Thursday, 22 March 2012

Earthquake of 7.4 hits Mexico


Call it yet another “coincidence” now that we have yet again the situation of a planetary alignment and a major event on Earth. We know there is a connection between the planetary alignments, solar activity and impact on Earth…yet we do not know where on Earth the impact will be until it’s too late…at least we don’t yet. According to recent news, we seem to know now ahead of time what the solar impact will be based on the planetary positions. If and when we can know for sure what the exact times are, it would’t take that much to figure out what the position of Earth will be at time of impact, taking into account the time lapse for the magnetic storm to hit our planet.

Similar knowledge is available around the major earthquake in Fukushima last year. Researchers also see relevance at other major events with previous solar activity. Little by little the puzzle is coming together…now hoping we get even more clarity soon so we can confirm (or deny) the December 17-18, 2012 catastrophic events.

For more info stay tuned!

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