Thursday, 2 October 2014

Essential Nostradamus Release, Obama’s War on ISIS and Hogue’s Scottish Referendum Prediction

    DATELINE 14 September 2014 Obama’s IS-steria:
An Excuse to Wage War In Syria

By now many of you have seen the gruesome scene on YouTube. One by one, men kneel before a man brandishing a long knife. A proclamation of crimes against Islam is declared and the public beheading with cameras rolling commences. An evil Islamic State has shown us videos of up to 40 victims losing their heads this month, but most of you reading this are presuming I’m talking about the two US journalists and one UK aid worker being decapitated by the tall, black cloaked and headsman mask-hooded executioner of IS (Islamic State), right? No, I’m talking about that other extreme Islamic State that’s America’s most important ally in the region. I’m talking about the most religiously severe regime with an extended royal family, many of whom have been the chief contributor of money and arms to that other Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria. Who knows, some of that money might have gone into fabricating those orange prison jumpsuits that that “other” wannabe Islamic State dressed those abducted Western journalists and aid workers in, in US Guantanamo Cuba Concentration camp fashion.  American people (and you Europeans of the EU too) your good friends in Saudi Arabia on average film in public squares the barbaric beheading by sword their criminals and blasphemers. They can be robbers, women committing adultery… Heck, last month one woman was tried and beheaded on the accusation of being a witch. People accused of criticizing Islam are usually tried and decapitated for such “sorcery” in Saudi Arabia. Yet you do not get aroused to go to war with them, because your US and EU press and your governments hope to herd your limited attention span to black hearted IS executioners and not your black hearted “ally” and tyrant, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.  President Obama last week stood before the American people to declare a kind of war against ISIS forces detailing vaguely a sort of strategy that might entail further arming of Free Syrian factions that maybe might not pass those weapons over the ISIS forces that in Syria are our allies, but in Iraq are not. Oh, one thing the President said with some forceful words but I detected a kind of gun shy twitching and flicker in his eyelids, almost like a very subtle palsy coming on. Blinking rapidly he reserved America’s right to bomb ISIS targets in Syria from the air. What he didn’t tell you is
that unilaterally bombing a sovereign nation is an international crime. The days that followed as Obama sent his Mummy, the Secretary of State to wrap up—Bush like—a new coalition of the willing, there were allies far less willing to bomb anything in Syria than Iraq because of the breach of international law. Even, (surprise) the Saudis were a little coy about that, even though our “ally” finances as fighters on both sides as Obama would like to bomb and arm jihadists on both sides, simultaneously in this new “war” meant to degrade ISIS as successfully as we degraded terrorists “for decades and counting” in Somalia, Afghanistan and Pakistan to no clear end. Syria and Iraq will return to this war strategy of Neverland fantasy that will never end, only widen. The war market value requires it.
 We call this “savage” but look the other way when an ally beheads people, like the Saudis. The Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad made it categorically clear that any invasion of Syrian airspace by the US or its EU/NATO allies would be deemed an act of war with the threat of full retaliatory response hanging in the silence following his declaration.  Keep reading: