believe it or not, a company in Canada known as Nexia has actually taken goats and has genetically modified them to be part spider. The genetic modification process causes these "spider goats" to produce spider silk protein in their milk. This spider silk protein is collected, purified and spun into incredibly strong fibers. These fibers are apparently more durable than Kevlar, more flexible than nylon, and much stronger than steel.

As frightening as all of those examples may sound, the truth is that the genetic modification of plants has gone even farther than the genetic modification of animals has gone.

Today, approximately 93 percent of all soybeans and approximately 80 percent of all corn in the United States have been genetically modified.

Considering the fact that corn is literally in thousands upon thousands of our food products, there is a really good chance that you consumed some genetically modified food today.

Are you certain that it was safe?

Genetically modified crops have been linked to organ disruption in at least 19 different studies.

In addition, there is also an increasing body of evidence that suggests that genetically modified food actually alters our digestive systems.

Do we really know everything that we need to know about genetically modified food?

Perhaps we should have investigated all of this sooner. The truth is that once genetically modified crops get out into the wild it is just about impossible to put the genie back into the bottle.

A while back, a genetically modified strain of maize that was banned in the EU was accidentally sown all across Germany.


But once it got out there was no way of totally eliminating it. In fact, in many areas of the world genetically modified crop strains are breeding natural crop strains out of existence.

We are permanently changing the natural order of things.

Is that really a great idea?

Sadly, things are only going to become much more bizarre in future years.

DARPA's current budget actually includes money that is allocated for the development of this kind of technology. Apparently the goal is to someday produce "super soldiers" with "edited DNA" and implantable microchips.

In this article I have only talked about the stuff that we know about and that is admitted in the mainstream media.

So what is going on out there that we don't know about and that the mainstream media is not admitting?

In past decades, genetic engineering was extremely expensive and it was only done by top scientists.

Today, even college students are transplanting genes and creating new lifeforms. There seems to no longer be any taboo on monkeying around with the fabric of life. The field of "synthetic biology" is extremely hot right now and very small companies are "creating" new plants, new animals and even new microorganisms in garages and basements all over the globe.

So what will the future bring?

Will genetic modification enable us to feed the entire world and will it enable us to heal all of the horrible diseases which afflict us?

Or will genetic modification result in a nightmarish world where "man-made life" and twisted human-animal hybrid creatures are free to roam and breed?

Will our bizarre experimentation destroy the environment and turn this planet into a bizarre wasteland?

Only time will tell.