Saturday, 26 February 2022

Ontario data shows vaccines aren't preventing COVID infection


No wonder they have to mandate it. Their own data shows it doesn't work. A vaccine is supposed to reduce your chance of getting infected. So these are not vaccines.

From the Ontario, Canada public health website:

In January 2022, when it was clear that the vaccines made things worse, the health authorities should have told people “stop getting vaccinated, it is increasing your chance of getting COVID.”

What did they do? They said nothing.

Now the latest data shows that vaccination status makes no difference at all as to whether you get COVID.

And I’m hardly alone in noticing this in Ontario. See, for example, this post which concludes:

Even using the crooked definitions of the public health officials, the vaccine has done absolutely nothing to prevent transmission of COVID in Ontario for the period starting August 9th [2021]. We’ve had enough.

Vaccines are supposed to reduce the risk of infection. That’s what the CDC says

See the words “greatly reduce the risk of infection.”

So in Ontario, they know these are not vaccines.

What did they do? They tell people where they can get vaccinated.

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