Sunday, 11 March 2012

Coast to Coast AM - Japan Disaster - Sinister NWO - 2012.03.10 | Gerald Celente Trends Blog []

Coast to Coast AM - Japan Disaster - Sinister NWO - 2012.03.10 with Guests: John Scura, Douglas Dietrich .
Douglas Dietrich : Veteran/ ex-Defense Research Librarian for the San Francisco Presidio Military Base, will talk about the Fukushima anniversary its implications how a cyber virus was at the origin of the meltdown ( this guy seems another Benjamin Fulford )Douglas Dietrich will radically restructure our understanding of mankind's twentieth century explosion into near-space as the "Battle for Orbit," He will expose how and why the Third World War has been fought and won, even while the Second World War was doomed to inconclusive Stalemate. The New Front demanded control of a new High Ground; not so much our Moon as the five "Lagrange Points" integral to the Gravity Wells of our never-emphasized Binary Planet: the Earth-Moon System as well as much the second hour journalist John Scura who discussed globalism as plotted by powerful bankers and business people who wish to end our national sovereignty. "For generations, they've had this vision of creating a one world government with a single currency and a single religion and so forth," he said about the agenda of the "puppet masters" running the planet. While such a unified Earth may sound benevolent, Scura asserted that the true goal is to achieve total control over the populace. "These people just want us all off their planet," he lamented, "they've got that kind of arrogance and ruthlessness about them."

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