Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Prediction Update – Watch These Dates!


Further details are made available as to the upcoming solar activity in the next few days. Patrick Geryl informed us that he has calculated and we can witness this as proof of his ability to calculate solar activity using his discovery of the math behind the Sunspot Theory.

Up to three significant X flares are expected over the next days. More specifically he said that on March 19th, around 12:00 UTC the first one will take place. Two days later, on March 21st he calculated two X flares or one giant one, whereas the first one would happen around 18:00 UTC and the second one around 24:00 UTC. In case of one giant one, this would happen between those two times.

Let’s see how accurate his calculations are…nevertheless, let’s hope he’s wrong as that would mean that the accuracy of his calculation for the end of 2012 could be catastrophic…and confirm his theories around the world cataclysm he has always proclaimed.

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