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A 12-21-2012 Post-Mayan Calendar Apocalyptic Message, A Christmas Gift of Meditation and Sense-IT-tivity


The "final" five-day weather report for December 17 through December 21, 2012.

The best thing I could say about the Mayan Calendar purportedly rebooting on this Friday’s winter solstice was said and documented exactly one year before as a chapter in Predictions for 2012. It described the astrological doings on that day and how it might color the mood of the masses expecting something, or nothing to happen on 21 December 2012. Today’s article will begin with sharing the complete chapter with you all. Then a comment or two about the newest wave of unemployment coming. Not from the venial fecal-ity of politicians letting the US go over the Fiscal Cliff. That will be a big topic in my newest almanac of forecasts about the New Year: click on Predictions for 2013. No, today I’m going to put out a challenge to all those Twenty-Twelver gurus and “experts” who made a New Age living for 25 years. It was mostly a send-up, trying to one-up the myths projected initially by the late, Minnesota-born, Mayan reincarnated, man-made-into-Maya-God-of-earth-and-drums, Jose Arguelles, on the poor Maya and their Meso-Native American Calendar by mostly Gringos from north of the Mexican border that are now soon to be out of a job. What will they do now? Finally, I received a number of thought-provoking comments from those of you who have checked out my interview with George Noory of Coast to Coast AM released this Friday on Gaiam TV. It stimulated quite a response from inside of me and coined a new Hogueism.

But first, here’s an excerpt of text published exactly 365 days before the Mayan Calendar turned this Friday:


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Drum it out, reader – the tempo of 2012:

One, two-two, one. One-one, two… (12/21/12)
One, two-two, one. One-one, two… (12/21/12)

Bridge the beat by including the whole year’s number:

One, two-two, one. Two-ott-one-two… (12/21/2012)
One, two-two, one. Two-ott-one-two… (12/21/2012)

OK, Ringo Star gazers, close it with a European Calendrical flourish:

Two-ONE-one-two. TWO-ott-one two! (21/12/2012)

My 2011 New Year’s resolution is to compose a tune based on this rhythm, with my music collaborator, Talia Toni Marcus’ help.

Seven billion songs can be written solo or in collaboration with others. We can all play and sing our tunes to the skies on Winter Solstice Day 2012, celebrating life, celebrating the discomfort of birth, leaving comfort behind altogether for all seeking of comfort is an attempt to hold onto a past that is dying as new adventures in human evole-revolution now gain pace.

The winter solstice of 2012 isn’t the end of time but the end of year one of a final, five-year travail. 2012 will light the match of a great purification, where one Mayan-counted age is immolated and out of its ashes, the Phoenix of a new five-millennia Mayan age has completely emerged from the vagina of vaticination.

The astrology for 21 December 2012 has some significant astrological aspects warranting a single chapter dedicated to one of 365 days of 2012. Come hither and “yod” to a rare astrological configuration on the first winter night when we sing and drumbeat our songs. A Yod happens when a planet lines up in two quincunx aspects, 150 degrees each to two other planets – sort of like making a “Y” on an astrological wheel chart. The horns points of the “Y” if you like form when two planets are in sextile (a 60 degree aspect wherein positive opportunities and good ideas are possible). Though these planets are in positive potential play, they are incompatible with the planet in a quincunx stem of the configuration because; at its 150-degree variance, this planet neither matches the compatibility of signs, genders nor the element of the two sextiled planets. In short, a Yod is an aspect revealing how positive ideas and potentials struggle with that which is alien to them.

On 21 December 2012, Jupiter (the planet of expansion and/or self-righteousness) is in a Yod quincunx with Pluto (zeitgeist ruler of transformation or degeneration of an age) and Saturn (the limitator, repressor or compassionate reality giver, i.e., the teacher). Influencing this Yod of Jupiter with Pluto and Saturn, is an opposition Venus with Jupiter. Venus is in turn conjoins Mercury.

In layman’s terms, the higher mind and expansion planet (Jupiter) is in a tug-of-war with how to relate and inspire its higher mindedness (Venus-Mercury). Thus, Jupiter is blocked to this potential and is running that stuck state down the Yodding conduit to Pluto (age definer), in Capricorn (establishment authority, structure, business, order) and Saturn (reality giver and what restricts). Thus on 21 December 2012, the winter solstice moment is not going to awaken the world in a contact enlightened high. It will express a collective, deeply confused feeling about how to relate and what to relate as a solution to an uncertain future.

Saturn on 21 December 2012 will be in Scorpio, the sign of desires, sex (life force – its use or misuse). In this sign of death and rebirth, Saturn will be the one who has to cut the crap of systemic flaws in Pluto-Capricorn and teach civilization new ways based on earthy, practical world realities. Saturn is karmic accountant wearing shades and back in black leather, saying, “Stop looking for pies in the friggin’ skies and get real about your financial responsibilities, your business affairs, corporate resources, how to generate new revenues (that means TAXES boobie) and account for yourselves.

However, to do this, Saturn is being blocked by a climate of self-righteousness, religious and economic urges to extremism, faith based economic and political philosophies, medieval in their anti-scientism. It sort of sounds like our current stable of world leaders and economists who seem tone deaf to climate and economic changes and the millions crowding the streets of the world demanding new directions and fairness in their dealing and doling out shared Saturnine sacrifices.

December 2012 doesn’t look good for the global economy. This time the Cold Depression could glow hot in many regions of the world – in the US, in Europe especially. Jupiter is the focal point of change. It is afflicted, however, so this means change is afflicted and it is a most difficult thing to bring about in December 2012 onwards into 2013 because of this Yod on the Winter solstice birthday of 2013. It becomes a defining natal aspect in the birth chart of the 365 day long life of the year 2013.

On the winter solstice of 2012, history goes on without this Pollyanna lift in consciousness New Age oddities seem to think can happen like a marijuana contact high just because an alignment of the Sun and Earth with Galactic Center makes it so. The Yod that night maps out in the skies for us in 2013 the Himalayan task wherein evolution isn’t a contact high. Enlightenment of this civilization isn’t just going to happen because you have fixated on the mind drug of smiling hope-iates. The lifting of consciousness must be earned, one individual at a time and the only time is right now. You don’t wait for someone else to blow enlightenment in your face. Contact highs come from outside yourself. Enlightenment wells from inside.

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