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2012, Mayan Calendar, Fox News Hogue Blackout, US Winter Drought, Typhoon Bopha, Syria, Mabus in Palestine, and the Egypt Revolution – Oh Morsi, Morsi, Me!


Somebody the other day joked that the “H” in History Channel’s logo ought to stand for “Hogue” Channel these days, as the five documentaries I have filmed for History (International), Canada’s Vision TV (I Prophesy) and National Geographic are all piling up on air. Lately, in the last few days, I walk into my little village on an island in the dewy, drizzly, often global warmed and windy Pacific Northwest to do chores after marathon writing sessions. Villagers and strangers on average now stop me seven times each day usually declaring: “I saw you on TV! What is going to happen on 21 December???”

The Earth orbiting an expanding Sun in the distant future. Astronomers say this will happen several billion years from now. Nostradamus says in less than 1,800 years. (Still from Terrence Malick's movie, "Tree of Life".

I scarcely have time to look at the two episodes of History 2’s Countdown to Apocalypse upon which my furry owlish, talking head is lunging its prodigious forehead forward for emphasis whilst Hogue-ish hands are conducting Hoguisms emanating in an smooth and aesthetically operatic baritone out of a less-than aesthetic snaggle toothed pie hole. There will be new episodes popping up across North America in the weeks to come. I had no time to watch them last night (Sunday). I was trying to figure out how I could “Mayan-ize” my face to replace the center Maya godhead in the wheel of the Mayan Calendar – a concept I am designing for the cover of my 21st book Nostradamus 2012 – The End of End Times, coming out very soon, because the end of the world is coming. According to Nostradamus, I only have exactly 1,785 years left before the Sun devours the Earth like in Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life.

Yes! There have not been a lot of blogs and articles on Hogueprophecy of late. The reason being, I am flooding most of my energies into writing on average 5,000 words a day since the last posting on 16 November (click on Obama Mabus) in an attempt to bring out the above book, my last word on the 2012 phenomenon: myths, warts and all. It was originally going to be 20,000 words. It is now 50,000 words and counting. When it is finished it will be around 62,000 words, I think. Do not trust me on that. I may be often accurate in my forecasts about future trends but I am terrible at forecasting how long my books will become or when they will be available. For instance, I planned to begin downloads of Nostradamus 2012, the End of End Times, starting 19 December (Pacific Time) to all those of you who helped Hogueprophecy keep going by advance donating for it. Now it looks like I will get it out before Christmas. It is well worth the wait, because I am very excited about the content as it is developing and expanding. It will give my readers a comprehensive idea how much bigger and longer in duration of the rebooting of ages is and how many more time clocks of the ancients are literally crowding little 2012 off the stage.

John Hogue in a still from Vision TV's new series, "I Prophesy".

It does not matter the least that this book comes out before or on the much-ballyhooed new candidate for millennium fever, the upcoming winter solstice of this year. It is said to mark the moment when the most accurate calendar of the ancients reboots a 13 baktun Long Count of 5,125 years that either gamma rays you all with an unearned and mostly unsought for collective enlightenment beamed in from Galactic Center; or, the gamma rays just fry all life on Earth out of existence.

My work deals with prophetic realities not New Age sewage. If my interpretations of Nostradamus, the Maya and a dozen other rebooting calendrical prophetic systems of the Ancients are correct the death and transfiguration of civilization and the world is a show that has just begun and is not ending on 12/21/12.

History is indeed quickening. The explosive events on many prophetic fronts appearing since my last Hogueprophecy posting on 16 November are a testament to that. I do not have much time to write about this right now. Yet, these developments in Egypt, Syria, the deepening US Drought, the observer nation status of Palestine bringing an old candidate for Nostradamus’ 3rd Antichrist, Abu Mazen (aka Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas) back into prominence need some commentary from me and my oracle. That includes Hillary Clinton coming back into Presidential Destiny’s box too, and let us not forget terrible Typhoon Bopha. Thus I have to leave the Maya – and the illusory “maya” about the Maya Calendar – for a moment and give you a pithy Pythian account of these headlines:

Egyptian President Morsi "morphing" into deposed President Mubarak.

09 December 2012

Egyptian President at the “Morsi” of Mass Protesting mobs

Out of the falafel frying bread pan into the chickpea fire goes the newly elected President of Egypt Muhammad Morsi after he successfully refereed a quick cessation of the Gaza War with Israel a few weeks ago. Bolstered by his bigheaded success, he came home to Cairo, declared himself a sort of autocratic pharaoh, giving himself sweeping enabling emergency powers. Within hours of his shocking announcement Tahrir Square, the navel and womb of the Egyptian Revolution during the Arab Spring of 2011 filled with hundreds of thousands of moderate religious and secular Egyptians protesting that this former leader of the Islamic Brotherhood was making an Islamo-Fascist move on efforts to author a new Egyptian constitution.

Morsi no! said Morsi. He claimed (as Hitler did to the German people) that he would surrender these absolute powers once the committees set to author the new Egyptian Constitutions had drafted it for a referendum vote of the people, scheduled for next week.

Sneaky fellow is Morsi. His Muslim Brother-Hoods dominate these editorial committees. The constitution presented for a vote will be Islamist. Morsi’s mafia thinks they have drafted a constitution the people of Egypt “cannot refuse.” A national boycott of the vote is in the works; however, that works in the favor of Morsi and his Islamists. A low voter turnout of the majority of secular and moderate Muslim Egyptians would give the minority backers of the Islamic Brotherhood a majority vote next week.

Tahrir Square, Cairo, February 2011.

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