Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sand Circle in Qinghai-Tibet Highway


August 17, 2011
(machine translation)
Recently appeared in the Qinghai-Tibet Highway in the desert with a diameter of 2km month cycle,
According to the micro-Bo @ photography introduced in the ER about three hours drive from Xining found on the Gobi Desert,
Rings and lines are very neat and precise symmetry, ravines visual 3-5cm.
Master Chow and his colleagues said last week that the driver has not yet appeared,
When living within this great cycle of time,
That feels really difficult to use language,
Like aiens to.
This article comes from: the awakening Torrent www.awaker.net Address: http://www.awaker.net/a/weijiezhimi/2011/0817/2695.html


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