Tuesday, 30 August 2011

New World Order News Alert: How “They” turned People into Dumb-Downed Debt Slaves…


Uploaded by YAHUSHA4me on 10 Jul 2011

Want to heist the heisters, and hurt them in their pocket, the way they plan to hurt you in yours? Then buy silver NOW!!! ALL that you could. Forget about the food and guns, and concentrate solely on silver, while the price is still affordable, and stay tuned...

Instead of looking up for Planet X, Nibiru and Comet ELEnin, open your eyes and look straight in front of you.

Welcome to the New World Order.

One World Government. One World Religion One World Currency.

Plan A? Pull off the Greatest Heist in this Millennium.

How? Tell everyone that their money is useless paper, and to exchange it for gold, silver, guns and food, then default on the national debt, and throw America to the IMF wolves, and then confiscate their gold, silver, guns and food.

What is mortals' one weakness? The need to eat food and drink water.

Plan B? Wipe all food and drinkable water from off of the planet by the creation of floods, droughts and other disasters, then strip farmers of their land, and outlaw the growing of food and the raising of herds, to cause the people to have no other choice than to come to Pharaoh, and sell all that they have and then themselves for food and water in order to survive.


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