Tuesday 31 May 2022

'Constant Waves of COVID': New Business Model for Pfizer



FDA and CDC Complicit with Pfizer

My article will explain that

  • “Constant Waves of Covid”, anticipated by Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, will be good for business for Pfizer

  • Pfizer’s Paxlovid will fuel those Covid waves

  • Pfizer and the FDA are lying about Paxlovid’s effectiveness and rebound rate

  • CDC lies about rebounds being normal “part of history”

Before I start, a small note to journalists, independent news writers, and other authors: I noticed a few news articles that seem to come up with ideas similar to mine, that use the same sources, and similar reasoning, without mentioning me or my substack. To make it completely clear: I am perfectly fine with you reusing my substack articles without credit. It is more important for me that good ideas are spread, than for me to get credit for everything. Please continue doing so if you feel like my content helps you write newsworthy articles. I am not making any money from my substack anyway.

Constant Waves of Covid

This amazing article came up in my news feed.

This puzzling explanation by a man who vaccinated the world with a vaccine that was supposed to “stop Covid”, who blames complacency for the failure of his vaccine in those who took it, is fairly astounding but what else did you expect?

Oddly enough, before Pfizer's CEO announced “constant waves of COVID”, they were predicted by yours truly.

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Constant waves of COVID are a reality in heavily vaccinated countries:

Even though suffering through endless waves of Covid is a problem for us, it is a boon for Pfizer.

Pfizer Pivots to Paxlovid

Paxlovid promises to be a much better business for Pfizer than Covid vaccines. Why?

Covid vaccine sells for about $20 per dose. The world no longer wants the vaccine and refuses to pay for it.

We all know why individuals, and entire countries, no longer want the Covid vaccine. It does not prevent Covid, is harmful, and, worse, makes vaccinated people catch Covid repeatedly. Repeat illness is bad for those people but good for Pfizer.

Pfizer has a perfect answer to this: Paxlovid, a mix of a novel protease inhibitor nirmatrelvir, and an HIV medication ritonavir. Unlike the Covid vaccine which brings only $20 per shot, Paxlovid costs $530 per person. Even better, Paxlovid can be sold often, whenever the unfortunate Covid sufferers have their bouts of Covid.

To people scared to death of Covid, during the moment when they just fell ill with the risky disease, Paxlovid is an irresistible choice. Covid is often highly unpleasant and unpredictable. Therefore, to people having an ongoing case of Covid, Paxlovid would be next to impossible to refuse, despite unclear clinical benefits.

So, being able to sell a $530 medication every few months for every covid recurrence, is clearly better than receiving $20 for at most three doses of Covid vaccine.

Paxlovid will Fuel the Pandemic

It gets even better for Pfizer: Paxlovid, far from stopping an ongoing COVID illness, can turn a weeklong infection into a much longer, and still contagious, illnessThis will further fuel the pandemic and will generate even more Paxlovid sales.

I posted an article on April 13, noting a large number of people complaining of Paxlovid rebound.

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A lively discussion ensued, led by the infamous Brian Mowrey, who wrote several incredible articles digging deeply into the biomolecular mechanism of Paxlovid rebound. He explained that Paxlovid is, at best, a five-day biomolecular PAUSE button for the infection. FDA weighed in, basically denying everything and gaslighting rebound sufferers. Peter Nayland Kust wrote a good summary of media reactions.

How does Paxlovid prolong the pandemic? Very simple

  • Pfizer-believing person gets COVID

  • The person takes Paxlovid

  • Symptoms disappear

  • The “cured” individual ends isolation, becomes positive and contagious again, and infects others

  • … More people become ill and need Paxlovid

  • Covid, being immune suppressive, does more damage in people in whom it lasts longer due to Paxlovid rebounds, setting them up for repeat reinfections

Pfizer and FDA Lie about Rebound Rate

The most important fact to know about Paxlovid is that it is marketed to vaccinated people who have so-called “breakthrough infections”, as well as to children 12-18. However, Pfizer specifically excluded children and vaccinated persons from its trials. More worryingly, vaccinated people were kicked out of EPIC-SR trial after it started, without any explanation from Pfizer. The most likely reason, of course, is that Pfizer discovered that Paxlovid does not work for the vaccinated, and did not want vaccinated rebounds to ruin the trial outcome.

All of this, painfully obvious to any member of the general public who can read trial details, somehow escapes the attention of our regulators. The reason, of course, is not that they are stupid, but that they are corrupt and hope to obtain cushy posts in the industry that they supervise.

Continuing this pattern of corruption, Pfizer and the FDA are deceiving us about the frequency of “Paxlovid rebounds”, minimizing the problem.

The 1-2% of rebounds, stated by Pfizer and the FDA, is a number intended to deceive us.

During the trial, Pfizer only tested 97 persons using PCR tests. (also see page 19-23 of FDA report) Out of those tests, 12 persons had a rebound (some commenters say 11, but I believe that it is 12). That makes rebound rate of unvaccinated persons to be about 12.3%.

Committing a sleight of hand, Pfizer and FDA call it “1-2% rebound rate”, dividing those 11-12 rebounds by the total number of study participants, whereas 12 rebounds need to be divided by the number of persons actually surveilled by PCR (97). Such sleight of hand shows the level of “science”, which we are supposed to believe without questioning. It also shows how much the health authorities care about us.

CDC Lies about Rebounds being “Part of Natural History”

CDC also weighed in on the story, saying that rebounds are “part of natural history” in people.

A brief return of symptoms may be part of the natural history of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) infection in some persons, independent of treatment with Paxlovid and regardless of vaccination status. Limited information currently available from case reports suggests that persons treated with Paxlovid who experience

This is contradicted by science. For example, the NEJM NBA study never found any rebounds:

They are just making stuff up to make Pfizer, their future employer and sponsor, look good.

I think that at the least, Pfizer needs to offer a refund to vaccinated people who suffer a rebound. What do you think?