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Your castle


There is much gnashing of teeth over reports that home ownership has fallen to mid eighties levels and our "Yute" will never own a property of their own and will have to rent (or be subsidised by those who own properties, more like) in their desperate struggle to climb the greasy pole.
Let me be blunt. Home ownership is not a right, it is a privilege, born of hard work, self discipline and responsibility.
I know of only three reasons why anyone would purchase a property.
1. To speculate, hoping the price of the mortgage each month will eventually be outstripped by capital gains and on sale, a tidy profit will be made
2. To rent to others, hoping the price of the mortgage each month will eventually be outstripped by rental income, and a tidy profit will be made
3. To own the house you live in outright, thus reducing your monthly outgoings and allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labour or work less/retire.
In all honesty, I have used all three reasons to build my tiny little property empire. It now provides income, allowing freedom and choice. Property is GOOD, for any of the reasons above because it gives options.
Grant Shapps is currently promoting ways that more can own property, all of them useless of course, because he does not understand WHY people buy property, just that they should. Those who bought their council houses at knock down values in the eighties didn't plant rose bushes and tend their gardens. They sold the bastards at market rates and bought cheap villas in Spain with the profits. He recommends living on a houseboat (expect stamp duty on marinas anytime soon)
Mortgages have never been cheaper, the average UK wage is £25K and the average house price is £168,000. Meaning a couple on average wage can buy a less than average starter home. They can borrow 2.5 times earnings and they are on the ladder. Where's the problem?
Ah yes. They can't afford to live where they want to live. Hoxton. Islington. Camden Lock. Well, to be frank, neither can I. So I don't. No penthouse in Mayfair for me.
In honesty, the British model of buying a property aged 21 and retiring at 65 with a mansion is a good one. It promotes hard work, focus, responsibility (hence most kids can't get a property) but it is also extremely lucrative for the State. Endless stamp duties, soon to be announced land taxes, insurance taxes, income tax, capital gains taxes and inheritance taxes, plus reduced pensions and care home fees make home ownership the goal of any large state (unless you intend to enslave your voters, then build council homes). Most Europeans don't own a house until their parents are dead. They never expect to move.
So how do we help people own property, whilst starving the State? Quite simple. Demand building land. We live on 13% on the UK land mass. All of us. The rest is owned by 166,000 families and has been since they took it from us, using violence. The Normans. Half of it is not even registered with the Land Registry because it will never be bought or sold. Or taxed.
Reform land ownership and set the people free. Not communism, I don't call for land redistribution, but I do call for an equal chance for all of us to own the soil beneath our feet. If Grant Shapps wants to keep Government pension costs down, he needs to give our children the chance to acquire wealth through property. It certainly worked for those now residing on the Costa del Sol.
House. £40K

Hurricane Warning — Prepare NOW!


Mike Larson

An enormous economic hurricane is now raking Europe; destroying its economies, pushing its banks to the edge of extinction and bankrupting its businesses and people.

The carnage is no longer confined to the infamous PIIGS nations — Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain — the ne’er-do-wells of the Union who have run up debts that are so massive, they can never be repaid.

Growth in Germany, Europe’s largest economy, has ground to a virtual standstill — just 0.1 percent in the second quarter from 1.3 percent in the first.

Growth in the French economy — Europe’s second largest — has all but stalled. President Sarkozy’s massive budgetary cuts and higher taxes on investors and job creators may help lower deficits somewhat, but they will also be a huge drag on an already-waning economy.

Nor is the carnage limited to the members of the European Monetary Union. On Friday, we learned that economic growth has slowed to a near-standstill in the U.K. The culprit: Severe government budget cuts, rising inflation and plunging consumer confidence.

And so, like a massive economic hurricane, this great international debt crisis is now thundering westward. It has breached the Atlantic and is just now beginning to make landfall in the United States.

But while Europe frantically cuts spending in a desperate attempt to avoid the ultimate debt meltdown, Washington is still jacking up the U.S. national debt at the blistering rate of more than 10 percent per year.

As a result, we have already witnessed the unthinkable: America’s credit rating cut for the first time in history by Standard & Poor’s.

Meanwhile, the majority of U.S. state and local governments are barely keeping body and soul together; releasing convicts from prison, laying off police, firefighters and emergency personnel, even selling off state buildings just to avoid financial disaster.

And now, as we’ve repeatedly warned, the U.S. economy is slowing again.

Last week, we learned that the crisis that triggered this great recession is worse than ever: Mortgage applications have plunged to a 15-year low. Nationally, median home prices are falling as much as 5 percent or 6 percent in a single month.

On Thursday, we learned that the employment picture is still worsening.

Consumer confidence has sunk to within an eyelash of its all-time low — devastating news to an economy in which 70 percent of all activity is driven by consumer expenditures.

And of course on Friday, we learned that Bernanke and his Fed are effectively passing the buck; refusing to act to stimulate the economy, saying it’s up to Congress and the White House to get the economy growing again.

This is the worst news imaginable for the U.S. economy. A renewed slowdown now means huge decreases in tax revenues — not just for Washington, but for every state and local government in the nation.

And that, in turn, means even greater budget shortfalls … even greater deficits … even faster growth in our already-unpayable government debt … than anything we’ve seen so far.

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America’s Financial Doomsday
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The monumental event that now threatens to trigger the ultimate financial doomsday — and why it will plunge vast numbers of U.S. families into the nightmare of poverty, homelessness and hunger …

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How a handful of Americans will use this crisis to build enormous wealth — and how you can too!

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Best wishes,

Mike Larson

Important, re: Gold!


Good morning! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, like I did, resting, spending time with family, and at the same time, reflecting on the markets — because if you think last week’s action was wild, just wait until you see what this week will bring!

So let’s get right to the market action now …no delays, no dilly-dallying, no pontificating about theories or philosophies. Just the cold hard truth about last week’s action in key markets — and what to expect this week.

First, to the most important market on investors’ minds: None other than that most precious asset class of all, and the world’s most tried and true store of value: GOLD!

In my video update of last Monday, I showed you this chart, and I told you that “I personally would not be buying here. I would only be buying on a pullback when it comes or when I give the all clear, which would be a close into this channel here which right now stands about $1,900 … $1,910.

Well, gold did soar to as high as $1,917, but importantly, it failed to close above that resistance level, and then — as I have been expecting — gold swooned, big time. Shedding more than $200 in a mere three trading days, about an 11% plunge.

More importantly, gold also gave me a very important sell signal when it closed below the $1,768 level. That action now confirms what I’ve been suspecting and looking for.

A sharp, sudden pullback in gold that will shake out all the weak long positions, relieve the overbought conditions, and eventually and properly set gold up for its next major move higher, where the yellow metal will eventually see the $5,000 plus level.

So how low could gold go during a correction? Why is it heading lower? And how should you handle it?


Here are my answers:

First, as published in my recent columns, I believe gold can fall back to the following support levels: $1,611 … $1,567 … $1,433 … $1,386 … and $1,359.

A closing price below each of the above support levels will indicate a move to the next lower support area.

What’s driving gold lower is simply this …

A. It was hugely overbought and way overdue for a correction.

B. The dollar is likely bottoming (short term) as the euro continues to suffer from the sovereign debt crisis and the potential that the euro will disintegrate.

C. It’s just time for a correction: Gold has had an incredible 11-year run, with very few 10% to 20% pullbacks. So, a rather big, possibly drawn out correction is definitely in the cards.

Importantly for your long-term core gold holdings, you should just sit through it and wait for lower prices to add more gold to your portfolio. Ditto for select gold shares. Do not, I repeat, do not try to trade the short side, for most, it’s too risky.

And don’t worry, the bull market in gold is not over yet, not by a long shot!

Despite Bernanke’s neutral stance right now toward taking any further simulative action, rest assured — as soon as the markets start really falling apart again, he’ll be charging in there with all guns blazing. And that’s precisely when gold is likely to take off again. But that time is not here yet.

Next, silver: The devil’s metal ran up to over $44 and then collapsed to as low as $38 before rebounding a bit. That’s almost a 15% slide, in just a few days time.

Thing is, silver has already penetrated the $38.86 all-important technical support level on an intraday basis, a subtle but important signal that it should soon close below it. And once it does, look out below; silver could plunge all the way down to the $30 level!

In silver, I repeat my warnings: Steer clear of it, period, until it finds rock solid support at the $30 level. At that time, depending upon a few other parameters I monitor, I might then issue my first major buy signal for silver. But not until then!

Next, the Dow Industrials. Wow, what wild moves eh? In the past week, we saw the Dow swing between 10,820 and 11,448.
The week before, between 11,529 and 10,644.

Notice how close these numbers are to some of the ranges I gave you in previous issues, where I mentioned massive resistance at 11,542 … and support at 10,567. Pretty darn accurate, wouldn’t you say?

Importantly though, the Dow Industrials and broad stock market indices are now in bear territory. I do expect the Dow to move toward major support at the 9,034 level.

But it won’t happen overnight. And it won’t happen without occasional snap-back rallies and bounces.

So if you acted on any of my suggestions to capitalize on a move lower in the broad stock market indices with inverse ETF investments, hold them!

Best wishes,


P.S. With the markets as wild and wooly as they are now, wouldn’t you want the insights of a 33-year trading veteran by your side?

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Ahmadinejad Calls Holocaust a “Big Lie” Amid Public Rallies


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Friday that the Holocaust was a “big lie” used to justify establishing the state of Israel.

“The Zionist regime’s establishment was based on numerous deceptions and lies and one of the biggest lies was the Holocaust,” Ahmadinejad said in a speech after an anti-Israeli Qods day rally in Tehran and other Iranian cities.

“On the one hand we have the Zionist regime as the global axis of thieves and murderers and on the other hand we have the Qods Day which is the axis of those seeking freedom, justice and end of suppression,” the president reiterated Friday at Tehran University.

The crowd at the university greeted the president’s remarks with cries of Allahu Akbar, meanting God is great, and by chanting anti-Israel slogans.


Lost Book of Enoch: 'Watchers' and Giants 1/3


Lost Book of Enoch: 'Watchers' and Giants 1/3
Uploaded by geminiwitt on Oct 21, 2009

Vatic Note: The Book of Enoch has always fascinated me not only because of his references to the giants, but also the implications of alien beings on this planet and the fact it was completely removed after the Catholic Church was formed and functioning and the Books of the Bible were put together. Here is a description referencing Enoch in the Bible in the Old Testament so you know where this comes from. It was the Dead Sea Scrolls that gave us the text of the five books written by Enoch. We would never have discovered this treasure had it not been for the Dead Sea Scrolls. Very fascinating stuff since it matches much of what the Summarians wrote about the "Gods" who interacted with man. I can see why the organized Church banned such a book since it was even more realistic and detailed and descriptive of what was going on then we otherwise have in the Bible. Pay attention to the last sentence where he says that "...... the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints". That matches what the Mayan Shaman said about 2012 that we put up on the blog back in Dec 2010 and january 2011. He said that the Mayan Calendar referencing 2012 was not to be feared, rather it was the return of the "Ancestors and wisemen". We also did a rabbit hole on RH negative blood which is more a physical proof of the "alien" blood in our species, or about 15% of our species. All very fascinating stuff. As you can see we are going down diverse rabbit holes that are bring us back to one point in each of these which is the influence of alien existance, and possible breeding in our history. Will we see our "ancestors" this time around??? Will they come to rescue us from the evil ones??? All very interesting questions with obviously no firm answers except those we deduce from the writings and evidence garnered so far. Good luck and decide for yourselves. I borrowed a commentary from other site about the book of Enoch since it had references in the Bible you can check out for yourself.

commentary from EternalWorddotorg on May 31, 2008
The book of the "watchers" from Enoch the Prophet (the 7th from Adam)
"Genesis 5:24
And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.
Hebrews 11:5By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God.
Jude 1:14 And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints."

Part I

Part II

Part III

Vatic Note 2: I have included below excerpts from a site that is promoting a book which goes into much more detail and explanations about the book of Enoch, that you might want to visit. I found it illuminating and necessary to understanding what important role Enoch played in the Jewish Religion prior to the catholic Church's removal of that book as heretical. I also find his writings more supportive of alien influence and existance than I thought would be the case, thus supporting the Sumarian writings of early times. Also, Enochs being taken alive by "God" from heaven, also supports the possibility of alien retreival of their hybrids, if that is the case. That is simply my humble opinion. But clearly there is reason for the man controlled church to eliminate the full 5 books of Enoch from the Bible, so its up to you to decide why you believe they did that. So check out the site at:

ENOCH: The Book Behind the Bible

and pay special attention to these excerpts:

"For years we have only heard that “Enoch walked with God, and God took him.” Of course, these are strange words, and really not understood.

If it is true that “Enoch really did walk with God” it would be inconceivable to think that he didn’t learn anything, would it not? And if he was shown the end from the beginning, he would not keep that to himself, would he?
With the knowledge that he had been given, and if he knew that he would be the father of all people living, one would think that he would want us to know something about our future, wouldn’t he? Of course, he would – being a right-doer and appointed as a King of Righteousness over the earth during his day — he would carry an awesome responsibility to pass on what he knew to his offspring.
This 192-page book contains his testimonies, dreams, visions and understanding that he received to pass on to us. Read this which he wrote at the very beginning of his writings …

And Enoch, a right-doing man whose eyes were opened by EL (God), saw the vision of the Holy One in the heavens, took up his parable and said,
“The Messengers showed me. From them I heard everything, and from them I understood as I saw, but not for this generation, but for a remote one which is to come.”
One book, written by our father Enoch. contains the revelations that we need to understand the times and the events that will happen at the end of this age. He wrote these prophecies and revelations and passed them down through his sons to make them available for US – who live at the end time of this age!
This book is a newly revised and edited version of the a translation made at the start of the 20th century. Obsolete and archaic words were replaced by modern day synonyms. “King James English” words and phrases were removed and replaced by plain English. In some places the translators made some errors and typos or did not understand what they were translating. These passages are now clear and plain.
The goal was to “write down truthfully the words” of Enoch, in the English language.
The “Book of Enoch” was quoted and referenced by Moses and the Prophets and the Apostles. The revelations given to Enoch showed more than the ages, but what was going to happen down through the ages and concerning the times yet in our future.
He was given the entire history and plan of human existence.
What you will learn from “Enoch: The Book Behind the Bible”
  • What events mark the “Weeks” or ages of human existence including the events of the end times?
  • What role does the Revealed Calendar play regarding the End Times?
  • What terrible things happened in the second age (a major end-time that Enoch called “the first end”) that nearly destroyed the world?
  • What is the origin of “clean” and “unclean” animals and what does that mean for us today?
  • What is the real and hidden meaning of “Yom Kippur” and what does that have to do with the end time?
  • What will the righteous and elect do in the next age?
  • What happened before the universe was created?
  • Why will there not be any wicked in “the reign of the heavens.” What does that really mean? (Clue: not Dante’s Hell)
If you are a student of the Scriptures, this is one book you should not be without. It contains “Keys to knowledge and wisdom.” This also contains critical information that religious leaders don’t want you know and have attempted to keep from you.
But Enoch saw this problem, and wrote these words concerning the attempts to quash his testimony:
“And now I know this mystery, that wrong-doers will twist and pervert the words of right doing in many ways, and will speak wicked words, and lie and practice great deceits, and write books concerning their words.
But when those write down truthfully all my words in their languages, and do not change or take away anything from my words but write them all down truthfully, all that I first testified concerning them, then I know another mystery that books will be given to the right-doers and the wise to become a cause of joy and uprightness and much wisdom. To them will the books be given. And they will believe in them and rejoice over them. Then will all the right-doers, who have learned from them all the paths of uprightness, be rewarded.” (From Enoch 104)
Enoch: The Book Behind the Bible is a fulfillment of that prophecy!
It contains the Five Books of Enoch. (This is a pattern followed by Moses when he wrote the Five Books of Moses.) Enoch was also known by Daniel, and the other Prophets, and also by the Jewish Apostles who quoted directly from Enoch, giving Enoch the status of Scripture.

No other document carries such great importance for the times in which we live than the Five Books of Enoch.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and resear


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Short Selling Ban, Good Or Bad?


Earlier this month, after several consecutive days of sheer panic, 4 European Governments ended up deciding to outlaw short selling on their financial securities. This was following impressive declines as rumors of high exposure to lower quality Italian and Spanish debt. Regulators and bank managers were putting out messages about these rumors and trying to calm the markets but those had been unsuccessful. What happened on that Thursday when rumors started emerging of a ban of short selling? The markets rallied big time finishing the day significantly higher with the run keeping up the next day.

It would certainly seem to have been a great decision to stop these vicious short sellers. But was it really?

Why Banning Short Selling Was A Good Thing?

-Temporary Rise: There is no doubt that this puts upward pressure on stock prices. Why? Because not only do short sellers need to cover their position (buy) but it also gives confidence to current and future investors that the downward pressure will be much lower.

-Less Rumors: While it is illegal to do, everyone knows that short sellers are very keen on having rumors (true or false) about their short positions. In the case of banks, the risk to the economy certainly exists as any run on a bank would create panic in the entire country and perhaps worldwide. Having a healthy bank go down because of such rumors would be tragic and dangerous.

Good In The Short Term But Bad Over Time?

-Past Success: It is far from the first time that such temporary measures have been adopted and you will have a lot of trouble finding anyone who’s found that it has worked. Why?

-Short Sellers Can Still Act: Through ETF’s or derivatives such as options, it is rather easy for those selling to keep the same exposure as they had even when a ban occurs.

-Market Confidence: In many ways, moves like this are signs of panic by governments and regulators which is not good in the medium to long term because it scares off investors that prefer investing in “safer” markets.

-Confidence In The Banks: Banks such as Societe Generale depend on confidence for much more than their stock price. Can you imagine all of their short term trades and off market funding requirements that are done every day. Any lack of confidence will cause some of their counterparts to either avoid trading with them or increase collateral calls. The main problem remains the issues (sovereign debt risk), not the short selling.

-Reduces Market Efficiency: Short sellers can have a very positive impact in the markets in improving pricing efficiency. Through my own long and short trading for example, I try to determine under priced and overpriced securities. That is generally the case for short sellers as they usually have some other position going against the short.

End Of The Line Impact

I personally think that it will take some time to judge the results of this latest ban on short selling and by time I mean months or years. I personally disagree with the idea but perhaps if it is done for a very short amount of time in order to avoid panic, it could work well. What are your thoughts on short selling?

Tuesday 30 August 2011

Bank Robbers, Then and Now


Old Days


"Because that's where the money is."

(Image: source)

"Willie Sutton" (Wikipedia)

William "Willie" Sutton (June 30, 1901 - November 2, 1980) was a prolific U.S. bank robber. During his forty year criminal career he stole an estimated $2 million, and eventually spent more than half his adult life in prison. For his talent at executing robberies in disguises, he gained two nicknames, "Willie the Actor" and "Slick Willie." When not disguised, Sutton was an immaculate dresser.


Sutton is famously known for answering a reporter, Mitch Ohnstad, who asked why he robbed banks by saying, "because that's where the money is." The quote formed the basis of Sutton's law, often taught to medical students.

Modern Times


"I rob to survive."

"Man Arrested in String of 12 Valley Bank Robberies" (

PHOENIX - An unemployed man accused of holding up 12 banks in the metropolitan Phoenix area told authorities that he drank alcohol before each holdup to work up his courage, saying: "I rob to survive."

Cristian Alfredo Urquijo was arrested on 16 counts of armed robbery and using a firearm while committing a crime, authorities said Tuesday. He was indicted Thursday in the alleged spree over a 10-month period.

His Phoenix-based attorney, Candace Hewitt Kent, did not immediately return a call.

In a criminal complaint written last month, FBI Special Agent Geoffrey Young said Urquijo admitted to the robberies and said he drank alcohol before each of them.

He said he had been laid off from his job, according to the complaint.

Free Rain Barrel reduces city’s water AND energy needs


We wrote about rain barrel’s a few years ago in our post “Start collecting free water“, but the city of West Palm Beach, FL is offering something better: free water and a free rain barrel!

The City of West Palm Beach Public Utilities Department is pleased to offer a FREE pilot program for rain barrels and cisterns for City of West Palm Beach residential water customers. Applications will be accepted through September 12. A lottery drawing will be done per Commission District and for Palm Beach and South Palm Beach and winners will be notified before October 1st. Lottery winners will complete a workshop that will address proper installation and use of a rain barrel or cistern and general water conservation techniques.

Please see the Rain Barrel Application attached for detailed program information and to apply! Please make sure you meet the eligibility requirements and can comply with the program requirements before applying. Applications can be submitted by saving the completed application to your computer and attaching to an email to or mailed.

I would love to see the economic impact from the city’s point of view of how free rain barrels reduce the impact on water demand and waste-water processing over a 20 year time horizon.

But not only is the City of West Palm Beach going to save water, they’re also going to reduce air pollution from coal fired power plants! Processing water requires significant amounts of energy, see Scientific American’s great article titled, How Saving Energy Means Conserving Water in U.S. West.

This truly looks like a sustainability win/win! Why isn’t your city doing more for sustainability? I would call your city council and find out.

Comet Elenin and The Hopi Blue Star Kachina Prophecy


Your Own World Radio with Marshall Masters

Tuesday, August 30, 20115
Chat Room + Call In

GUEST: Will Blueotter, White Roots of Peace Council

Comet Elenin and The Hopi Blue Star Kachina End Times ProphecyIn the recent video Comet Elenin Forecast for 9/2011 to 1/2012 and the Hopi Blue Star Kachinaby Marshall Masters, a the case is made that this approaching object may just be the dreaded harbinger of Hopi prophecy. So why does this video focus on Hopi prophecy for these times as opposed to other sources, more familiar to many? In a word, experience.

When times are good, prophecy is generally viewed as a puzzle to pass the time. However, when events bring us face-to-face with our own mortality and the fragility of the complex civilization we’ve built, that quickly changes. This is when we turn to familiar sources, such as the Bible or predictions by notable seers like Nostradamus. Yet, shouldn’t we cast our nets a bit further?

If so, the old axiom, “consider the source” offers us a clear litmus test. What it tells us about the prophecies and predictions of the Bible, Nostradamus and other known Western sources, is that they were all given long after the last global cataclysm occurred – that being the Ten Plagues of Exodus.

So how does Native American prophecy compare? Here is where the source ancestry is the strongest possible because the prophecies of ancient indigenous peoples such as the Hopi, are the direct result of what their ancient ancestors experienced during previous global cataclysms. Furthermore, these prophecies are celebrated with ancient living folklore that predates Western sources of prophecy as well.

To help put this in perspective with an inside view of how Native Americans see our present times, Will Blueotter of the White Roots of Peace Council will explain end times from their perspective and what they’re doing about it. GO

Jail Time for Facebook Crimes


Behind Bars for Facebook Crimes

There have now been a number of sentences set for so-called “Facebook crimes”; that is, attempts using Facebook and other social media to organise rioting, or looting, or other criminal activity.

Or, as has been claimed, joking about attempts to organise rioting, or looting, or other criminal activity.

Or, attempting to organise rioting, or looting, or other criminal activity, and in some way not really meaning it to happen.

Here are some of the sentences I have met in the news, ranging from the serious to the trivial.

David Glyn Jones, 21, Four Months, Guilty Plea

David Glyn Jones received a four-month sentence for suggesting riots in Bangor on Facebook. He pled guilty plea to an offence under the Communications Act. He was sentenced in a Magistrates’ Court, which cannot pass sentences beyond 6 months in jail.

A 21-year-old man has been jailed for four months after posting an invitation to start a riot which appeared on Facebook for 20 minutes.

David Glyn Jones, of Bangor, Gwynedd, told friends: “Let’s start Bangor riots,” Caernarfon magistrates heard.

His words on Facebook:

”I don’t see why everyone’s complaining about the rioters. Given the chance I’d love to smash up a police car, wouldn’t you?”

His words afterwards:

Jones, who admitted an offence under the Communications Act, did not think it would be taken seriously, his solicitor said.

Jordan Blackshaw, 21, and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan, 22, Four Years, Guilty Plea

Jordan Blackshaw and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan pled guilty to charges under the Sections 44 and 46 of the Serious Crime Act, which allows ‘incitement’ of a crime to be tried the same way as actually committing the crime. These charges carry a maximum sentence of 10 years in jail where riot is encouraged.

Two men from Cheshire have been jailed for four years each for using Facebook to incite disorder during riots in England last week.

Jordan Blackshaw, 21, of Vale Road, Marston and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan, 22, of Richmond Avenue, Warrington, were jailed at Chester Crown Court.

Blackshaw’s words:

The Crown Prosecution Service said Blackshaw had created a Facebook event called “Smash d[o]wn in Northwich Town”, intended for the receipt of the “Mob Hill Massive Northwich Lootin’”. The page went on to specify a meeting time and place of 9 August, between 13:00 and 16:00 BST, “behind maccies” – thought to be the McDonald’s restaurant in Northwich town centre.

His words afterwards:

“Chris Johnson said: “Jordan originally set up the Facebook site for a joke, which he accepts was in bad taste and inappropriate, and he is remorseful.”

(Note, Jordan Blackshaw is appealing his sentence.)

Sutcliffe-Keenan’s words:

Sutcliffe-Keenan, meanwhile, created a Facebook page calling on people to “riot” on 10 August. His message went out to 400 contacts on the site, but he took down the page the following morning, claiming the post had been a joke.

Joshua Moulinie, 19, No Charge, write a Letter of Apology
Joshua Moulinie's  Local Spar
Joshua Moulinie’s Local Spar (credit: Sky News)

Joshua Moulinie was

Joshua Moulinie posted a message on his Facebook wall urging people to damage the Spar store in his home town of Bream, Forest of Dean.

But instead of facing the courts, Mr Moulinie – who said it was a “blatant joke” – was told to write a letter of apology to the shop owner

His words afterwards:

“It was a very, very blatant joke. I’m not sorry at all for it. I’m sorry for the reaction it caused, but not for the action,” he said. ”Also can I make it very clear I never intended to riot.”

What to make of that?

The defences – perhaps more accurately ‘mitigation’, given the consistent Guilty pleas – are all of the ’just a joke‘, ’moment of madness‘, ’didn’t expect to be taken seriously‘ variety. How are the Courts to know whether these were genuine or not? What would you expect anyone to say?

It’s also worth noting that the “four years” is actually more likely to be 2 years for good behaviour, and has already – I think – been reduced from six years for the Guilty plea. Equally the 4 month sentence was originally longer, and he will be free after around 9 weeks.

My take is that – far from showing an ’outbreak of totalitarian behaviour from a clearly politically motivated Police and Judiciary’ that has been claimed – we have the Judiciary taking the circumstances of each incident into account, and passing sentences which seem quite sensible.

Terms are reportedly about 25% heavier. Again, for a context of Civil Disorder where lives have been at risk, or have been lost, and ordinary people have been terrorised, I’m not going to quarrel with that.

I have no particular problem with a sentence of around 5 years for people aiming to organise a riot. Blackshaw and Sutcliffe-Keenan aimed was to replicate riots which, elsewhere in the and only a day before, had caused ordinary people to be burned out of their homes while they were still inside them, and other people to be killed.

The Serious Crime Act provides for attempts to organise a riot to be sentenced on the basis as actually succeeding in organising one, and 5-6 years is a not unreasonable sentence where the riots have been the most serious in the UK for 30-50 years.

Equally, I have no particular problem with Joshua Moulinie’s slap on the wrist for his ‘joke’. Perhaps he won’t be such an idiot next time.

Lessons to take away?
One lesson here is blatantly obvious: don’t make jokes about looting shops and burning down people’s houses at a time shops are being looted and homes burnt down not far away, and technology you use to make the jokes is being used to organise crimes simultaneously.

Another is that our legal system is treating speech online and on Social Media as part of the normal everyday course of conversation.

So if you try and set up a crime on Facebook, via Blackberry or on Twitter, you will be treated in the same way as if you had done it in a pub, down the market, or in your lounge.

Now that – the Internet as merely another communication channel in society - I welcome.

Copyright © 2011
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Jail Time for Facebook Crimes is a post from: Anna Raccoon



The TEN (seen in red)

"Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom (hereinafter called "the Ten")..."

14 August 2011: As detailed on 5 August 2011 by Hal Lindsey in his MUST SEE 28:30 long video, the above quote is taken directly from a .pdf found on the Western European Union website. "WEO Council Decision at 10" is found on page 2, item number three under the heading "AGREED THE FOLLOWING."
Once again, nothing in English (or French for that matter) makes utterly false the non-Spirit inspired claims of the so-called Eastern Leg-Islamic Antichrist (EL-IA) proponents (i.e. Walid Shoebat and Joel Richardson among others) more than this .pdf document because it absolutely confirms the Word of God from the prophet Daniel and the Revelation of Jesus Christ, both of which we know are ultimately from Almighty God Himself.

Once Again, Thank You Hal Lindsey!

Sand Circle in Qinghai-Tibet Highway


August 17, 2011
(machine translation)
Recently appeared in the Qinghai-Tibet Highway in the desert with a diameter of 2km month cycle,
According to the micro-Bo @ photography introduced in the ER about three hours drive from Xining found on the Gobi Desert,
Rings and lines are very neat and precise symmetry, ravines visual 3-5cm.
Master Chow and his colleagues said last week that the driver has not yet appeared,
When living within this great cycle of time,
That feels really difficult to use language,
Like aiens to.
This article comes from: the awakening Torrent Address:

The Olympic Torch 2012


olympic torch

New World Order News Alert: How “They” turned People into Dumb-Downed Debt Slaves…


Uploaded by YAHUSHA4me on 10 Jul 2011

Want to heist the heisters, and hurt them in their pocket, the way they plan to hurt you in yours? Then buy silver NOW!!! ALL that you could. Forget about the food and guns, and concentrate solely on silver, while the price is still affordable, and stay tuned...

Instead of looking up for Planet X, Nibiru and Comet ELEnin, open your eyes and look straight in front of you.

Welcome to the New World Order.

One World Government. One World Religion One World Currency.

Plan A? Pull off the Greatest Heist in this Millennium.

How? Tell everyone that their money is useless paper, and to exchange it for gold, silver, guns and food, then default on the national debt, and throw America to the IMF wolves, and then confiscate their gold, silver, guns and food.

What is mortals' one weakness? The need to eat food and drink water.

Plan B? Wipe all food and drinkable water from off of the planet by the creation of floods, droughts and other disasters, then strip farmers of their land, and outlaw the growing of food and the raising of herds, to cause the people to have no other choice than to come to Pharaoh, and sell all that they have and then themselves for food and water in order to survive.

Humberside Police use Facebook to spy on people


by Frank Manning

Humberside Police have raised fresh privacy concerns by allocating police funds to searching through social media sites such as Facebook. More than 60 people have been investigated in the Humberside area, raising fears that these methods will be rolled out around the country using the success of a handful of cases as justification for spying on innocent people.

Chief Superintendent Richard Kerman, the force’s most senior detective, said:

“When I started policing in 1982, there was only land lines available so policing of this nature didn’t exist. But everyone nowadays has the guile to use social networking. Sadly, some use it for criminal purposes.”

Mr Kerman misses the point entirely. For exactly the same reason that the police are not allowed to hack in to the phone calls of everyone in the country, they should not be allowed to view private profiles on Facebook. The huge rise in social networking has had a multitude of advantages, but now it seems the state wants to control it. On the one hand there is the scandalous attempt to shut down Twitter, a bastion of up-to-the-minute news, during times of social unrest despite the obvious advantages to concerned citizens. But simultaneously the police want to spy on innocent people using the very same websites.

This is a worrying development. Once again police resources are being spent on the surveillance of ordinary innocent people rather than keeping a police presence on the street. If it is acceptable to spy on civilians on Facebook, is it OK for the police to read private emails or record phone conversations? Once again, the capture of a few criminals is used as the justification for increasingly intrusive measures by the state.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Tuesday, August 23, 2011: (St. Rose of Lima)
Jesus said: “My people, you remember well your garbage collection day because you plan to accumulate your waste paper, garbage, and garden refuse to get taken away. You also have some garbage that rots and you are happy to get rid of the stench as well. In the spiritual life you also have the garbage of your sins and your excess baggage of addictions that you need to dispose of as well. You may not smell the stench of your sins, but they offend Me greatly in the darkness of your soul. Just as you have a garbage collection day, you usually have Saturday as the day for Confession where you can unload your sins with Me and I can cleanse the darkness of sin from your soul. Once you have confessed your sins, I will forgive you and restore My graces to your soul, where it will then be pure and white. Once you are fully restored to good spiritual health, then your soul will be pleasing for Me to look at, and your soul will smell like roses instead of a foul odor of sin. Once your physical garbage cans are emptied, it is a relief to have it removed. In the same way when you leave the confessional, you have a joy of My love returned to your soul. This is why I am constantly urging you to keep your soul pure by frequent Confession.”

Monday, August 22, 2011


Monday, August 22, 2011: (Queenship of Mary)
Mary said: “My dear children, I am confirming the miracle of my real eyes being shown in this vision and on the picture in your possession. Many of my feast days have been renamed and even put in different months. You now have my Queenship after my Assumption into heaven. Whenever you celebrate my feast days, I am still here in heaven thanking you, and watching out for your souls. I am truly your Blessed Mother, and I watch out for my children with my mantle of protection. I have given you many messages and apparitions to prepare my children for the end times. So now you need to heed my warnings and preparations for the tribulation that is almost upon you.”

Jesus said: “My people, when you see yourself in the mirror, you are seeing how other people see you. This is why you need to lead a holy life as a good example for others. You need to live your faith in the same way that you preach, so you are not a hypocrite in your actions. If you are going to be an evangelist of souls for Me, then you need to get your spiritual life in order. Even as you see yourself in the mirror, you can think of some of your bad moments of sin. You can go to Confession for the sins you can remember, or even do a general Confession of your old sins that bother you the most so you can let them go. This will be a good preparation for the coming Warning so it will go easier for you at your mini-judgment. Many souls will find a healing of their hearts at their Warning experience, and they will have a second chance to change their lives for the better. So do not be so quick to criticize someone, when you have enough to work on with your own faults.”

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Sunday, August 21, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, in the morning at Mass you can look out of the church window to see My sun welcoming you to a new day in My Light. Even as you see this Light, you are also seeing the Son of God shining My graces into your heart and soul when you receive Me in Holy Communion. As St. Peter acknoweledged Me in today’s Gospel: ‘You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.’ so I ask My people to acknowledge Me in faith also. By opening the door to your heart for Me, you are welcoming My Light into your life to lead you to heaven. It is this richness of My graces that I give you which should give you My joy and peace to have no fear of anything in this life. In the Gospel you also saw Me giving the keys of My kingdom to St. Peter as well as giving him the power to forgive sins in Confession. I give you Myself in Holy Communion, but I allow you to keep your soul clean by coming to Me in the priest so I can forgive your sins. Even as you leave the confessional, you are joy filled to be in complete harmony with My love. I want all of My children to have My joy and peace in your heart and soul. You can remain close to Me by receiving Me in My sacraments.”

Monday 29 August 2011

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France and Italy Compete over Libyan Prize


Silvio Berlusconi (R) and Nicolas Sarkozy (L)

The race for Libya’s vast oil wealth is gathering momentum. States who worked together during the NATO airstrikes are now working against each other in the battle to secure lucrative energy contracts.

­Meanwhile, fears are rising that a new regime in Libya could easily slide into corruption.

Half a billion dollars from Italy, and now a whopping $1.5 billion from the UN in unfrozen Libyan assets – on top of $300 million dollars from Turkey.

As discussions abound about the future of a post-Gaddafi Libya, it is the money that has been talking the loudest.

“Governments have a strong interest in opening up new channels for opening up business again and everybody is racing for this,” says Lucca Galassi, a journalist from “The French have Total and have other companies like Alcatel, Ariva and even train companies that are operating there.”

Italy’s foreign minister has denied that there is a race on with France to be the first on the ground to restart business in Libya, but the Italians have made clear their eagerness to maintain the extremely close trade ties they enjoyed under the Gaddafi regime.

But as the money begins to flow to help fund the National Transitional Council as it takes power, a big question mark remains over who exactly owns the vast funds.

“Now in Gaddafi’s state, which is coming to an end, the borderline between the private wealth of the Gaddafi family and the private wealth of the state were not very clear, so its hard to say how much of this money was a direct emanation of Gaddafi’s private wealth and how much of it could be categorized as Libyan assets in general,” says journalist Fabricio Moronta.

The Gaddafi family was often accused of using Libya’s riches as their own personal pocket money. Now there are concerns that the unfreezing of Libyan assets without effective monitoring could open the floodgates to new corruption.

“Libya is now a land of opportunities and everybody is trying to, I would say, loot. It is a sort of looting. They are trying to exploit this war as best as they can,” Lucca Galassi.

But with lucrative oil, gas and infrastructure projects to follow as the war-torn country rebuilds, everyone, it seems, wants a slice of the action.

“A war is a moment of opportunities, of making profits. Nowadays a war is indispensable for Western economies, Western industries. You destroy, you rebuild, you destroy, you rebuild. It’s like a vicious circle,” Lucca Galassi says.

And it is not just Italy that has been trying to keep the National Transitional council on side.

Marinella Correggia, an eco-peace activist who was in Libya earlier this month, says France is already ahead of Italy in the race for oil deals.

“France has spent €160 million on this war but has already contracts with the CNT for $28 billion,” she told RT. “Italy has only contracts for $1.5 billion because maybe it did not do that much [there]. So, always economy is making the wars, and greed is making wars”.

Like it or not, for many Western countries a post-war Libya is going to mean big business.


Saturday, August 20, 2011


Saturday, August 20, 2011: (St. Bernard)
Jesus said: “My people, you have been reading of the Moabite woman, Ruth, who was a daughter-in-law of Noemi. Ruth has a book of the Bible on her life as she later married Booz of Bethlehem, and had a son, Obed. This vision of bleachers shows a succession of steps even as you see the line of succession leading up to King David. This genealogy of David even leads up to My own line of succession through St. Joseph and My Blessed Mother. (Matt. 1:5) ‘Salmon begot Booz of Rahab. Booz begot Obed of Ruth, Obed begot Jesse, Jesse begot David the King.’ By reading this history in the Bible, you can understand how My plan of salvation for all of mankind was planned through many years of generations of man. Matthew’s account leads from Abraham through St. Joseph at the beginning chapter. St. Luke’s account of generations starts with St. Joseph and goes back even to Adam. (Luke 3:23-38) After Adam’s sin which cast him out of the Garden of Eden, there was a promise of a redeemer. I am that Redeemer, and all of history gives notice to My salvation as you record events either before or after My life on earth. Even the atheists among you are trying to remove My mark on history by replacing B.C. and A.D. with before and after the Common Era. Give praise and thanks to your Redeemer who has died for your sins so heaven is open to all those who believe in Me and ask for My forgiveness of their sins.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you this large pipe organ with its many pipes. Each pipe is unique with its specific frequency, tone, and loudness. This relates to the billions of people I have created who also have a unique set of skills. Each person has a unique mission, and I have matched his or her specific skills to fit that person’s mission. So do not think that you are not important because only you can achieve your mission. This is why it is so important not to kill My babies with abortion because these babies also have unique skills and you are denying My Will and My plan for these babies to carry out their missions. Killing people or infants in the womb are mortal sins, and these sins require forgiveness, or there is a risk of that soul being lost to hell. I have a plan for every life, and man should not thwart My plans, or he will face the consequences. Rejoice that you are unique and no one else is like you.”

Brightest supernova in 40 years appears


Berkeley scientists this week discovered a new supernova, closer to Earth than any seen in the last 40 years, and believe they’ve spotted it within hours of its explosion.

Astronomers are now scrambling to observe it with as many telescopes as possible, including the Hubble Space Telescope, and it’s likely to remain a major target for research for the next decade or more.

Dubbed PTF 11kly, the supernova is about 21 million light-years away in the Pinwheel Galaxy, in the Ursa Major constellation. It was discovered by the Palomar Transient Factory (PTF) survey, which uses a robotic telescope mounted on the 48-inch Samuel Oschin Telescope to scan the sky nightly.

“We caught this supernova very soon after explosion. PTF 11kly is getting brighter by the minute. It’s already 20 times brighter than it was yesterday,” says Peter Nugent, the senior scientist at Berkeley Lab who first spotted it.

“Observing PTF 11kly unfold should be a wild ride. It is an instant cosmic classic.”

Within 12 hours of its discovery, PTF 11kly had been observed by other telescopes around the globe, and it was found tobelong to the Type Ia category. Indeed, this is the earliest spectrum ever taken of a Type Ia supernova.

“Type Ia supernova are the kind we use to measure the expansion of the Universe. Seeing one explode so close by allows us to study these events in unprecedented detail,” says Mark Sullivan of Oxford University, one of the first to follow up on the discovery.

The Hubble Space Telescope will begin studying the supernova’s chemistry and physics this weekend.

“When you catch them this early, mixed in with the explosion you can actually see unburned bits from star that exploded! It is remarkable,” says Andrew Howell of UC Santa Barbara/Las Cumbres Global Telescope Network.

“We are finding new clues to solving the mystery of the origin of these supernovae that has perplexed us for 70 years. Despite looking at thousands of supernovae, I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

The supernova is still getting brighter, and may even be visible with good binoculars in ten days’ time.

“The best time to see this exploding star will be just after evening twilight in the Northern hemisphere in a week or so,” says Sullivan. “You’ll need dark skies and a good pair of binoculars, although a small telescope would be even better.”

PTF scientists have discovered more than 1,000 supernovae since it started operating in 2008 – but say this could be their most significant discovery yet. The last time a supernova of this sort occurred so close was in 1986, but that one was peculiar and heavily obscured by dust.

“Before that, you’d have to go back to 1972, 1937 and 1572 to find more nearby Type Ia supernovae,” says Nugent.


Friday, August 19, 2011


Friday, August 19, 2011: (St. John Eudes)
Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you in the vision about body protection as in a baseball catcher in contrast to protection for the soul. For your body you may wear a hat to protect your body from sunburn. You wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, and in winter you wear boots, gloves, and a heavy coat to keep from freezing. These are some of your defenses to protect your body from harm. There are also sacramentals that you can wear to defend yourself from the temptations of the demons. You can wear your blessed scapular, your rosary, relics of the saints or My cross, and even holy water or blessed salt. These are all of your weapons to defend your soul from the evil ones. You are contrasting ways to protect your body from being killed vs. ways to keep the soul from being dead in mortal sin. Your body is mortal, so there is nothing you can do when the body dies. But the soul is immortal so it lives on forever. When you commit mortal sin, your soul becomes dead to Me spiritually, because you are without My grace. You are fortunate that I give you My sacrament of Penance or Confession, so you can come to Me in the priest of Confession and be cleansed of your sins with grace renewed in your soul. So there is no excuse why you need to remain in your sin because Confession is available to you in My priests. So do not delay in bringing your soul back to spiritual life with Me, or you could risk losing your soul in hell. But it is even more important that you need to be in constant love of Me so I can help you in your earthly mission. Be sorry for your sins, and ask My forgiveness for having offended Me in your sins. By keeping close to Me in My sacraments and with your sacramentals, you can protect the spiritual life of your soul.”

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you messages about the seven levels of heaven, and I have even asked you to strive for the higher levels. This tiered cake has the bottom layers larger and the top layers are getting smaller. It requires more effort and graces to achieve the higher levels of heaven. Each level of the cake as it goes up, decreases in size, and this design is a close measure of the population of souls at each level of heaven. Each soul in heaven has a place that I have prepared, and a level that I have chosen as well, based on the soul’s mission and accomplishments. Be grateful if you come to heaven, for many are called, but few are chosen. My saints are replacing the places vacated by the evil angels who chose not to serve Me and were cast into hell. Many of My eventual saints had to be purified in purgatory before they were worthy enough to enter heaven. As you strive to gain heaven, remember to keep your soul pure by frequent Confession, and keep close to Me in your daily prayers. The more good works that you have stored up in heaven, the easier it will go for you at your judgment.”

You wanted equality, you just got it


The endless plundering of our money by the State is about to take a new twist.

Since the end of the second World War, the State has grown to immense proportions. The fabian logic being that the State can provide all for all, as long as everything belongs to the state. It can redistribute wealth to those unable or unwilling to earn their own in return for votes. It can provide health, housing, education, justice. It can provide all that is required to keep the citizens happy by taking away the burden of responsibility. All it requires is the power to take your money.
This week saw the Treasury plunder the bank accounts of British citizens in Switzerland, grabbing hard earned money for itself whilst declaring those who place their wealth beyond the reaches of Government "parasites". The irony was not lost on me. The 50p tax rate will stay, meaning that more than half of the labour of a successful citizen is now purely to keep the States ability to redistribute his wealth to others.
Except it isn't.
There will no longer be wealth redistribution. The State is now abandoning the Fabian principles of steal from the rich and give to the feckless. No, the State is not giving to anyone. It is hoarding our wealth. Drastic cuts (sic) designed to place the responsibility of services once again upon the individual are not resulting in tax cuts or incentives to business. The claim of ownership by the State to all our money is not changing, it is increasing.
Unemployed childless citizens, long despised by the state as unproductive and "zero yield" are now being forced to pay full Council tax. The contempt of the Plantation Owner for those not "leveraging synergies" is about to become highly visible. The consequences will be interesting.
For decades, the "poor" have been shielded by subsidies, tax credits and handouts - from the State. It was not their concern that it was all paid for by those who earned their money or borrowed from future generations. Entitlement was engraved in the "have nots", just as we are now seeing the ruthless state demand "entitlement" over our money. All of it.
The Danegeld paid to keep the lower orders peaceful is no longer to be paid and they will now face what the rest of us face. Full exposure to the grasping claw of Government. No stone is to be left unturned as Osborne scrambles to find the finances necessary to keep the beast fed, and yes, the poor are shortly to realise that the benevolent State, the generous all providing Nanny that has poured endless billions in keeping them voting the right way has suddenly turned nasty.
No point in the left screaming that the rich should pay more. The rich are rich because they know how to earn and acquire wealth. No point in fleecing the middle earners. Their disposable incomes are already at record lows and their desire to endlessly consume is fading. The housing market has collapsed and they are busy repaying their credit binges.
So the state is now going after the childless poor. Those most useless of citizens. Those wastrels of no value to the exchequer will finally be exposed to the full demands of the greedy Beast of Government.
It will amuse me to watch the anger shift. Those who were happy for me to pay for Diversity Coordinators are about to be handed the bills. Those who had no concern that the state was growing faster than a primary tumour because they benefited from it are going to feel the cold icy grasp of the Treasury turning its all seeing eye to them. Whilst they cheered when Osborne raided the offshore accounts in Zurich, they will howl when Osborne raids their benefits and subsidies for cash.
The treasury will not allow the luxury of "class" to stand in the way. The beast is hungry, it sees no divisions and will seek sustenance wherever it finds it.
Sorry guys, you wanted equality from the State, you just got it. We are finally all equal under the State. Free to be robbed, taxed, threatened and abused. Freedom is slavery after all
"Arbeit Macht Frei"

Hurricane Irene and Seven Temblors of September 2011


Hurricane Irene.

We approach what may be the most volatile month of the year. My oracle calls it the month of seven seismic events. These are not just natural disasters of earthquakes and tsunamis. There will be quakes in human habit shaking the foundations of nations and economies.

Today I will briefly define each of them, but before we go forward into next month’s earth-shaking events, August still has some life in it as a month to remember in a year to remember that my oracle foresaw would experience the intensity of the quickening of climate change and history redoubled from intense 2010.

August started with the S&P depreciating US credit credibility, sparking a plunge in stock exchanges across the world. Rumbles of a default looming for Italy and Spain added more EU “eeeyoooos!” of market anguish.

Then came the mid-August economic yo-yos in global stocks rising and falling hundreds of points.

Then months of Syrian unrest escalated to what I will predict today is the Middle East’s second “Sunni Awakening” – though unlike what happened in Iraq. In Iraq, such a political awakening lead to a pacification of sectarian civil violence.

The Syrian Sunni majority is a sleeping giant finally mad as hell and not willing to take it anymore from a dictatorship run by the minority Shia Alawite clan of Bashar al-Assad. They take to the streets across the country now, bullets or no bullets pumped into their bodies by the Alawi controlled army and secret police stopping the momentum heading for a climax in September.

Then events in August played their astrologically prophetic part influenced by the year-defining square of Uranus in Aries 90 degrees Pluto in Capricorn that suddenly pulled down Muhammar Gaddafi’s regime in Tripoli, Libya.

The regime evaporated! The consequence of this is a classic Uranian aftermath: something murky and at any moment going to turn a topsy-turvy twist for unexpected good or evil. At the time of this writing Gaddafi is out of power, yet he commands diehard forces firing rocket-propelled ambushes in an urban guerilla war in Tripoli.

Could any more volatility stimulate this most kick-backed of all summer months? In August, history habitually goes on vacation taking a summer break on the beach, working on that a tan and tank top or bikini Okie stripes.

Then the US eastern seaboard shook rattled and rolled from its first significant quake in 114 years, centered outside of Washington DC and felt across 22 states.

The Washington DC National Cathedral missing some shaft.

Church and State, Washington DC style, suffered symbolic phallic damage to match its leadership loss in credibility. The city’s main cathedral where heads of state pray and eulogize their departed and/or assassinated presidents got the heads of their shafted spires snapped off by the 5.8 temblor. Even Washington’s biggest marble wang, the Washington Monument, needs some structural engineered limestone Viagra to close a five-foot crack splitting its tip. No tourist will be climbing up this great white shaft. It will be closed indefinitely. If Hurricane Irene does not flatten its erection with her big blow, soon you will see this quasi-penile symbol of political power set in a sling of scaffolding and like the government it represents, it will become a political symbol of structural default needing repair.

The symbolic male member all cracked up. Now what more Mother Natured wickedness comes this way?

A feminine archetype to close August with perhaps the storm of a lifetime for 55 million people crowding the heavily populated coasts of North Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, New York City, Long Island and New England. Here comes Hurricane Irene to finish August off with a punctuation of natural catastrophe!

2011 – The Year of 12 Catastrophes
I think I first called 2011 the above on an appearance on Coast to Coast AM in April. Up to that point, each month in 2011 had endured one significant as well as historically unique economic, political or natural disaster that in any other normal year would be a year-defining annual event.

In January 2001, a great cyclone and monsoonal flood inundated Queensland and much of the eastern Australian outback. See Queensland flood.

In February, natural disasters swung into political disasters for dictators as the “Arab Spring” sprang, taking down Mubarak’s regime in Egypt, the most heavily populated and culturally influential Arab state. See Egyptian Revolution.

March endured the great Japanese quake, tsunami and resultant nuclear disaster at Fukushima. To me that is one disaster with three hydra-headed dimensions of catastrophe. See Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

On came April and a US tornado season that up to that time was unusually quiet. Suddenly it exploded into the most deadly outbreak of tornadoes in over 60 years, with EF 4 and 5 tornadoes a half mile in diameter killing hundreds of people especially in Alabama and also in Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina. See tornado.

Then came May and the historic floods rolling down the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers vying for first place in the disaster sweepstakes with the EF5 tornado that flattened Joplin Missouri. See Mississippi flooding.

Then came the climax of months of great fires in the US southwest and Florida along with a biblical, triple-digit heat wave spread across much of the central, southern and eastern United States in June. See heat wave 2011.

There is a crack running down the center of the Washington marble wong.

Then came July and the Watts-ington riot over lifting the debt ceiling – a purely man-made political-economic disaster that along with a looming banking crisis in the EU shook US credibility economically and may have started the Second Recession. See debt ceiling.

Now we are at the tale end of August and it would seem the trend for monthly unique and historic disasters is in a three-way competition between the S&P stock market plunges, the East Coast quake, or another welcomed dictator disaster with Gaddafi’s regime collapse in Libya. However, I think all of this could be shouted down by the shriek of hurricane winds and the thunderous breakers from storm surges flooding the east coast from North Carolina to Manhattan and Long Island New York. Hurricane Irene will be the eighth of 12 catastrophes coming in the year 2011.

Hurricane Irene is just the kind of storm I warned readers of my prophecies for 2010 and Predictions for 2011 would mark Mother Nature’s third world war on human abuse of the planet:

Mother Nature sent a message in 2010, a historic uptick of climate disasters with some significant earthquakes and tsunamis thrown in. But human beings in 2010 lent an ear and more credence to corporate fossil fuel funded propaganda campaigns. A comprehensive Pew poll released in October 2010 discovered only 57% of respondents think there’s evidence of warming (down from 71% in 2009 year), and just 36% think it’s because of human activity (down from 47%).

Indeed that trend will continue in 2011. The human race will descend into deeper denial of climate change just when the first signs of catastrophe draws near…

They will forget about 2010 when faced with even worse climate violence in 2011. They will simply blink at the new norm.

In 2011, we enter year two of World War Three, Mother Nature’s war on us. This isn’t some pagan voodoo threat. The natural world is ill. It’s fighting back madder than ever in 2011. Her fevers will be hotter this coming spring and summer, her chills colder this winter, her flood of monsoon tears and cyclonic rages will redouble from what was seen in 2010.

Predictons for 2011
The Final Chapter: Alarm Bells Sound the Unsustainable

The way this year is going, I wonder if more than 12 catastrophes are coming. I reflect upon this especially after regarding what upheavals could potentially come next month, September 2011. While writing the draft of this article yesterday, the producer of Coast to Coast AM phoned in inviting me to do a three-hour interview on the last night of this month (Wednesday 31 August) with George Noory on this very subject. What follows is a brief overview of what I am going to describe as September, the month of seven “temblors” or “quakes”. In effect there could be seven potential shakeups in politics, the Middle East and/or the global economy ending with a seventh and literal earthquake event at the end of the month that could rival March 2011’s Japanese quake and Pacific tsunami.

I caution that a majority of these shakeups are not so-called “acts of God” like real earthquakes and tsunamis, but acts of human lack of insight and outright stupidity, so these can be tempered down or altogether avoided if more consciousness, patience and understanding is applied. Astrologically speaking, September is once again overshadowed by a very powerful square of Uranus (ruler of revolution and chaos) with Pluto (ruler of generational ages, business, structure and when the degenerate — systemic failures). Both planets in square aspect continue moving backwards in the sky in retrograde motion at the start of September, meaning forward progress is difficult, though introspection into why things are breaking down is made easier. For those who are meditators, who follow the way of the subjective science of self-observation, retrogrades are a great opportunity to look in and understand how the mind, both the individual and collective mind in us, ticks or dysfunctions. However, in the outer world mechanically motivated by blind hubris and programmed habit, this aspect tends to trip up forward progress as it will do in the first half of September.

Then, on 16 September, Pluto (order and economy) takes the mass mind forward out of retrograde whilst Uranus (change and upheaval) remains moving backward on exactly the same day when Jupiter (ruler of higher mind and spirit or religious extremism) returns to its trine (harmonious aspect) with advancing Pluto. Expansive, big-picture loving Jupiter will stay in this trine through 2 December 2011.

Here is a rare moment when I can say something positive about cosmic forces that can aid those open to realizing intuitively what is wrong with the world and how to fix it. This is the force that can turn an American nightmare back into an American dream, if the polarized parties of the Left and Right can see their active part in ideological posturing. Capricorn is about getting down to brass tacks of reality. Structures that work. Engines of industry and politics that seek shared values rather than polarity.

Lord Buddha once said, “The Truth is that which works.”

Temblor tantrums of Mother Nature inundate Japan in March. Will there be more coming in September?

Jupiter transiting the sign of the new Aquarian Age, trined Pluto in Capricorn is showering down upon our heads, be they heads of states or yours or my noggin, that same message.

The truth is that which works.

Seek that truth, and the seven temblors potentially waiting for the world in September 2011 may be greatly modified.

Here they are:

Temblor One – The United Nations Declaring Palestine a State
The United Nations will hold its annual general assembly in September. A motion will be heard to have the entire assembly vote to declare Palestine a sovereign state. This would include lands disputed by Palestinians and Israel in the West Bank and East Jerusalem as well as the Gaza Strip. Such a vote could take place sometime after 13 September through 22 September.

Such a move to push Palestine into statehood reality, devil take the consequences, is typical of a Uranus square Pluto Square, pulling the rug out from under decades of political maneuvering and political foundations embarked since the end of the Persian Gulf War in 1991. The so-called roadmap to Israeli-Palestinian peace will reach a dead end, requiring a new path, or worse, the two nations drive off a cliff.

To what abyss in which the two nations might fall is uncertain. Uranus-Square-Pluto with Jupiter mitigating it by trining Pluto might conjure an unexpected positive result. The UN just declaring Palestine a state could nullifying a process that has been going basically nowhere since the late 1990s. It could force the governments of Israel and Palestine into a fast track peace process because of the consequences waiting in Temblor Six, below. Jupiter’s aid in Pluto until early December might bring a window in time for level headed people to come together now that a State of Palestine exists, to make it work because the alternative is too catastrophic to countenance.

Temblor Two – The Euro Bank Crisis
One of the reasons why this smoldering shock to the world economy did not happen burst into flame in August is because it was “August” — the time Europeans, leaders and led, all generally put business on the shelf and go “out to lunch,” off the wagon and into vacation mode for a month.

Then September comes. The tanned come home from the French, Italian and Spanish Riveras, Biarritz, the sunny spots on Aegean islands. The bronzed procrastinators park their sailboats and suntan lotion returning to their offices and financial institutions where a big bad Euro ass-a-dragon banking crisis is poised, claws clenched, waiting.

Temblor Three – The Return of the Great Recession
In August I listened to the talking heads of Bloomsburg and CNBC have bobble headed ideas about there not being a second recession coming to the US. Part of the problem is they selectively ignore Europe in the equation of a potential US downturn. They selectively ignore the consequences of climate change undermining food prices with crop failures. They ignore the consequences of Hurricane Irene flooding New York and Wall Street. They will have to face these shocks in the aftermath of Irene, in September and factor them into their calculus.

Temblor Four – 2011 Hurricane Season Peaks
Hurricane Irene is the first of several large hurricanes about to visit the United States in a hurricane season that, like the historic tornado season, started quiet and came on late like Godzilla with a hemorrhoid.

In Predictions for 2011, my oracle voiced concern for the next hurricane hit coming around Labor Day in early September, which is the peak month for storms. Another threat spins towards New Orleans and perhaps Houston this time. The oracle was concerned for Haiti as well. The split of Uranus going backward as Pluto goes forward on 16 September makes the latter half of the month particularly violent in hurricane events for the Atlantic seaboard and the Gulf of Mexico all the way to floods and typhoons in China and Southeast Asia.

Temblor Five – Syria in Urban Civil War
Gaddafi’s regime has fallen. Syria’s regime is next and it could come as soon as September or at least begin its collapse next month with all the politically earth shattering consequences to the Middle East in regards to religious civil conflict between the majority Sunni and minority Shia sects of Islam. The Alawi Shia regime is allied to the Persian Iranian Shia regime as conduit for money, weapons and thousands of Iranian-built missiles stockpiled north of the Israeli border in Lebanon by the Shia Hezbullah. The latter fired thousands of these rockets at Israel during the Lebanese War of 2006, the same month-long conflict wherein Hezbullah checked an Israeli counter attack into South Lebanon.

NATO may aid the fall of the al-Assad regime, like Gaddafi’s Libyan “Reich,” with air strikes logistically made possible by US military support. The Obama strategy worked in Libya. My oracle has said for months now that there could be military action in Syria. Perhaps it is coming in September. This leads to the next unnatural earthquake in the Middle East:

Temblor Six – A New Arab-Israeli War?
In Predictions for 2011, my oracle had boldly stated that peace between Arab and Israeli is closer than ever before since the Partition of Palestine in 1947 started the first of many wars to come that launched the creation of the Jewish State of Israel (1948) and the Palestinian diaspora. However, I have also reported over the years that there is still one big Arab-Israeli regional war left in the unsettled hearts of Middle Eastern Arab and Jew. This final catharsis of bloodletting may at last exhaust an altogether inhuman cancer of suppressed anger from the hearts of both. Then, as a consequence of one last and completely wasteful brawl, the next four years will see the clenched fists, exhausted at last, as cousin Jewish and Arab brothers and sisters who call Abraham their Semite ancestor, relax and sign a treaty of mutually assured survival and prosperity.

The push to UN sanctioned Palestinian Statehood could open the conflict with a Palestinian civil war. The jihadist leaning party of HAMAS controls the Gaza Strip. The secularist, conservative Fatah, controls the West Bank. A new Palestinian State would parallel the dysfunctional outcome of another partition from 1947, that of India into West Pakistan, India and East Pakistan.

Statehood brings and East (Fatah controlled West Bank) and a West (HAMAS controlled Gaza Strip) Palestine, with all the same consequences that brought a civil war in the early 1970s fought between East and West Pakistan.

Iran will side with HAMAS as they do not recognize Israel’s right to exist.

A collapse of Syria will isolate Iran’s other ally, Hezbullah, who might then, prompted by Iran, start a new Lebanese war with Israel, only this time with rockets that can reach all the way down range to Tel Aviv.

Israel will not reply to this war of several fronts with the restraint of the last 30 years.

They cannot.

One of the biggest shocks of 2011, may be a short, sharp and very violent Arab-Israeli War this September through October.

As I write this, Israel is preparing to call all military reservists on full-time duty this September. The blows in retaliation from Zion under Uranus-Squared-Pluto skies could be surprisingly decisive. This may include a full-scale urban battle to destroy HAMAS making the Gaza Strip the “Stalingrad” of the Middle East.

Then perhaps, they all can talk of peace.

Temblor Seven – Earthquakes caused by Comet Elenin
Comet Elenin slowly transits in and out of our Solar System between 2010 and 2012. In that process its approach and egress aligns with the Earth and the Sun five times. Three alignments have already taken place with historic seismic consequences to those living along the Pacific Ring of Fire, the most seismically active regions of Planet Earth that encompass the Eastern and Western coastlines of the Pacific Ocean. The first two seismic events took place on the exact same day of the alignment, the third just a day or so off but close enough to mark Elenin’s influence.

The first Elenin lineup “event” happened in the Southeastern edge of the Ring of Fire with the magnitude 8.8 Chilean Quake causing a Pacific-wide tsunami on 27 February 2010. Next, the 03 September 2010 alignment stirred a quake on the Southeastern part of the Rim, breaking up Christchurch, New Zealand in a 7.2 magnitude temblor. Then on 11 March 2011 the alignment saw quake activity move to the northeastern flank of the Pacific Rim with a magnitude 9.0 Japanese quake and Pacific-wide tsunami.

Elenin makes another alignment on 25 September.

One quadrant, the Northeastern, remains unvisited.

I do not rule out another quake hitting Japan, closer to Tokyo this time, but I am also most watchful of California for this round. I expect there will be a significant quake and possible tsunami along America and Canada’s quadrant of the Pacific Ring of Fire as Elenin makes its closest pass to Earth on its way towards a transit around the Sun.

I do not subscribe to the idiotic rants of end-of-the-world theorists one can watch on YouTube these days coming out of the mouths of Australian Larakins of the loon or “former NASA employees” who sound less like scientists and more like janitors employed by NASA who sniffed a little to much floor detergent before becoming the next Chicken Little.

You are not going to be able to reach out and touch Elenin as it goes by. I doubt you will be able to see its smudge in the sky with a naked eye as it will pass dozens of millions of miles away from us in its flyby. Still, with that said, there IS something about the force of gravity we do not yet understand that has more to it than the mere pull of mass influencing our planet and our lives. Three seismic hits out of five is already something more than chance. Further seismic events, will not cause an end the world, but they may end the hubris of “Scientism” that does not question theories about gravity or open its mind to what Astrologers have known, even though they as yet do not have the scientific evidence to prove it. The he stars and planets, like our full Moon, exert subtle influence in our unconsciously lived lives.

Comet Elenin.

It is time to awaken our sleepy souls from the slavery of cosmic forces in these ever more stormy and catastrophic times. Meditation is the way to do this. Click on Noah’s Ark of Consciousness.

If what you read there resonates with you, Contact me and ask for information about the meditation techniques that I use to awaken the blissful inner eye of the storm witnessing the coming hurricane of history.

John Hogue
(26 August 2011)

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