Thursday, 8 March 2012

Nostradamus Update


I updated my main website with a page dedicated to the comparison of the
First Century, there were some minor mistakes and I replaced the 1555 Wien
edition with the un-cleaned version (colour) of it the page is:

These are the editions I compared:
1555 Albi : Rochegude 12426 R
1555 Lyon (Wien)
1557 Lyon (Utrecht)
1557 Lyon (Moskau or. Budapest)
1568 Guinard X
1568 Guinard A
1568 Guinard B
1568 Guinard C
1568 Guinard Y
1588 Roffet
1589 Ménier
1589 Petit Le Val
1590 Rousseau
1590 Sainct Iaure
1597 Par les heritiers de Benoist Rigaud

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