Sunday 30 October 2022

WEF: "Climate Reparations" on Top of the Agenda


You Owe Reparations Because you Emit Too Much CO2!

Here’s another important WEF agenda article from yesterday. If you, my reader, happen to live in a “wealthy nation,” please be aware that at the “top of the agenda” of COP27 and the WEF is making YOU pay reparations to the less fortunate nations who suffer from inclement weather, which is often called “climate change.”

The gathering is expected to focus on whether wealthy nations that have emitted most of the carbon dioxide historically fuelling climate change should compensate for 'loss and damage' to developing countries that have not contributed significantly to the problem and are the least prepared for its impacts.

The reparations talk is not exactly new but is reaching a fever pitch. The plan is to set up a “response fund” that would accept monies and then distribute funds to poor nations or other “sustainable projects”. The WEF’s article is very silent on who will be selected to manage this fund, so I leave that to your imagination.

The most important source of revenue for the fund is proposed to be “a windfall tax on oil and gas companies’ profits”.

How Does Windfall Tax Work?

As the oil supply becomes more and more restricted due to ESG-driven banks denying financing to oil exploration, hydrocarbons will become scarcer and more expensive. As oil prices increase, the “windfall tax” will remove most of the additional profits that oil companies make on their existing oil wells.

Thus, the windfall tax will further discourage oil exploration, leading to never-ending increases in oil and gas prices, and to more and more “windfall profits” being confiscated from oil companies that will pass them on to consumers, and then spent under the murky WEF “climate reparations” facility.

The WEF insists on stopping exploration despite existing fuel shortages, crippling European economies:

Your Home Heating and Cooling May Become Cost Prohibitive

Almost all homes are heated with natural gas, occasionally with heating oil or propane. The electricity used to run air conditioning also comes, for the most part, from hydrocarbons such as coal or gas. If hydrocarbons continue to increase in price and decrease in supply, it will be inevitable to experience a lack of natural resources to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

This is already a reality in Europe. Europeans are required to turn down their thermostats due to a shortage of natural gas in Europe. This may be disappointing to some Europeans but is certainly inevitable due to not having enough gas for everyone’s comfort.

Bill Gates Approves

Bill Gates is cheering those shortages.

“It’s good for the long run because people won’t want to be dependent on Russian natural gas – so they’ll move to these new approaches more rapidly,” Gates said as he promoted his Breakthrough Energy Ventures climate-technology (carbon tax) investment company in a CNBC interview.

Consider this a preview of what all people would have to go through as shortages of hydrocarbons become more pronounced outside of Europe.

You Will Have to Give Up Your Car

With gasoline-powered cars, there was no problem with everyone owning a car. Cars are over 90% recyclable as they are mostly made of steel and some aluminum (cast engine blocks and such).

However, as oil becomes more expensive in accordance with WEF’s plans, owning gasoline cars will become impracticable. Thus, like it or not, we’d have to transition to electric-powered vehicles. These cars have large and expensive batteries made with lithium, cobalt, and nickel.

The problem is that there is not a sufficient supply of these materials to give everyone an electric car. If so, someone — and it could be you — would necessarily be prevented from owning a car altogether.

How would you get around, you would ask? Well, it is your problem! Perhaps you would use public transportation or use smart taxis. Or, perhaps, tired of your cold house and not having a car, you would move into a WEF-proposed “climate-smart city”.

The Telegraph, sponsored by Bill Gates, is touting this model of a “city of the future”. Take a look, please! You WILL be impressed!

Note that water in your green smart city will be “indefinitely 100% recycled forever”. Think again about what that means!

No matter what, be assured that your WEF-managed climate reparations payments will continue long after you move to the “smart green city” due to transportation problems and the cost of heating and cooling your nice home.

You will own nothing. Will you be happy?

Saturday 29 October 2022

The British Parliament has debated vaccine safety and determined that they are safe!


There is no evidence that the vaccines have killed anyone, they have saved well over 100,000 lives, and are safe, so no investigation is necessary!

You can’t make this stuff up. You really can’t.

Read the full story here.

Here is the transcript.

Here are the key statements (in brackets is the section):

Dr. Johnson [20]

I am referring to the covid vaccine, which has saved hundreds of thousands of lives. I take my hon. Friend’s point, but there is no evidence that those deaths were caused by the covid vaccine. Let me acknowledge and pass on my sympathies to the very small number of people for whom vaccines may not have worked as intended, and who may have suffered an adverse reaction from vaccines.

I turn to vaccine safety. All vaccines used in the UK covid-19 vaccine programme are safe. In the UK we have some of the highest safety standards in the world. The MHRA is globally recognised for high standards of quality, safety and medicines regulation. Each covid-19 vaccine candidate is assessed by teams of scientists and clinicians on a case-by-case basis. There are extensive checks and balances at every stage of vaccine development. It is only once each potential vaccine has met robust standards of effectiveness, safety and quality set by the MHRA that it will be approved for use.

It is also important to stress that the surveillance of vaccine safety and adverse reactions does not stop once a vaccine has been approved. The MHRA and the UK Health Security Agency constantly review a wide range of available data on the safety of vaccines, including UK and international reports of adverse reactions.

Dr. Johnson [21]:

I thank my right hon. Friend for his kind words. I will, of course, look at all the evidence. He is aware of my experience as a clinician and he knows that I will look at the evidence-based medical process. [21]

Dr. Johnson [23]:

As I was saying, despite the progress we have made, we must not become complacent. We cannot risk an increase in serious illness, hospitalisations and deaths from covid. The UKHSA estimates that vaccinations had averted up to 128,000 deaths and 262,000 hospitalisations by the end of September 2021, and many more since then.

Colburn [24]:

It was a Brit who discovered vaccines in the way that we know them today, and they have been effective in tackling a range of illnesses that would previously have been life-threatening or very dangerous indeed. The proof is that they work, they are saving lives and they protect us and others. I join the Minister in urging people to come forward for their vaccines this winter, to help to protect themselves and others and ensure the strain on our NHS is as minimal as possible.

The headlines after the meeting

The news headlines after the meeting basically said a few people complained, but there will be no investigation since it is so clear the vaccines are safe. Why bother with an investigation? Here’s the full story.

The article said:

The NHS website says "reports of serious side effects are very rare" and the "COVID-19 vaccines approved for use in the UK have met strict standards of safety, quality and effectiveness".

Scottish National Party MP Steven Bonnar said the vaccine programme saved "millions of lives", adding almost 28,000 of those were in Scotland.


The truth isn’t going to be exposed in the UK anytime soon. They are NEVER going to figure this out.